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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Metapost: Obama Landslide!

Barack Obama wins with a massive mandate!

Sanity returns to America after a very, very, very long exile.

On a personal note, I look forward to 4 years of Mallard Fillmore strips denouncing President Obama's racism and watching as Mallard descends to a level of unhinged wingnuttery not previously believed possible.


K.T. said...

My prediction for once the comics catch up to the election? Mallard Fillmore & Co. will rehash the idea that America is not racist because we elected a black president. Twenty bucks! Who'm I bet?

I can't wait to read my favorite white supremacist websites tomorrow!

fuckreagan said...

Look at this:

We have won everything! Everything is going to reverse, the government will startto fix all of Bush's fuck ups! Fuck you, Tinsley, nothing you say will change anything! I hope you drink yourself into a coma!

Kaitlyn said...

My sister called me soon after it was called to tell me my vote didn't count.

Gotta love the south.

Though I tried to point out all the ways it did in fact count, well, she's bitter because 17 year olds can't vote. 2 months ago, she didn't want to vote. But then Palin came along. She doesn't like Palin.

Anyway, I'm watching the Daily Show, they call it, and there's shouting. Huh? Why are you shouting? Oh, yeah, I'm slow.

Something cool - I got to tell someone Obama won. They were walking to the building, I was walking out, and they asked me, and yeah I feel special.

I think sleep is in order.

I don't want to wake up and have this all be gone. It won't, will it?


David B said...

So I can't remember--is it two or three weeks of enjoying watching Tinsley dance around not knowing who'd be elected president?

Kaitlyn said...

David, knowing him, it could be until after the inauguration.

factinista said...

I can almost guarantee you that Mallard's first comment on it will be that a REAL conservative would have won.

It's still so unbelievable to think that this is really happening. Seeing the Obama supporters massing outside the White House was so moving.

fuckreagan said...

K.T, please link to the crazy fucks, I want to see how stupid they are.

Quid Pro Quo: Find the Something Awful Forums's Mallard Fillmore Brucce Tinsley Drunk MegaGlug Glug...because it is a hilarious source of these shitty cartoons. Tinsley is about the nicest, least racist of Republican cartoonists. Eric Allie, "Chuck" Asay, "Hapajap," Joe Liccar, Glen Mccoy, A. Wyatt Mann and worst of all, the writer of Counter-Think make Tinsley look like Ralh Nader.

GeoX said...

I hate to be a bummer, but I can't help it: psychobitch Michelle Bachmann was reelected. And this proposition 8 abomination looks like it's probably going to pass. I suppose I would seem more jubilant, and I'm certainly happy that Obama kicked some ass, but honestly, I'd been pretty sanguine about this for weeks, so it's these minor things I've really been putting emotional investment into.

GeoX said...

...and convicted felon Ted Stevens may be reelected. That just boggles my mind. What the fuck is WRONG with you, Alaska? Shouldn't they be declared a rogue state? Or sold back to Russia? Christ.

ajm said...

In the thoughtful, civil, bring-us-together words of the late, great Bill Hicks:

"It's dead! The Republican beast is fuckin' dead! (...) That rampaging Republican fuckin' elephant beast finally brought to its knees! (crashing elephant noises) Yes, you're dead, you fucker! You fuck! You fuck! You're DEAD DEAD DEAD! We HATE YOU! HATE YOU! Now you know it? Now you feel it? Feel the fuckin' hate...feel it! Call off your dogs! Call your little Vietnamese potbelly Rush Limbaugh back to your fold, you demon fuck! Bring Pat Buchanan back! (growling dog sounds) Call them back, YOU LOST!"

rewinn said...

It was a remarkable day working the polls. The flood of voters at my polling place never let up, until 7pm when we either (A) physically starting running out of voters (maybe) or (B) everyone but us poll workers was partying.

A great day! A great day for democracy! A great day for America!

Mallard Fillmore who?

Anonymous said...

What a lot of nonsense. And the Democrats will now end the war and repeal the Patriot Act I suppose, when they didn't even try to do either for the last 2 years, when they had majorities in both houses. Come on, the reality is that Goldman Sachs was the annointed one's biggest contributor and he's just as much in the bag for Wall Street as McCain. You're just kidding yourselves as much as the Duck does when he fantasizes about Walter Williams.

Michael said...


Guy Fawkes said...

in the end,
the love you take
Is equal to the love you make.

Time to go to work.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Just a positive to balance out Geox's bummers about Bachmann and Prop 8: Idaho voted Bill Sali out of office and replaced him with Democrat Walt Minnick.

Michael said...

As an atheist-chimpanzee-American, I am also happy that atheist-baiter Elizabeth Dole has lost.