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Saturday, November 08, 2008

That damned songwriter

What's Mallard raving about today?

Singer Songwriters.

4 days after a historic election, Mallard decides it's time to return to bitching about nothing in particular, just his general hatred of humanity in general and his hatred of hippies in particular.

And to do this, he posits a scenario in which scientists (the same scientists he derides constantly regarding climate change) trace an event from the future back to an event in our past.

How irrelevant is Mallard trying to be?


Kaitlyn said...

What the..? How old is he?

What exactly is wrong with people writing and singing their own songs?

On the flip side, I see nothing wrong with singers not writing their own songs.

He really came too late to be a hippie and it still bugs him.

mistsph said...

Surely this is another one for "Humanity in General".

ajm said...

Tinsley can't create. He can only destroy.

NLC said...

OK, let's set aside the obvious point that the "singer-songwriter tradition" arose in, what, 40,000BC?

But this: "drawing on advances in particle physics ... eventual collapse and decay of the universe"

particle physics? particle physics??!?

Sir, this afront must not stand!!

Toots McGee said...

Oh, come on Tinsley. Is this all you got? We're less than a week past this election and all we've seen from you has been some warmed over crap about third party or other fringe candidates who get swept aside and another weak excuse to show your chin-sexualized caricatures of Obama.

But already, you're back on the scourge of society, the singer/songwriter! Really?! This is it, pal?

What gives? Did James Taylor beat you up and take your lunch money when you were a kid? Did Simon and Garfunkel come over to your house and rape your toy poodle?

C'mon Tinsley, you shoulda seen this coming. You had enough lead time to tell us what you really think about what's coming.

Also, what's up with this fool you've created to represent the singer/-BOO!--HISS!songwriter? Is the singer/songwriter carrying a gene that you predict will usher in a new age of androgyny to the species?

You know to quote one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Bob Dylan, "Something is happening and you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?"

GeoX said...

Yeah, this has to be the most bizarre of Tinsley's obsessions. And he talks about it as if it should be obvious to everyone why singer-songwriters are the scum of the earth, instead of it being an inexplicable neurosis on his part.

It could be worse, I suppose: it could be today's word verification, "pyrap." I wonder what Tinsley thinks about musicians who rap about pie?

Anonymous said...

It's when I see particularly bizarre comics like this that I wonder what was going on in the news 2-3 weeks ago that Tisnley *didn't* want to address.

October 18-25th: 100,000 people attend Obama rally in Missouri (Missouri!!), the truth continues to trickle out on Joe the Plumber but McCain still uses him as a prop, McCain continues to hammer him on Ayers and ACORN (making it obvious they have no real October Surprise after all), severe backlash over Palin's mention of "real America", Colin Powell endorses Obama, Sarah Palin claims the VP runs the Senate, that story about Michelle Obama ordering caviar at the Waldorf turns out to be a complete fabrication, it's revealed that Plain charged taxpayers $21,000 to bring her kids along with her on business trips, Plain's stylist is the highest paid McCain staffer in the campaign, then the bomb: Palin went on a $150,000 shopping spree at upscale New York stores on the RNC's dime. Oh, and THEN we hear about a McCain worker who was attacked, then the next day we learn that she did indeed make it all up. Then, in the final throes of this 7-day period, Plain starts to "go rouge" in an obvious attempt to set herself up for bigger things.

If I was a right-wing nutjob like Tinsley, I'd block everything out and bitch about singer-songwriters too.

Kaitlyn said...

You want an explanation?

Just like a liberal, expecting a hard working conservative white man to do even more work.

Isn't it obvious?

Singer-songwriter is just his code for hippies.

Or folk singers.

Or beatniks.

But there are plenty of non-liberal singer-songwriters out there. I'm pretty sure Toby Keith wrote most if not all of his song about boots in terrorists' asses.

rewinn said...

Homer ("The Iliad", "The Odyssey") was a singer/songwriter.

The bards who composed the Irish, Icelandic and other national epics were singer/songwriters.

Heck, even Shakespeare performed in the plays he wrote.

Tinkley is basically opposed to the entire sweep of Judeo-Christian cultural history.


He really came too late to be a hippie and it still bugs him.
.... Tinsley can't create. He can only destroy ... Did James Taylor beat you up and take your lunch money when you were a kid?....

Yep. There is more creativity in the first few comments here than in a week of Tinkley's strips. That's gotta sting!

Kaitlyn said...

What if it's self-loathing? After all, he writes and draws this.

Scanman said...

Singer/songwriters hasn't been a trend in at least 15 years.

Bill the Splut said...

Please! Are all you people blind?! He's clearly talking about that terrible threat to humanity, "Guitar Hero"!

Next: A week of strips attacking karaoke and Dance Dance Revolution.

Leonard Cohen said...

What? What did I do?

MartyRotten said...

He's absolutely right!

Singer/Songwriters, ugh. Outside of Bob Dylan, Donovan, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Don Henley, John Cougar Mellencamp, Joe Jackson, Warren Zevon, Richie Havens, Lenny Kravitz, Pete Seeger, David Bowie, Ian Hunter, Bruce Springsteen, Sky Saxon, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez not ONE of them has been worth a damn! They don't draw a marginally successful comic strip the way Bruce Tinsley does that entertains and informs people every day of the year.

(oh, and in case you haven't noticed, I was being sarcastic!!!)

GeoX said...

Let's not forget about Mr. Waits.

Marion Delgado said...


I have to disagree, particle physics has devolved into a landscape (potential multiverse) + string/brane/M theory paradigm so flexible it can prove anything, unfortunately. Even singer-songwriters causing a "Big Crunch."