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Friday, November 21, 2008

That damned Insanity

What's Mallard raving about today?

The BCS, Insanity.

You know what doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the opposite of?


You want an example of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Voting for John McCain.


GeoX said...

So are we to assume that Tinsley was so traumatized by the election that he's going to studiously avoid alluding to it in any way for the next eight years, and instead we're going to be subject to nothing but free-floating bitterness and achingly banal observations like this one? 'Cause that would be sort of impressive in its own way, but not in any way I want to bear witness to. After Mallard for so long, I find myself looking with more favor on Shoe and Hagar the Horrible. Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations. It's a sad state of affairs.

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exanonymous said...


Ah well, I'll just keep reading anyways. Someone's got to before the liberals get accused again of deliberately avoiding the morally sound sensible arguments and the cutting edge humor in Mallard Fillmore. Or whatever his handful of reviewers call it.

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Robert said...

Tomorrow's Mallard: If the only thing that survives a plane crash is the black box, why don't they just make the whole plane out of the same material as the black box?

12xuser said...

Reasonable people can disagree about this, but there's no goddamn reason why there has to be an undisputed National Champion in college football. Why shouldn't future generations of Crimson Tide fans be able to argue with Fighting Irish fans about who was the better team back in ought-three? Why does there have to be only one team that ends the year as a winner?

Jordan said...

Pardon the fuzzy details, but...

I remember that pre-election, some sports show had both McCain and Obama on. The host asked both of them what they'd like to see change in modern pro sports.

McCain talked about how he wanted tougher anti-doping laws, and how the drug usage in sports was bad for children who looked up to athletes, bad for honest athletes, and bad for the fans. A pretty decent goal, all in all.

Obama? He wanted college football to get it's own version of the super bowl.

Look, Tinsley! He might be a big, scary, half-black, communist, racist, anti-American, Muslim, but he's a College Football fan, just like you!

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Everett Volk said...

Mallard is going to shit his hind feathers when he realizes that he agrees with Barack Obama, how has indicated his willingness to throw his presidential weight behind revamping the college Bowl Championship Series.

Also, why are we sharing our word verifications?

exanonymous said...

I had to put down mind because it is actually a real word. And related to alcohol.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

I think we've still got about five days for the post-election strips, folks. I'm pretty sure Mallard is three weeks behind.

rewinn said...

Points to Tinkley:

1. A new view of the duck: from slightly above and in front.

2. It's not hateful. I don't really care about college sports, but at least I see there's a joke here.

Let's encourage this. People can change; Mallard can be artistically interesting and non-hateful.

Michael said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, Rewinn, but it's not new. And I'm not a professional cartoonist, but the level of difficulty couldn't be too high if the head & face are drawn the exact same way, with a different body underneath.

Factinista said...

Tinsley should follow his own advice and stop rooting for Kentucky. They're never good, but Tinsley expects a different result each season.

Kaitlyn said...

To this I say oops, there's still college football?

I know there is, there is a sign by the elevators about the last two games, but hey basketball has already started and our basketball team kinda kicks ass.

Especially when compared to our football team.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Mallard Fillmore a sprite comic (like Qwantz)? He could re-use the same old smirking duck and fill the comic with original writing to...

oops... never mind.

rewinn said...

Ah, Michael, I so loved that bubble!

Now it's gone, you burster! ;-)

I wouldn't mind if Mallard WERE a sprite comic (or the computer-illiterate analogue: Tinkley could just photocopy old panels and snip out the bits he wanted to use) so long as the writing were better.

And not hateful.

Surely there's such a thing as a conservative who prefers hope to hate. I just haven't seen one in the funny papers.

Marion Delgado said...

I give Bruce Tinsley full credit for knowingly quoting a radical feminist lesbian author, Rita Mae Brown, in her definition of insanity. This is a clear repudiation of the divisive anti-gay politiics of the GOP in the last two cycles. My hat's off.

And I don't want to see any comments here disagreeing with me. Give Tinsley his due. My guess is he has an autographed copy of Rubyfruit Jungle and has started donating to Emily's List.