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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

That damned result

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Election.

Of course. Conservatism did not fail. It never fails.

It was failed by the candidates who were simply not Conservative enough.

That said, I am glad to see Walter Williams get one last moment in the sun, so to speak. For anyone who started reading this blog after January of 2007, I suggest you treat yourselves to one of the most insane periods in Mallard history. Start here and just keep reading.


D Johnston said...

I was expecting a lazy git like Tinshley to have a generic election day cartoon, rather than a few different ones to account for all possible differences. I was not disappointed. I do wonder how long it will be before he has a cartoon referring to the election. Any wagers?

Also, when did Mallard/Tinsley endorse Ron Paul? I didn't think someone that far up Bush's ass could ever be a part of the rEVOLution.

ajm said...

"How'd we do?"

"'Bout the same as usual."

Because the Republicans for 40 years have been routed in one presidential election after another, right?

exanonymous said...

McCain and Bush aren't republicans. And true republicans aren't republicans. And old republicans aren't republicans. In fact, we're not sure anymore what a republican is, but we know what it's not!

Anthony said...

"'Bout the same as usual."

I don't know about you but I take comfort in that.

The duck abides.

Anonymous said...

There's going to be an upcoming civil war in the Republican party. Today they'll ALL say that they have to be "more conservative" and "return to our roots".

But which conservatism? Which roots?

Right now there's two arms of the Republican party: the anti-intellectual fundamentalists who SAY they want a small government but REALLY just want to slash social benefits while maintaining a massive all-powerful military and domestic intelligence network while enacting a ton of "values"-based laws (Mallard), and the actual small-government libertarians who want to balance the budget and don't spurn things like a college education.

Both sides think they're the REAL conservatives. Both sides think the other side just cost them the election. The Fundie wing loves Palin and will probably float her for 2012. The Libertarian wing views Palin as the epitome of what went wrong since Reagan.

They stayed united through the Clinton years, thanks to a common enemy. Bush kept them together by pretending to be everything both sides wanted. But the jig is up and I don't see anyone at this point who can keep them united any longer.

As a liberal, used to seeing my side flail and in-fight its way to defeat every single time, it's kind of weird to see this slow trainwreck happening on the other side.

rewinn said...

Mallard's God is a pink, pencil-eating Cthulhu?

factinista said...

And not a day later, my prediction comes true. Thank you and good night.

Robert said...

'Bout the same as usual= still nursing the persecution complex naturally intrinsic to the struggle of white wealthy heterosexual males.

Rey said...

This is the same thing that members of the American Communist party say - "My system is perfect, it's just never been purely tried." But the thing is, it has. Reagan/Bush was as pure an implementation of "free market/free trade" as possible in a free society. Friedmanism, like Marxism, has now been tried out, and both have been shown to be abject failures.

Michael said...

"'Bout the same as usual... still haven't seen the doctor about my finger deformities, because I'm afraid he'll ask me why my hands are shaking..."

I'll give Tinsley credit for this: he is allowed to say today that he never backed McCain, because he's never mentioned McCain positively, or extolled any of his virtues - instead, he's focused all his efforts demonizing Obama with ridiculous lies. Wait a minute... that's exactly what the McCain campaign did too!! Maybe he's a McCain guy after all.

And Mallard, take off that Ron Paul button. You've never mentioned him in your cartoon.

NLC said...

I think this is great. Seriously.

It's pretty clear that, as indicated in the strip, the initial reaction of a sizable fraction of the wingnut/neocon wing of the Republican Party is that they lost so badly "because we weren't conservative enough".

This is really good news for the rest of the country. If they are this seriously out of touch with the people of the US, then they're going to be out wandering lost in the woods for decades.

And, as I say, that is great news.

Scanman said...

How many people did he plan on voting for president this year?

luke said...

Anonymous for the win. That's a great explanation for what's happening to the Republican party, and holy crap is it going to be entertaining. They tried to pair a representative from each wing onto the same ticket, and it went disastrously wrong, much like when Jeff Goldblum tries to pair a monkey and a cat in "The Fly."

The Paul button is weird, but what's with the Coburn button? Not only have I not seen him mentioned in this strip before, was he even mentioned as a possible candidate at all?? Does Mallard support anyone who has any relevancy to our current decade??

rewinn said...

"...Friedmanism, like Marxism, has now been tried out, and both have been shown to be abject failures...."


Which Grand Theory of Human Behavior, History and Politics was:

* Invented by an academic who lived well by lecturing people in person and in print with great self-assurance about his theories,

* Predicted an Inevitable Triumph of right-thinking People through the unavoidable Processes of Vast Laws of History and Economics,

* Enforced in a Superpower by a Party:
**That sought to drive rival Parties out of power,
**Whose top members benefited mightily by Party membership
**That valued, in government jobs, Party orthodoxy over competence.

(A) Marxism
(B) Friedmanism
(C) Friedmarxism?

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Can we add "labiafingers holding pencil" to our numbered list (a la the prison joke numbers)? Because if possible, I'd like to refer to that as a number and never, ever again by name.

D Johnston said...

Coburn was mentioned in a much older cartoon. There's a link to it in the comments for one of the "Walter Williams for Prez" comics.

factinista said...

But Coburn treated Obama as a colleague, rather than an enemy, given that they managed to cosponsor a bill. Wouldn't Mallard see that as heresy?

Anonymous said...

rewinn - Socialism has also been tried many times and in all cases have been abject failures.

K.T. said...

I think I must not study politics enough because this comic did not make a lick of sense to me. Then again, most of Mallard Fillmore's repertoire makes no sense to me.

rewinn said...

anonymous coward has never heard of Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland.

I hope he doesn't use a Nokia phone since its socialist origins would burn him.