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Friday, November 07, 2008

That damned racist code

What's Mallard raving about today?

Racism, Mainstream Media.

The racism at McCain/Palin rallies wasn't terribly hard to spot, Mallard. And most of it wasn't coded, unless you count "kill him" as code.


exanonymous said...

Still not a relevant comic.

I hear that people on elections, if they cannot draw the strip realtime, draw alternative strips for both outcomes.

Apparently this is not the case. And rather than being a new perspective on things, it's the same old dead horses.

So, no points for originality and no points for relevancy.

Matt Ramone said...

I know it's been pointed out again and again, but it bears repeating that those who cry and baw about how everything is code for racism are almost always just upset that they are not allowed to be as racist as they want to be.

DS said...

I agree with Matt Ramone. They miss the good ol' days when they could turn firehoses on people who, to quote actual McCain supporters, are "not like us". They're annoyed at how they must switch the focus of their hate whenever it becomes taboo. In the 30's and early 40's they were anti-semitic but WWII ended that fast. Then they were terrified of blacks sitting near them at malt shops until the public grew intolerant of the insanity of it. Now they claim the gays will somehow destroy us all with love. Love: truly the most deadly of emotions. LOL.

With a black president, I'm sure their next focus will be blacks again. Not just the minor whining we hear now but levels of racism we haven't seen since the 50's. They'll drag out every stereotype in the book and hope a renewed racism movement can stop Obama's success.

NLC said...

There's really not much to say other than this:

Tinsley, this is just getting silly.

12xuser said...

He wants to say "The MSM thinks that terms like liberal, big spender, flannel, and arugula are racist code, ha ha." Wrong though it may be, there might be a joke there, in the hands of someone with a sense of humor. With this ham-handed effort, Tinsley proves that he doesn't qualify.

dlauthor said...

Did I mention that the Boston Globe dropped Mallard? Because that fact makes me smile every morning.

Robert said...

Why didn't Tinsley cite "terrorist fist jab", "Muslim", "Hussein" and "not a real American" as examples?
You know, actual encoded racism?

Anonymous said...

By the way, how does one make "temporary" cuts? Do they re-hire the people they lay off?

rewinn said...

" does one make "temporary" cuts..."

Tinkley's just preparing the ground for upcoming racist remarks, with this "temporary" comment.

You have to "think" like a racist to understand this strip ("think" is in "quotes" for obvious reasons.) They won't change, and they know that they're going to get called on it again. So today's strip is about TWO things (A) whining about people who called them on it in the past, and (B) whining about people who are going to call them on it in the future.

In the days of fire hoses, at least the racists weren't whiners.

Everett Volk said...

An Open Letter to Bruce Tinsley

Dear Bruce,

Regarding today's strip, let me just say Christ almighty, that fucking horse is dead already. So you think the MSM thinks you're a racist. We get it, and we know they're wrong. Regular readers of your strip recognize that you're not racist, you're just a giant fucking dumb-ass. Of course, many of your fellow travelers are, in fact, total, unrepentant racists, but you? You're just pig-ignorant...and stuck in a rut.

Bruce, I think you need a change. In particular, a change of themes. McCain lost, Obama won. I'm gloating inside, but for you, i'm just going to offer some advice: Move on. The racism of liberals and the MSM is so passe. You need a new topic. Put down the flask for a minute and find a new way to prove that you're ignorant and nasty. It shouldn't be hard. Here, I have a topic for you: Jesse Jackson cried when Obama gave his acceptance speech. I'm sure you can milk that for a good month or two.

A Concerned Reader

Anonymous said...

My favorite was Fox News calling Michelle "baby mama."

World: That's inexcusable.
Fox News: But-but-but we were quoting liberals!
World: What liberals?
Fox News: Um, well, uh... Hey! Michelle once talked about her husband as her "baby's daddy".
World: Dude, you know calling someone a "baby mama" is totally different than calling someone "your baby's mama". You KNOW that.
Fox News: [crickets]

Anonymous said...

Speaking of codes:

"If you're not laughing the 100th time I tell the same Arugula joke, you're calling me a racist!"

"If you voted for Obama, you're calling me a racist!"

"If you're pointing out that I still haven't figured out how to draw Sarah Palin without making her look like Shub-Niggurath, The Black Goat of the Woods With a Thousand Young, you're calling me a racist!"

"If you rearrange the letters in 'Barack Hussein Obama', it spells out 'Bruce Is A Racist'!"

"This morning, the toaster called me a racist. I had to kill it. They're everywhere! They're everywhere! Except you, Mr. Bottle. You're my only friend now."

factinista said...

"I'm not voting for Obama, he's black. Blacks just cause trouble, that's the taste I've got in my mouth."

Yep, nothing but harmless joking there. No racism in this country, nosiree.

GeoX said...

El oh el at Shub-Niggurath--although I have to say, due to the unfortunate word embedded in that name, and given that this is compounded by Lovecraft's highly dubious racial politics, I generally prefer to stick with Yog-Sothoth or Nyarlathotep.

NLC said...

anonymous wrote: My favorite was Fox News calling Michelle "baby mama."

It's curious[?] how this incident was so completely ignored during the outraged bluster about "leaving families out of it", following Sarah Palin's nomination.

One can only imagine the h*ll and sh*t storm that would have (rightly) come down had anyone referred to Bristol Palin as a "baby mama" (for whom the term would at least have had the virtue of being accurate).

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

In fairness to Fox News, even they can occasionally figure out what's going too far.

MartyRotten said...

The MSM obviously doesn't need personnel to find "coded" racism in the McCain campaign since most of it was pretty blatant.

rewinn said...

Was it Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos holding the pencil on Election Day in pinkish labia-tentacles of madness?

A lot of Mallard's antics can be explained by overexposure to the Elder Gods, which inevitably results in self-destructive madness.

This might explain the reichwing's fondness for global warming, in-as-much as it would eventually free from Antarctic ice the The Mountains of Madness currently hiding the Old Ones.

Scanman said...

When Jesse Jackson was crying at Obama's speech all I kept thinking "That should be ME up there" That would have made a half decent Mallard cartoon but it'll be five weeks before we see it.