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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Those damned columns

What's Mallard raving about today?

Racism, Barack Obama.

Really? Google disagrees with you, Mallard.


Factinista said...

A comic about the day's stock activity. On a Saturday. The lack of attention to detail is phenomenal.

mtoje said...

If the media consisted entirely of Larry Elder, then certainly, whole pages are dedicated to the fact that the US is "still a racist nation." Otherwise, delusional paranoia; no surprise there.

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NLC said...

OK, let's apply Mallard-level logic to the strip itself:

"Each and every time the strip wants to express a specious, silly, delusional strawman of a punchline, it invariably, --as in today's strip-- changes the color of the speaker from duckish-green to black. Therefore MF is a racist strip. QED."

(Now, to state the obvious, this doesn't really happen "each and every" time, or "invariably". But it happens with an identical regularity to the data which Tinsley chooses as support to his "facts". That is, it is possible to find a smattering of occurrences which can then be generalized into a nationwide trend.)

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12xuser said...

First, he comments about how the Dow is down, while here in the real world, the Dow has had a full week of gains, and is up 16 percent since Monday.

Next, after blaming racism for Obama's win in yesterday's strip, he laments that the evil Mainstream Media says that racism still exists.

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GeoX said...

Given the uptick in both membership and violent rhetoric in groups like Stormfront, the idea that America still has racism seems both uncontroversial and worthy of receiving much more attention than it does outside of Tinsley's diseased brain.

Michael said...

What 12xuser said.

Factual as they may be, most of the "we're still a racist nation" articles I've seen were blog posts, responding to the "racism is over!" articles in the mainstream press.

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This cartoon is mental splati put to paper.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about this.

You know what would really PISS OFF the Democrats?

Bush should resign now.

Then Dick Cheney becomes President (that would really PISS OFF the liberals)!!!

Then he appoints Condoleeza Rice as VP.

Then Cheney resigns two weeks later and Condoleeza Rice, A Republican,
becomes the first BLACK President and the first WOMAN President !!!

Sounds like a plan to me :)

rewinn said...

Since y'all have covered the main points already, I'm left to point out that, once again, a perfectly functional (although wrongheaded) joke has been spoiled by lousy writing.

Let's accept the premise of today's "joke" (... that racism is dead but the media still talk about it har-har-har! * kneeslap! *) factually and logically nutso as it is.

The whole "joke" is buried in a toxic sludge of useless words.

"Meanwhile" ... useless

"volume" and "number" ... redundant. "Volume of stories" or "Number of stories" but not both

"stories and columns" ... also redundant

I could go on, but why help Tinkley spread the hate? How cow, he's already reduced to "anonymously" copying-and-pasting freeper material from 2006

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Anonymous said...

Rewinn...for you.
(verification word) "Ignoranus": A person who's both stupid and an asshole.

12xuser said...

Hey Anonymous, I find it funny that you think it would piss off Democrats to have Condi jump in as temporary president for a couple of weeks, so BO was no longer The First. Seriously, Democrats could give a flying fuck that BO is "The First Black President"(tm).

As long as Chimpy leaves office on January 20, we could care less what you assholes do between now and then. You could appoint Dick Cheney, Jesse Helms, or John Cornyn's box turtle, and we'd be like "whatever", because we have already seen the worst, and we know it's about to end.

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GeoX said...

Yes, and Tinzanonymous would enjoy his nakedly cynical little stunt, not really caring that it alienates the American people even further. And then, Barack HUSSEIN Obama would take office. Seriously, Tinzster, if the best political fantasy you can come up with at this point is a dumb trick that will piss off some hypothetical librul for .4 seconds, then you--and the entire Republican party--are even more pathetic than we had thought.

Anonymous said...

You are too easy, a typical liberal. Try to be a bit creative intead of using my material. I would have to guess you did not even bother to vote.

If you think your man stands for "change" why are all of his staff appointments retreads from the Clinton era? Answer: Because he knows no one else. He has never done anything to make contacts on his own. It would look bad for him to appoint Ayers and Wright :)

Johaely said...

A reason why he would never appoint Wright or Ailes may be, aside from the shitstorm it'll generate, because they don't have pretty much any real political experience. (being or black preacher or an ex-radical doesn't make you a true political figure with knowledge of government.) oh also "Anonymous" you are a dick.

Anonymous said...

Stay on your medication. You write as if you are stoned. Another typical Obama voter, very intelligent.

GeoX said...

If you think your man stands for "change" why are all of his staff appointments retreads from the Clinton era? Answer: Because he knows no one else. He has never done anything to make contacts on his own. It would look bad for him to appoint Ayers and Wright :)

Awesome. I've never seen the "HE'S A RADICAL MUSLAMOFASCISOCIALIST OH NOES!!"/"HA HA HE'S A LAME CENTRIST SUCK IT LIBRULS" juxtaposition done so succinctly. It's a wonder their tiny, fevered little brains don't explode.

K.T. said...

Bing! Who called it? Racism, indeed.

K.T. said...

Also, it's nice to see this blog attracting some liberal-bashing trolls. Popularity!