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Monday, November 10, 2008

Those damned Heroes

What's Mallard raving about today?


Much like his obsession regarding singer-songwriters, Mallard often assumes everyone has the same pet peeves and opinions about TV as he does, and finds this fertile ground for material.

Personally, I find it parochial at best. At worst, it is a disturbing indication of the assumption of homogeneity of thought which a Right Wing water-carrier perceives as "reality."

You know what I mean, the homogeneity of thought in which George Bush is still a genius President.


Kaitlyn said...

Yet another crotch shot.

I feel like shit. Probably worse than a conservative in Boston or something. It is after 3 am. I have a class at 9:10. I like this blog, but why hasn't anybody else commented?

Lazy lazy people who get to sleep.

Ok, so Heroes is crazy and all that, then why watch? Actually, why bitch? I watch America's Next Top Model - I know what I'm getting. I only bitch when it deviates from its form in a bad way.

Hey - here's something to make me happy, in a vindictive, holy-SHIT!-WHY-DOES-IT-HURT way - that cushion/beanbag can't be good for his back. Ha! Be in physical pain, annoying drawing!

Word verification - "slood" which reminds me of snood, not that I know what that is.

exanonymous said...

Mallard is absolutely right. Heroes should change it's plot to accommodate the simple-minded and lazy. Therefore, each episode will now be butts farting.

Since television watching is mandatory, we enforce equality by aiming for the lowest common denominator.

This has been brought to you by the Communist Television Channel, where Big Brother Watches over your Watching, proud lone channel of the Fillmore Foundation for Intolerance.

rewinn said...

"Wa-a-ah! Heroes is complicated!"

Next week: a strip complaining about the "dumbing-down" of America. Oh the sweet irony!

Robert said...

Conservatives need their TV shows to have a "common-sense" approach to storytelling. You hear that, writers? No plot lines that can't be readily followed after downing a couple of Somas.

"Common sense" and "center-right" seem to be the new GOP buzzwords, if the Sunday talk shows are any indicator.

12xuser said...

Heroes and the Simpsons are the only network TV shows I watch. I enjoy Heroes, but I worry that it's going down the road that doomed the X-Files (and Lost, from what I hear), where it seemed like the writers could change whatever they wanted whenever they wanted with the flimsiest of reasoning.

It's not that the plots are convoluted and confusing, but that you can't trust the writers to respect continuity.

Two more weeks until we get a real reaction to the election here . . . .

Michael said...

A weird observation: I noticed that in yesterday's Mallard, he was missing his left pinkie toe -- in both panels! I only noticed this because I am missing my left pinkie toe as well, courtesy of a motorcycle accident. Today, he has some sort of flesh-colored toe-shaped patch over it. This prosthetic toe extinguishes the only kinship I've ever felt with Mallard Fillmore. I thought we were brothers, man!

Word verification:
flazedlo = An artificial toe.

MartyRotten said...

Gee, Mallard should get cable T.V. I guess where he lives his television can only pick up one channel. If he had cable or satellite he could change channels and watch something he likes instead of suffering through shows he doesn't like.
Or maybe he could turn the T.V. off and read a book (he could finish My Pet Goat for example) or play some music or put on some right wing radio station.

rewinn said...

"...I guess where he lives his television can only pick up one channel..."

Either that, or he enjoys suffering. You have to be some sort of masochist to be a reichwinger anymore.

(P.S. TINKLEY: if you don't want to pay for cable ... I sure don't! ... just use the internets to access TV, e.g. or the like)

Verification word is "endiu" which is kind of ominous; if this is fated to be my last post, know that it's been an honor and a pleasure ;-)