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Friday, November 14, 2008

Those damned concerns

What's Mallard raving about today?

Federal employees, Bureaucracy

Dear Mallard,

You hate everything and everyone, indiscriminately, and express said hatred without any cleverness or humor. In other words, you suck at your job.

Which brings us to your inability to see irony in things like your complaint about Federal Employee's job performance...


Robert said...

As a government employee, I'm not that worried that Bruce Tinsley is making fun of me.
I am, however, worried that he will one day kill me with his car.

Anonymous said...

To be fair Tinsley is correct in today's strip.

That is, what he does here (with respect to federal employees, as well as most subjects of the script) is "make fun".

In other words, most of his "jokes" are indistinguishable from a fifth grader screaming at the fat kid "You dress funny!!" That is, easy targets --and easier jokes.

But this is not what I expect when I --who no longer spend my day on the playground-- open my daily paper. Rather, when reading the work of a professional, I expect actual satire or
"serious" (albeit humorous) criticism, not adolescent potshots. In short, I expect some thought behind the work.

For example, here is "joke" rewritten by an obvious non-professional (i.e. me): "Hey Tinsley! They pay you for this??"

It is left as an exercise to explain how my joke differs from Tinsley's strip.

NLC said...

(to avoid possible confusion, "anonymous" above is me)

rewinn said...

" my joke differs from Tinsley's strip...."

Your joke is not larded with self-pity.

Anonymous said...

11 days down, and maybe 3-10 days to go of random ranting at easy targets until the first post-election drawn strip hits the paper.

Anyone want to take any bets as to the subject?

NLC said...

Anyone want to take any bets as to the subject?

Judging by local letters to the editor I'm assuming there will be at least a couple script along the line of "How dare he make fun of a dead Ronald Reagan!!!?!"

(Pure BS, of course. But that should come as no surprise.)

Longer term, it'll be interesting to see how MF (and the rest of the neocon-playback machine) work things around so that the credit collapse is Obama's fault.

factinista said...

I'm guessing it will just be a continuation of the whole "you're racist because you say I'm racist" nonsense. Tinsley's not exactly known for originality.

andy? said...

because heaven forbid that the government might actually want to leave a paper trail?
judging by the past 8 years maybe a little accountability is in order

Kaitlyn said...

Didn't he do this before? I bet he's going to address teachers tomorrow.

I wonder if he knows that some teachers don't work for the state.

andy? you just made a great point that is like a flash of light. Yes, it's annoying, but paper trails, PROOF, are important. Especially with the increase of the internet in the workplace, blah blah blah.

He's not only unfunny, he's unoriginal. How many people have made a remark like that about the DMV or some government office? These places exist for a reason, people. The free market can't take care of everything, and what's more, it doesn't want to.

Everett Volk said...

Speaking as a federal employee, shouldn't that be the SF-47L16Q?

Robert said...

Coming tomorrow: Mallard asks what the deal is with airline food.

andy? said...

robert-i like the one about how you can't open the know, who are they trying to keep out?

andy? said... many gov't employees actually:
1) read mallard fillmore and
2) take it so seriously that they
3)write in to complain?

fuckreagan said...

Bruce Tinsley gets so many pieces of hate mail and death threats that he has to categorize them!

Kaitlyn said...

Isn't this hate mail in a way?

And robert has revealed himself as the token government employee.

I'm a college student, and my mother works in public education.

Anyone else evil here?

fuckreagan said...

I am a liberal semiNihilist who loves violent media and thinks they should not be censored. I think the poor should emulate the French Revolution and finally, give the rich what they deserve. I think our health care system is horrendous and needs immediate change. I think that Reagan was the worst President and Nixon, Johnson and the Bushes were close behind. I am by Tinsley's logic, very evil.

Confirmation Word: Wirepre. I define it as a rich, spoiled Objectivist who tortures the poor and calls his enemies Communists. Synonym: Bruce Tinsley. It just sounds right.

earwig the insectoid said...

As one of those hated USPS employees, I can tell you that it's probably the most efficient place I've ever worked. People seem to put the blinders off when then they see public institutions being byzantine and unhelpful because that's "beuracracy" and therefore bad. When private companies are byzantine and unhelpful, that's "cost effectiveness" which is "capitalism" and therefore good.

Of course, whether you're feeding at the public trough or stealing from the shareholders, you're still 100% more productive than a drunk-driving shitty reactionary political cartoonist who has a job for the same reason the guy who draws "Hi and Lois" does: newspapers love the status quo.