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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Those veterans

What's Mallard talking about today?


This is one of those days where I just leave Mallard alone.


Anonymous said...

could someone make a point of republicans liking vets so much they want to make more of them?

andy? said...

anonymous-maybe if the republicans actually voted for veterans' benefits

rewinn said...

aw, what the heck.

When a guy wraps himself in the flag, it's not worth the risk of dinging the flag to point out the odd treatment by the colorist of the area under the cap's bill or to wonder what the four dot ellipsis fills in for.

It's more interesting to read about the San Jacinto.

See you tomorrow!

MartyRotten said...

This may be surprising to Mallard, coming from a liberal pacifist such as myself, but I do appreciate the sacrifices made by our men and women in the armed forces and have great respect for our Veterans. I don't blame the people who actually had to go and fight in fiascos like Vietnam and Iraq, I blame the governments and businessmen who sent them there to bolster their arrogance and greed.

I hope that some day we will have no more veterans since there won't be any more war.

"You may say I'm a dreamer/but I'm not the only one./I hope someday you'll join us,/and the world can live as one." -John Lennon

factinista said...

It just seems strange how Tinsley is pretending that his father is Mallard's dad in the comic. He already breaks the fourth wall anyway, so why not here?

dlauthor said...

I suppose it's possible that Tinshley's whiskey-dissolved mind now conflates his own identity with that of his imaginary duck. God knows he must have been pounding them back in the days leading up to the election.

At least he remembered Veterans Day this year.

Michael said...

He should honor the veterans with a 21-ellipse salute.

K.T. said...

No, no! Don't you get it? The hat is Mallard's dad! Look at the resemblance between their bills!

...Alright, sorry. (P.S.: Does anyone else notice the weird, fleshy colorist gaff below the hat? Is that supposed to be someone's arm?)

rewinn said...

It's probably only a coincidence, but the San Jacinto depicted on the hat was George H W Bush's ship.

It could well be that Tinkley's actual dad served on her too, or it could be that Mallard is in some sense the child of Bush #41.

Anyway, as martyrotten said, respect to all the Veterans. Let's not let our leaders make too many more.

rewinn said...

BTW ... if you're a veteran or know one, check out, a new social network (launched today, Memorial Day,) exclusively for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Join, learn, share!

To learn more, see the Public Service Announcement

Or just go to and get started!

Supporting the troops doesn't mean sending them to die for oil, but keeping them home and welcoming them home.

Scanman said...

Liberals want less "Unknown Soldiers"