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Saturday, November 15, 2008

That damned SRAM

What's Mallard raving about today?


Apparently SRAM's Marketing budget only allows for product placement in Mallard Fillmore.

On a more serious note, reading Mallard Fillmore is often a lot like reading the diary of a demented person.


GeoX said...

So "good customer service" means that companies should give Tinsley free stuff for no reason? Gosh, that's quite a sense of entitlement you've got there. Makes me think of some sort of economic system that I vaguely remember coming up during the election. Something about people feeling entitled to things they hadn't earned? I seem to recall that people like the Tinzster were very upset about it. It'll come to me.

Michael said...

Tinsley still isn't allowed to drive cars?

K.T. said...

Two panels of a duck lying unconscious on the floor. This is almost a perfect comic strip.

Anonymous said...

Okay! Okay! We get it! Everything and everyone sucks!

Man, I went to high school with goths who had sunnier outlooks than this guy.

(2-9 days until the reality of President Elect Obama hits, although by now he HAD to have known what the odds were.)

rewinn said...

Panel 2: crotch shot.

Panel 3: same image as panel 2 but point of view has mysteriously changed.

Points to Tinkley for freeing us from the crotch shot (... the feathered analogue to furries are, however, disappointed.)

Points off for redundant panels. Panel 3 serves no purpose except to break the flow of the story. Since panel 4 restores the point-of-view (reader is in front of Mallard, with Mallard being slightly to the reader's left ... ironically), the reader's attention is taken away from the joke to figure out what's happening visually.

The joke itself ("Good customer service is rare") is weak enough to need all the help it can get, and the drawing didn't help.

However, today's strip is not laden with hate so one point to Tinkley.

Michael said...

k.t., you have inspired me to create a fixed comic:

K.T. said...

El oh el, Michael. That is, indeed, the perfect comic.

confused said...

Wow, I laughed at a Mallard comic. Ok, it was Michael's modified Mallard, but...

Kaitlyn said...

So federal industries suck.

And the alternative also sucks.

Tell us, o mighty duck, where do we turn for our many needs?

rewinn said...

"...where do we turn for our many needs?..."

Why, to Walter Williams of course!

P.S. Thanks Michael for the corrected strip! It made me laugh at a Mallard Fillmore for the 1st time ever!