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Thursday, November 27, 2008

That damned Pilgrim

What's Mallard raving about today?

Pilgrims, Turkey.

Moments later, Prudence's husband was carried away by a mob and burned at the stake as a warlock for predicting the future. Little did the Pilgrims know that his prediction would, in fact, come true.

Also, sadly, the first Thanksgiving marked the extinction of the New World's rare talking turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.


exanonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your holiday isn't as bitter as Tinsley's apparently will be.

Lance said...

Of course, there's also the beautiful irony that there's no evidence that they ate turkey at the first Thanksgiving at all. Records specifically mention deer and general "fowls", but they were probably goose or duck, not turkey.

Gotta love Mallard - he points out the one thing we actually misremember.

NLC said...

Echoing exanonymous, Happy Thanksgiving ol' net.buddies.

Who is thankful that --since my local paper dropped a certain comic strip-- it's even easier for my family and I to ignore the cranks who would try to spoil such a wonderful holiday for us.

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ajm said...

Actually, the Pilgrims are remembered in a decent new book, THE WORDY SHIPMATES, by Sarah Vowell. Then again, she's a horrid lefty so she doesn't REALLY count.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Michael said...

Besides being untrue (everyone learns about Pilgrims in elementary school), what a depressing thing to say at a Thanksgiving dinner! Tinsley can't refrain from whining even on the ONE day we're supposed to reflect and be thankful for what we have.

What is that cloud under Prudence's arm? Is she carrying in a live sheep? Oh well - happy Thanksgiving everyone! You can be thankful that your dinner doesn't have clinically depressed Pilgrims and old ladies carrying in livestock!

rewinn said...

Of course, the "only thing" we remember about the Puritans are the turkeys (...even if, as Lance points out, that's probably a false memory...)

As the song goes, "Things too painful to remember, we simply chooooooooose to forget." Most things about the Puritans, e.g. their Talibanlike interpretation of Christianity, would lead us to be thankful indeed that they died out. Perhaps there's something to this "evolution" stuff after all.

But why be as grumpy as Tinsley on our national Harvest Celebration, a day for being happy with family and/or friends?

Personally, I am thankful that this year's Macy's Parade has been rickrolled

Factinista said...

Did the Pilgrims even eat turkey? No wonder Tinsley made a prediction like that; he doesn't know anything about them either!

Marion Delgado said...

I wish they'd remember the Puritans and Pilgrims for their relentless War on Christmas.

Nor would they object to the phrase "Happy Holy Days" whatsoever.

Ironically, they could see, as we do, that this is all about profits - not prophets.

BTW my word verification seems breast anatomical: "arolo"

Marion Delgado said...

Sarah Vowell is a goddess.

With the voice of a Disney character, admittedly. But Hephaestus was lame and Justice is blind.