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Friday, November 28, 2008

That damned status quo

What's Mallard raving about today?

Racism, Southern Whites, Blacks.

Finally, Mallard gets around to commenting on the election, and his first comment is...complete made up horse crap.

Seriously, can someone point to credible media commentary claiming that the Southern White vote, which was not significantly different for President-Elect Obama than for Senator Kerry, was based on racism?


exanonymous said...

Except that 88% of the blacks voting voted for Kerry in the previous election.

Unless I'm missing something and Kerry was also black, this was a case more of motivation than of blindly following a party line because it's candidate was black.

exanonymous said...

And I should add of interest:

The majority of democratic supporters seem to come from an average income or less.

In other words, the people hit hardest by the economic disasters.

D Johnston said...

This may not be a proper post-election comic after all. Predicting that Southerners would vote for the Republican (which they have in every election since the Civil Rights era) and that blacks would overwhelmingly support the Democrat (which, again, they have in every election since the Civil Rights era) isn't exactly major. All Tinsley would have to have done is read any major poll during October. Lazy as he is, I'm sure he managed that.

12xuser said...

It's funny, because there is actually an interesting question there in the first panel.

It's funny, because Tinsley somehow managed to locate a constituency that went for McCain in a big way.

It's funny, because Tinsley wants to blame Obama's victory on racism, when everyone else is saying it's an obvious indicator of the diminishing importance of at least some forms of racism.

It's funny, because look at that TV-head guy! Funny!

Also, isn't Tinsley from Indiana? The state that had the most surprising red-to-blue turnaround in this election? That's gotta burn.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Our first real post-election Mallard Fillmore! Why ... what's the matter, Mallard? I know it must have been a shock to your system, but it's been a few days. You need to eat something. You need to sleep. You need to ... no, you do not need to drink! Give me that bottle! I said give it! Nnrrgghh ... Hey! Watch it with the elbows.... Aah! Got it. Where was I? Oh, yes. You've barely eaten since the election, unless you count the grain content of the booze ... barely slept ... and barely moved. You've been at that same dead horse since well before the election. Get yourself together, Mallard. It's time to move on.

Michael said...

Mallard's hair (or head-feathers) looks uncharacteristically disheveled today. Looks like he's been on a bender after the election results.

... Wait a minute, I've seen that hairstyle somewhere before... Oh, I remember!

rewinn said...

Today's "comic" combines two favorite reichwing memes:

A) The media is against us!!!

B) I'm not racist because you are too!!!!

A fact that is too inconvenient for Tinkley to acknowledge with his customary vaguely-sourced asterisk is that there ARE a sizable number of people who will admit to a media researcher they would never vote for a black president, but almost no one who will say they'd never vote for a white one.