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Monday, November 03, 2008

That damned Bradley Effect

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, The Bradley Effect.

The mainstream media asks poll questions and has reported on the existence of a Bradley Effect theory.

So what exactly is their crime?


Michael said...

He gave a confused "Uhhhhh...." response because Mallard's butt was asking him a question.

Geez, the election is tomorrow and this is what's in Mallard Fillmore? Bad time to mail it in. At least the McCain campaign is trying to shoot the moon by calling Obama a commie terrorist cannibal. I know your guy will probably lose, but at least try... Maybe draw Obama in a graveyard, gnawing on George Washington's femur?

ajm said...

Every "proud member of the mainstream media" should kick Tinsley's ass.

Just sayin'.

Mr. Fourdotellipse said...

I see, Mallard's theory is that the mean media is terrorizing the people they poll. Do these people have no shame? Forcing that poor white guy to say he supports someone outside of his race! If you can find some tar, Mallard has the feathers!

GeoX said...

Considering the number of people who've been shrieking "shrieking HE'S A SCARY MOOOOOOSLIMB!!!!111" throughout the entire campaign cycle, I'm gonna posit that the racists are pretty well out in the open.

Word verification: "pudicate." Sounds inappropriate for younger audiences to me.

12xuser said...

The questions that the stories on the Bradley Effect ask:
1. Does it exist?
2. Will it effect the outcome of this election?
3. Could the polls all be wrong?

The answers to all three: Not bloody likely.

Of course, right now (and three weeks ago) the Bradley Effect is the only hope the Republicans have, so it's a huge issue for Mallard.

I wonder if Tinsley has sobered up enough to know he has to stop doing election gags after tomorrow.

rewinn said...

Today's strip is a wonderful example of emotional, not logical, reasoning.

The "logical" chain of reasoning is something like "The media calls you racist if you're a McCain voter who lies to pollsters because you're afraid that if you tell the truth someone will be listening in and call you a racist because why else would you favor McCain?"

It's a total logical non sequitur, based on assumptions such as that people think their neighbors will find out their anonymous poll responses, that no-one can think of any reason to vote for McCain EXCEPT racism, and that the mainstream media hates McCain (...when in fact the media's in his front pocket; if there's been a flurry of negative stories, it's just because he is, factually, down in the polls and, factually, did some amazingly erratic things. Not even the Soviet Politburo in its heyday would have an easy time covering up McCain's antics...)

But EMOTIONALLY: the strip makes sense.

* There is a conspiracy against McCain and all his flock
* The Media and the Pollsters are in on the conspiracy
* The conspiracy is so vast and powerful that if you tell the truth even in the anonymity of polling, THEY will brand you with a red-hot "R" for "Racist".

Feeling persecuted is a great comfort to losers.

rewinn said...

The Huxtable Effect may be beating any Bradley Effect.

Basically, the idea is that our new generation just isn't as afraid of black people as leaders, thanks to cultural changes on TV starting in the 1980. It's an interesting read:

exanonymous said...

The Bradley effect is hot air, especially in light of the first woman vice president being a possibility. Racism or sexism! If you can be attacked either way, it doesn't matter as much.

Rey said...

Tinz, thinking people can come up with legitimate reasons to vote for or against candidates based on their positions. The fact that you can't come up with a reason to vote against Obama other than his race does, in fact, confirm your racism. Sorry.

Kaitlyn said...

I know you all saw Obama talking about the Bradley Effect on the Daily Show.

I know his turnaround isn't that fast, but that's what I thought of immediately.

Marion Delgado said...

geox should like this:

The only change I made was that the CFB looks more like a celluloid baggy than an envelope.

Robert said...

Perhaps McCain voters are telling pollsters they're voting for Obama not because they don't want to appear racist, but because they don't want to appear retarded.

GeoX said...

That's badass.

Anonymous said...

Robert - Think before you use the word "retarded". There are many very good people who have mental problems but when they hear the "R" word it is like a kick in the teeth.

Also there are so many parents who have children who have mental problems who are labeled retarded. Both the parents and the child and other members of the family must deal with being unlucky in life.

In my opinion it is quite sick to make the statement that anyone who could possibly be a John McCain supporter is retarded. Gov. Sarah Palin is dealing with a newborn who has and will have problems for life. I know many would chose to abort the child but she did not.

This plus many other views she holds concerning life and our country is why I will vote for John McCain. Picking her as his VP running mate is the best decision he has made during this election.
Good health to you. You will not believe how it will affect you when yours is gone.

rewinn said...

Something made me doubt the sincerity of anonymous coward's sanctimony about the word "retarded".

I think it was when he said "...Picking her as his VP running mate is the best decision he has made during this election....".

exanonymous said...

If so many are dealing with raising handicapped children, doesn't that mean that most didn't abort their child?