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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That damned leader

What's Mallard raving about today?

Leaders, meetings.

So, in this little metaphor, the Turkeys are the Americans (led by Barack Obama) and the Pilgrims are the Iranians (led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)?

The Pilgrims are the Iranians?


Mallard is losing his mind.


D Johnston said...

Interesting. Two days ago the turkeys were Democrats and the pilgrims were (by implication) Southern/Midwest types. Now the turkeys are Americans in general and the pilgrims are Muslims (I'm thinking that they're supposed to represent terrorists rather that Iran, what with all that "He'll negotiate with Hamas" nonsense we got before the election).

So...anyone else think Tinsley's been hitting the sauce again? It has been a bad month for him. And as we all know, when the world's against you, you always have a friend in Johnny Walker.

exanonymous said...


Should the leader turkey meet the leader human, he'd probably be pardoned.

Since that is what Bush will be doing this Thanksgiving.

12xuser said...

In Tinsley's world, we are but turkeys, ripe for slaughter by powerful foes who are infinitely smarter and more well-armed than poor defenseless us.

Unfortunately, our only alternative to talking with the leader seems to be hiding in the weeds, where we consider cannibalism.

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree on this one being nuttier than usual. The neo-con fixation on the supposed naivete of "talking with evil leaders without preconditions" is at the heart of this. But even the neo-cons own hero Churchill said, "Jaw jaw is better than war war," although he didn't always practice that himself. I just hope Obama does sit down with Ahmadinejad and doesn't listen instead to all the warhawks he's so far surrounded himself with.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley thinks that Iranians are all crazy, neophobic religious extremists, thus, the pilgrims are perfect analogies.

DS said...

If the pilgrims in the previous comic were Bush supporters clinging to their guns, then this comic just told me not to negotiate with them. Wow, is Tinsley progressive now or just drunk and insane as always?

I thought a better metaphor for a turkey comic would be something like this:

One, rather plump, turkey is being swarmed by fire ants from the giant ant hill it's standing on. The poor turkey keeps pecking at the ants trying to kill them one by one but there's millions of them.

The other turkeys tell him to run and shake off the ants but the plump turkey calls them cowards.

A pilgrim (who looks suspicously like Osama bin Laden) starts aiming his rifle at the big turkey and says with a smirk: "Yes, please. Just keep standing there."

It'd be great if some of the posts on this blog were corrected Fillmore comics. Not the text comment ones some have done but actual illustrated comics. You'd only need about 5 to parody Fillmore's "wide variety" of comic ideas. :)

rewinn said...

DS - I would change your version only to emphasize that it's the fireant's hill that the turkey's standing on.

Why may not like fireants; maybe we'll never be best friends; but ...

"If you get into trouble six thousand miles from home, there's a good chance you went looking for it"
--- Will Rogers (IIRC)

Factinista said...

So, taking this metaphor to its logical conclusion, this means that the turkeys were propping up an unpopular Pilgrim leader, until it led to a revolution which culminated in the Pilgrims holding a group of turkeys hostage for 444 days until the turkeys elected a new leader.

So it was all out of a desire to end turkey hegemony, then?

rewinn said...

If Tinkley is implying that the leader of the turkeys is the guy who is too afraid to negotiate, then for once I must agree with him.


It never ceases to amuse me when reichwingers boast that we are the most powerful nation on earth at the same time that they cry that we are too weak to talk.

john said...

It's a simple analysis for me:

(1) The pilgrims WILL kill you if you do not talk to them.

(2) If there is the slightest chance that talking to them will change (1), then it is worthwhile to do so.

Of course, one must then ask, if not talking, what SHOULD the turkeys do? Run away scared? Every turkey for himself? Big, concerted turkey attack?

Conservatives never say what we should be doing INSTEAD; I assume they believe we should either actually just be invading more countries with our military, or we should be isolating ourselves while issuing vaguely threatening statements about the Middle East. I don't think these options are productive.

Michael said...

John: Clearly, the turkeys need to make some gobbling sounds in the Pilgrims' general direction, while finding some small birds' nests to trample.