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Saturday, November 22, 2008

That damned Congress

What's Mallard raving about today?

Congress, The President.

I am pretty sure Mallard intended to whine about the fact that President Bush was blamed for everything that happened to the country during his 8 year tenure, whereas the Democratic Congress of the last 2 years was not blamed in the same way.

What he actually whined about, however, is the difference between having 1 person versus 535 people representing a branch of the government.


exanonymous said...

Wasn't he the one pointing out that they had a lower approval rating than the president previously?

Sounds like Rush Limbaugh was ranting again. The Democratic congress took a lot of blame over the past two years, particularly from Rush&co completely ignoring the fact that their majority was too slim to have much impact.

But now that they have a bigger majority it's time to blame everything on them by implying that they've been responsible and the American people have simply not noticed.

Yet more neocon victimhood. Rush and Bill and Sean and others claim that the majority of America likes them, listens to them, supports them, and they have spent the last 2 years finding fault with anything democratic especially congress.

12xuser said...

Maybe he's pointing out that since the Democrats had majorities in the Congress, they should have done more to thwart the insane policies of the Bush administration, that they bear responsibility for the war, the economy, the use of torture, and the shredding of the Constitution, because every time push came to shove, they just lay down and let it happen, instead of standing up, impeaching the motherfuckers and sending them to the Hague.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on what the clouds on the lower corners of the picture are supposed to be? My first thought was dust clouds, like the Road Runner used to raise when running at top speed. However, such speed from a lethargic duck whose main activity is aiming his crotch at the television with "Snax" (tm) at his side is obviously impossible.

I'm afraid there is a much sadder explanation. Mallard picked up poor little Rush from school while soused to the gills. They're now playing basketball in Heaven.


Robert said...

Perhaps Li'l Rush is running for congress instead of the Presidency because he learned that you have to be at least 35 to be President.

Not to imply that Tinsley has read the Constitution. There are other amendments besides the Second!

rewinn said...

"I've decided to be a Senator like the ones who used 70+ filibusters to keep things from passing."

Somehow that little detail of the filibuster gets forgotten by the reichwingers.

If the Dems don't get their 60 seats, they should reconsider the "nuclear option". The GOP was unashamed of threatening it on matter wholly unrelated to our current crisis in the economy and war, so why not return the favor on bills that really matter?


My theory on the "clouds": originally they were supposed to be a shrubbery along a sidewalk, but the colorist refused to shade them green on the grounds it made it too clear that a pants-less Mallard was springing, arms-wide, at a little boy whose only defense is spouting reichwing talking points.

Anonymous said...

Rewinn - Today as usual you have your head up your ass, as does your liberal buddy 12xuser. Come on "DaveyK" pull the plug on any moron who has such a limited vocabulary, is totally ignorant and has so much hatred that he has to label someone a "Motherfucker." No way would he use this language around me, he would get his cowardly ass kicked.

Rewinn, these past two years the Dems. have had the votes to pull the plug on funding of the Iraq war, they did not have the balls to do it. If anyone on this blog actually thinks Obama is going to jerk the troops from Iraq immediately or will stop what the Dems. have called "illegal wiretapping" of phone calls to track down terrorists, you really are insane. Obama will of course will be given a free pass by the media. They will tell us he needs this tool to keep us safe.exanonyumous, Rush Limbaugh recently signed a new 8 year contract for $400 million. He is worth every penny of it. Frosts your ass doesn't it?

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley, congratulations on providing advice today. Yesterday's comic was a metaphor; advice requires a specified opinion regarding a course of action. Read a dictionary, stupid asshole!

Neo Tuxedo said...

Tinonymous (the recurring anon the rest of us suspect, or at least accuse, of being E. Bruce Tinsley his own bad self) skrev:
Rewinn, these past two years the Dems. have had the votes to pull the plug on funding of the Iraq war, they did not have the balls to do it.

Careful, Brucie; you let an actual fact sneak into your jabbering amid all the subste. Keep that up and you might start using actual facts in the strip, and then where would you be?

exanonymous said...

I knew that. It doesn't "frost me" or whatever. There are richer people out there, and if money determined legitimacy, Oprah has Rush trumped. Anyways, you completely missed the point.

1) Rush Limbaugh has listeners. These are real people with real jobs who agree with what he says.
2) These people repeat what he says.

Therefore, I have been aware that a democratic congress has been called on higher gas prices, problems with foreign oil dependence, and problems in Iraq for the past TWO YEARS. Rush Limbaugh has been doing so, along with his fellow right-wing pundits.

Whether or not he is right in what he says is where we disagree.

Where Mallard's logic becomes flawed is in denying that it ever occurred, that no one is speaking out and that no one is aware of this. If Rush Limbaugh has a contract, and has been saying these things, then it is obvious that these words are getting out to the public and have been for the past two years.

I mean, what is this, mood swings? One minute you're conservative, top of the world, right, part of a majority with supporting celebrities, and DAMN PROUD OF IT SEE MY FLAG PIN and the next? Boo hoo, librul media doesn't tell the truth, nation's mislead, nobody says anything bad about libruls and nobody listens to my side!

rewinn said...

Trolling anonymously is for cowards whose time has little value, and whose opinion has even less.

Remember, Tinkleyanonymouscoward: we're not laughing WITH you, we're laughing AT you.