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Monday, November 09, 2009

That damned attack

What's Mallard raving about today?

Fox, Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama.

Of course not, they were too busy fluffing President Bush.

And, as someone who found themselves part of a group which was routinely attacked by Fox as a "terrorist sympathizer" by virtue of my political positions, I find today's Mallard Fillmore the most hypocritical horse crap imaginable.


David B said...

This one just made no sense for at least the first three reads. I kept reading it as trying to get Fox News to report on the lack of terrorist attacks in the US, maybe as some sort of nod to the overt dismissal of Fox News by the Obama administration a few weeks back.

Y'know, Tinsley, when the first read of your attempted attack on the Obama administration simply serves to remind me that there have been no successful foreign attacks on the country so far during said administration, you may need to clean up your prose a little.

GeoX said...

I seems to me that spreading poisonous, divisive lies, Fox is attacking America pretty consistently. They--and the right-wing noise machine in general--have certainly done more damage to our national character than Al Qaeda ever could.

exanonymous said...

Now now, we all know from recent events that terrorism strictly requires someone to be of the Muslim faith and a mass murderer. FOX's vetting process would not allow the former in. So Obama doesn't have to work hard to prove it.

Sad too. The military under Bush lets in more convicted felons than ever. FOX is quiet. One individual decides to fire on his comrades who happens to be Muslim, and now all Muslims must be vetted and heavily supervised according to FOX.

Tog said...

Indeed, you're never gonna see Bill O'Reilly screaming for the Oklahoma City National Memorial to describe itself as devoted to "victims of rightwing Christian terrorists," nor will you hear Michelle Malkin hawking the book Won't Someone Please Think Of The Children?: In Defense Of Locking Up All The Catholics.

But in every comment section for every online article relating to the Ft. Hood shooting, at least one mangy git will ignore all other instances of violence in military bases (and recent shootings elsewhere) to blather on about this proves his pet theory of "tribalism," and how kicking everyone who isn't just like him out of the US will solve everyone's problems.

That's the company you keep, Bruce I'm-Not-Racist Tinsley.

Iron Dragon said...

Seriously...the irony is incredible in this. Wasn't this the actual rationale used to justify the lack of domestic attacks during the Iraq war and why Clinton has been blamed by some for September 11th despite the fact that Bush was in office for nearly a year? On a side note, I think that I should mention that initial fears were correct, the chin is growing larger and apparently is taking over the body.

Kip W said...

For this to work, we have to accept Tinsley's categories. During the Bush years, siding with the President was siding with America! Now that those years are over, siding with the President means you're a terrorist.

wv: ferst. I'm fer Amurca ferst!

rewinn said...

Rather than applaud Tinshley's unintentional reminder that Obama's kept America safer than Bush did, let me direct you to the Warriors for Peace portrait series.

It's like brain bleach for wiping out those natsy Tinkley spots.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Tinsley raises stupidity to a new low. This Fox U theme of his is never going to end.

Frank Stone said...

I find it quite telling (though, sadly, not at all surprising) that "conservatives" such as our rum-soaked cartoonist here, in the wake of Obama's victory last year, chose not to demonstrate their alleged superiority to their ideological opponents by behaving like rational, mature human beings who care more about their country than about partisanship, but instead have taken every opportunity to insult, demonize, and attack the new president and his entire party (even if they have to fabricate reasons to do so out of whole cloth), thus sending the clear and infantile message "You guys were mean to Bush for eight years -- now it's OUR turn!!"

But it's the DEMOCRATS and LIBERALS who are hopelessly meanspirited and partisan and obstructionist and junk.

Michael said...

This is the old "keeps the elephants away" joke, only even less funny.

Iron Dragon is right: the President shouldn't be worrying about propaganda networks when the real threat is a takeover from his own chin! Plus that sagging roof still needs to be replaced.

Bill the Splut said...

Holy Hulk in a tutu, is this series ever going to end? Good thing America isn't losing two real wars already, or this might not be the most important news non-story ever!

Physician Bias Might Keep Life-saving Transplants From Black And Hispanic Patients.

"But--but--racism is as dead as the dinosaurs! I said so! For-profit medical insurance is the gratest ov things evar! I said that, too! But--but--


WV: bilimso; the opposite of bulimia. One drinks what one threw up last night, because there may still be some residual booze left!

Iron Dragon said...

Bill, you have managed to me even more depressed. Also has me hoping that the national health plan covers enough people and is able to allow them to get surgeries that they need.

Sasha said...

iron dragon, you know NOTHING about the healthcare plan. this thing is going to be super expensive and WONT cover everyone as is magically thought. news flash, people in government healthcare DON'T get taken care of as well. my grandparents live in candada, gov healthcare, they HATE it. you know why? when they were raising my mom she had to wait six moths for an important surgery, so the tumor grew and now she has a rod in her back because of that. My grandma also needed eye surgery, yeah, they did ONE and then she STILL hasn't gotten the other one, it's been nine months.