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Monday, November 23, 2009

Those damned Motives

What's Mallard raving about today?


What shall we do in case an armed gunman with ties to radical Christian groups kills a doctor? Or sets off a bomb at the Olympics? Or blows up a Federal building?

In either case, I differ from Mallard in that I want the same thing: Primacy of the Rule of Law and no pants-wetting, fearmongering, and uninformed speculation.


deepbeep said...

The real crime here is Mallard's shirt.

Also, he has transcended his lumpy beanbag couch and is now floating above it? I thought he gave up huffing paint. The TV is probably just showing static right now.

Iron Dragon said...

I take it this is his reaction to the fort hill shootings. Never mind of course that there are some who suffered a psychotic break. But yeah, most of what I've seen is that people are wondering if this would be called terrorism and/or if he acted alone.

But also as was pointed out, radical Christians have committed more and worse acts of terror in this country and have also tried to subvert democracy and the constitution.

Kip W said...

Quickly! To the Duck Cave! Or the Fortress of Mallartude! Whatever we call the living room these days -- there's been a terrible, senseless tragedy! People have died and been injured! And it's up to you, Tin Eye, to find some way to score crappy little political points off of it!

Good luck and godspeed! I know you can do it! It's not like a constructive activity or something that requires you to drive safely.

exanonymous said...

The qualifications for an act to be labeled terrorism are a little more involved and quite different from "he's a muslim". Terrorism requires neither religion nor for someone to be killed.

Liberals know that. And they also know that mass murder is a horrendous crime punishable by law.

It's a good thing neocons like Mallard aren't in charge of the law. Calling it terrorism because the guy is a Muslim before finishing investigations isn't justice for the victims.

Frank Stone said...

I'm not sure which is more amazing: the degree of depravity it took for Tinsley to produce this piece of shit or the fact that he exhibited sufficient restraint to use a fictional substitute for the Fort Hood shooting.

Whatever the case, Tinsley was evidently so filled with blind, alcohol-fueled rage that he forgot to draw Mallard's bean bag chair.

CW in LA said...

And another view of Mallard trouserless crotch. I sure didn't need that right after lunch.

Bill the Splut said...

Is Mallard autofellating? It would be appropriate, as my regular reaction to this strip is "Hey, Tinny, go fuck yourself."

WV: dallsigh; what the Dali Lama would do if he ever saw this strip.

dlauthor said...

A handy primer:

White Christian guy takes gun, shoots a bunch of people: random lunatic who snapped


Drunk talentless guy takes pen, scribbles a pantsless duck in a hideous shirt watching a TV rattle on about straw men to espouse cowardly neocon talking points: to the comics page with him! At least, in a handful of papers.

Tog said...

Mallard won't say it himself (Tinsley's not quite THAT stupid) but the strip is in defense of "jumping to conclusions about motives."

When the Murrah Building was blown up, the media, lacking any evidence, openly speculated that it was an act of "Islamic jihad." Then they found out it was Timmy McVeigh--stalwart white Gingrich conservative--and (as others have already pointed out) it was reluctantly downgraded to "the act of a crazy person (!some say he's a liberal!) and not something we can use to justify internment (dammit)."

So yeah, Tinsley and his assorted heroes in our "liberal" media have never missed an opportunity since then to equate "Islamic" with "terrorist."

They don't give a damn how many innocent people will be persecuted as a result; they gots them some fear to exploit!

I hate chuck asay said...

Hey, terrorist, Tinsley is the perfect target for a slow, painful death. Yes, he does have a lot of weapons, and the strength of a psychotic retard, but he can easily be fooled. You can contaminate a beer keg, or rub something all over his Klan uniform. No jury would convict you.

rewinn said...

I got as far as " armed gunman..." and started laughing.

Thank goodness it wasn't a tentacled gunman, or a quadruple amputee!!!!

Factinista said...

I think Mallard's expression has frozen. Why else would he watch TV with a perpetually raised eyebrow?

Not THAT Anonymous said...

He thinks his two-week lag will disguise his grotesque exploitation of the Ft. Hood shootings for his own bigoted purposes?

Just so we're all clear: Bruce Tinsley is a rotten, cowardly, traitorous, phony little bastard, and he better hope most major religions are wrong about what becomes of that sort of scumbag.

David B said...

"Death to the stinky American pigs"?!?

The first time in recorded history that the victims of a terrorist attack couldn't flee because they were giggling too hard to run.

Frank Stone said...

Factinista, it's been my observation that Mallard has only two expressions: wide-eyed stare and sleepy-eyed smirk. Also, he never opens his mouth.

WV: Gumpit: Brucie's mouth, where he stuffs wads of Doublemint Gum in a futile effort to cover up the fetid stench of sour booze emanating from his gullet.