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Saturday, November 28, 2009

That damned Nougat

What's Mallard raving about today?

Candy, Charity.

Mallard is openly mocking charity, for God's sake.

Mallard is determined to be less likable than Ebenezer Scrooge, this Christmas.


Tog said...

This one really is something.

(1) I know Tinsley is neither fully aware of it, nor cares, but we are at war right now. The "act of war" crack is pretty stupid, even by MF standards. (As is mocking feeding the hungry, as there are so many at home and abroad this year, and as Tinsley often purports to be Christian despite all evidence to the contrary.)

(2) Straw Man is abjectly stupid (again, even by MF standards), proposing feeding crap candy to starving people. Wow. I know Tinsley has even more contempt for charity than he secretly holds for our active-duty soldiers, but come on.

(3) Mallard is so unconcerned on any level beyond his personal discomfort (as is normal for him), he can't even bother to make eye contact (as is normal for him). I'm sure that tells a volume about Tinsley (as does the choice of Nambia).

(4) I fully expect the bastard cartoonist and his duck to lecture us tomorrow on how the best way to help those in need is to do nothing and "let nature run its course." In a couple of months, they will begin bitching furiously about income taxes again.

exanonymous said...

Where's the troll to come in and post the link about how liberals never give to charity and it's their fault a free-market solution to helping the needy doesn't work?

I hope someone gives Mallard lots of bricks and some cement for Christmas. He can build the nice wall around himself that lets him live his ideal "libertarian" life: free from anyone or anything. Install a beer tap.

And I doubt Tinsley is a Christian. Conservatives latch on because it's a religion they tolerate, but many of them aren't remotely religious and many do not claim to be. They just think that white Protestants are the best and only minority worth protecting. For instance, they love the idea of the ten commandments posted at a law building, but they haven't read them nor do they intend to follow them.

exanonymous said...

I should change "conservatives" to "neoconservatives". It occurred to me that's it not specific enough, because there are quite a few Americans who are religiously conservative (but liberal or moderate politically) as well.

Lolsworth said...

"An Act of War"?

Bill the Splut said...

Mallard's reaction would be different if the charity was "Buy Jim Beam to Keep Laura Mars on the Air."

Kip W said...

"Nougat for Namibia"? His pinko editor made him change it from "Noogies for NAMBLA."

GeoX said...

LOL! Starving children! Whatta cuttup that Tinsley is!

I hate chuck asay said...

Why are guys clicking on pity? Tinsley is proving that he is an unsympathetic sociopath who holds the worst beliefs in the world!

Tinsley should switch from comics to videogames. My favorite games are the weirdest, and given how surreal these comics are, I am sure the games would look like (,) and (

Word Verification: Dernot, a level of extreme retardation exclusive to Tinsley.

rewinn said...

Jesus said, "Feed the hungry".

Not, "Mock the hungry".

Self-proclaimed "conservative Christians" want to post the Ten Commandments and to delete the Beatitudes. When Jesus whipped the money-changers, he stopped too soon by about 2000 years.

Perhaps Tinshley's drinking helps him forget what's coming to him in the afterlife. But what excuse does any newspaper editor have for printing today's "comic"?

I think it's time to write the PI.

steve-o said...

Once again Tinsley tries to make a point in the most inappropriate way ever. I can't understand how his mind works, "okay, let's see, I keep getting these crappy tins of bad candy...hmmm....let's do a joke linking crappy tins full of bad candy to starving kids and war! yeah, that works!". And again, how much research did this ridiculous tripe take?

MartyRotten said...

How many of his "hours of research" for this strip actually went into research and how much of it was spent on an epic drinking binge?

GeoX said...

I think we've established by now that for Tinsley, "research" is invariably a euphemism for "drinking."

Anonymous said...

Tinsley didn't need to write this strip to be less likeable than Scrooge. Stop trying so hard Tinsley, we dislike you enough already!