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Saturday, November 14, 2009

That damned Electorate

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Americans.

To increase the level to which our electorate is informed, or at least correctly informed, all we have to do is disqualify Fox viewers.


Tog said...

Tinsley is, incredibly, absolutely correct here. What's really going to be the death of America is that we (and by "we" I mean both sides) increasingly treat politics as another form of entertainment.

That said, someone who cherry-picks data, misrepresents facts, and plain old outright lies as much as Bruce Tinsley has no business whatsoever complaining about a poorly-informed public.

exanonymous said...

This would have a lot more impact if the "ignorant guy" in front of the television didn't look just like Mallard in a large number of other cartoons.

confused said...

I think Tinsley has once again inadvertently given us an insight on himself.

NLC said...

So.... this explains the popularity of Fox News??

Frank Stone said...

"I don't want to kill irony; I just want to get it down to the size where I can drown it in the bathtub."

WV: Messly: What a blitzed Brucie calls a Nestle chocolate bar he's just attempted to eat, getting half of it on his face and hands. He then laughs at his own joke and passes out.

Michael said...

Maybe our citizens wouldn't be as ignorant if partisans weren't deliberately misleading them.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

Related news: Sean Hannity and FOX News have been caught by Jon Stewart and others having gone to their video archive, pulled old footage of a rally, and deliberately misrepresented it as another event.

Official response: "Ooopsie! Honest mistake!" (I'm honestly surprised they don't hire Muslim staff to keep on hand in order to blame for such stuff as it's discovered.)

Any strips about that bit of malicious deceit forthcoming, Bruce "Truth-To-Power" Tinsley?

rewinn said...

Follow on Hannity's most recent lie: Jon Stewart took Hannity's fake apology and whipped him again. It's a really good program segment, although my favorite part is "He didn't have to apologize to me," said Stewart. "It's not like he disappointed me. I expect that stuff."

Is there anyone left on earth who still thinks Fox is a "News" channel (...except in the sense that Soviet Pravda was a "News" organ?)

BTW - the right panel in today's "Comic" is actually a self-portrait.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, frequent Limbaugh target Calvin Woodward has a nice breakdown on why Sarah Palin's new "book" Going Commando: On A Clear Day You Can See The Kremlin, Yew Betcha should be in the fiction section.

Seriously, Bruce. That's the sort of deliberate disinformation that hurts the nation, not TV, Mister Save-Veronica-Mars.

You're going to nail this to the wall, aren't you? You're not a lying hypocrite, are you?

Bill the Splut said...

Another in Tinny's "I HATE stupid people!" series, which will soon be followed by his other series, "I HATE schools and anyone who has an education!" Tinny only respects people who fall into some imaginary inbetween. Maybe himself, with his online diploma from Oxvard ("The only college that's harder than Oxford AND Harvard! Graduate for only 3 easy payments of $49.95!")

WV: lokytion; the lotion created by the trickster god Loki that makes people loco. Tinny rubs it on his brain.

Kip W said...

"Going Commando"? This is the most brilliant naming idea from the Gops since they decided to call themselves Tea Baggers. Whoever thinks these things up for them, we need to give them a raise.

Kip W said..., you mean she didn't say "Going Commando"?

Gosh darn you, reality! I'm beginning to see why the other side hates you.