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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That damned Backlash

What's Mallard raving about today?

Journalism, Islam.

Meanwhile, at Fox Propaganda school: "Let's say a gunman has just shot a dozen people while yelling "Allahu Akbar." What question should you ask first? Exactly! How quickly can I gin up a Public backlash against Muslims."


Tog said...

DaveyK nails it; the Culture Warriors--terrified less by the prospect of terrorism than by the prospect of losing their fear-based grip on knuckledraggers, rednecks, and Dennis Miller--are only too delighted to agitate some idiot into beating up a Sihk or firebombing a local mosque...terrorist acts that somehow escape Tinsley's ever-watchful (if bloodshot) eye.

deepbeep said...

This is funny, of course, because Muslims aren't discriminated against in the United States. The media should worry about the real persecuted groups: conservatives, Christians, smokers and white people.

But why is this guy doing the boob-grope gesture during his lecture?

exanonymous said...

Because naturally, there was no public backlash. No insinuation that American who are Muslims might be less than loyal simply by religion. No implication that Muslims must undergo special vetting for the armed forces regardless of whether they are American citizens or not. Or that somehow their most common phrase about God is somehow more devious than a Christian's.

And there were certainly no implications that this was terrorism because he was Muslim and Muslims only kill for terrorist reasons.

Funny thing, the right questions are being asked and the correct process is being taken. Much to the annoyance of the right. Which is why it hasn't been labeled terrorism, and the gunman will undergo a military trial.

Iron Dragon said...

I keep thinking about a different comic I read a week or so ago, in it they showed the reactions of the media to different shooting rampages based on the perpetrator. If it was anyone non-white/foreign the idea was that our society was under attack by evil foreign elements. If it was done by a teenager who was a goth or played violent video games our culture was turning children into psychotic murderers. If it was the act of a white right-wing Christian nut (abortion clinic bombings, murder of abortion doctors, etc) the response was a disinterested shrug saying "Well, what are you going to do?"

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley continues to claim that all racism is imaginary. He is the most deluded man in the world.

Steve-o said...

I think the conclustion that can be drawn from this ridiculous tripe is that Tinsley is shallower than a birdbath.

Rootbeer said...

I take issue with the presence of an "Outrage" checkbox on this blog.

Sure, the author's anti-Muslim prejudice is abhorrent, but the emotional response it provokes in me simply isn't strong enough to qualify as outrage.

I am disappointed more than anything.

Jazzbumpa said...

Rootbeer -

Pity is available, if that is your preference.

My preference is Outrage.

Deal with it.


rewinn said...

Didn't we see this very same "comic" a while back?

"Let's say some Saudis kill 3,000 Americans, what question should you ask first?"

"That's right, Judy Miller: how soon should we demand an invasion of Iraq?"

Remember that one?

4000+ Americans dead and the Drunkest Duck in Cartoondom doesn't even peep.


For a hearty antedote to the daily duck poop, and a REALLY funny commentary on the REAL state of the media, read Matt Taibi's Yes, Sarah, There is a Media Conspiracy

Neo Tuxedo said...

Thanks, rewinn. Matt Taibbi was, as usual, merely excruciatingly excellent. Though another good antidote to duckpoop is to consider, if Mallard were locked in a room with Rat from "Pearls Before Swine" and Bucky Katt from "Get Fuzzy", which one would be a potent enough solipsist to disbelieve the other two right out of existence. (My money's on Bucky being able to ignore his way to victory through sheer invincible ignorance, but I'm sure there are cases to be made for any of them.)

Anonymous said...

I went with WTF. Tinsley's got a balding guy with a pony tail and a little mustache and beard who's a professor of journalism. This guy is the poster child for the bleeding heart liberal and he's trying to foment the blaming of all Muslims for the actions of one? Is Tinsley going one way on a wrong way street?


GeoX said...

Really. The Fort Hood shooter shouted "Alahu Akbar?" Gosh, in that case, it looks like this is one incident where we can blame radical Isl--oh, what's that? He didn't? So basically this is just a racist fantasia about how all of those swarthy Sons of Mahomet are the same? Well, in that case, carry on. Forget I said anything.

dlauthor said...

One hopes that, should Tinshley ever get blown up by terrorists*, they turn out to be the lunatic Christian variety. It would be just.

* I am in no way recommending or even hoping that anyone blow Tinshley up. It'd be over too quick, for one thing, and other people who don't deserve it would probably get hurt in the process.

kris said...

"Going Rogue" is going big, 700,000 copies sold in first week. This will not sit well with the Sarah Palin haters.

An Associated Press dispatch, written by Erica Werner and Richard Alonso-Zaldivar, compared the House and Senate ObamaCare bills. I would like to compare this dispatch to the AP’s dispatch earlier this week "fact checking" Sarah Palin’s new book.

Number of AP reporters assigned to story:
• ObamaCare bills: 2
• Palin book: 11

Number of pages in document being covered:
• ObamaCare bills: 4,064
• Palin book: 432

I do know that most liberals dislike Sarah Palin. Possibly they fear her for some reason? You 'betcha'! She is a successful lady, intelligent, very attractive and a conservative.

Many of us know how the 'Drive-By' media and most liberals despise conservatives.

These same people continue to cover Obama's ass no matter how radical of a screw-up he has already proven himself to be. They will not let him fail.

Tog said...

Annnnnd there's our pet troll, spraying bullshit and pretending it's brilliance.

"Intelligent?" Compared to you, perhaps, yes. Compared to a chimpanzee? Not so bright.

Read Rewinn's link, pet troll. "Many of" you are gonna be surprised when Sarah joins Dan Quayle in the "whatever happened to that rising star" trash heap. Yew betcha!

Toots McGee said...

What is the point of the troll's second link? We know what she looks like.

Kaitlyn said...

Why didn't the troll post some xenophobic BS?

Is the troll as of out touch as Tinsley?

GeoX said...

These same people continue to cover Obama's ass no matter how radical of a screw-up he has already proven himself to be. They will not let him fail.

Phew--that's a relief. I guess we don't have anything to worry about, then.

dlauthor said...

I'm sure if Jon Gosselin wrote a book right now, it would sell a bunch of copies too. People love a good train wreck.

In addition, of course, there's the fact that the Wingnut Welfare brigade bought up a gazillion copies to resell cheap to mouth-breathers and manufacture a bestseller, Coulter-style. Newsmax ads offering Sarah's book for $5 are everywhere. Real books don't need nonsense like that.

And damn right we won't let Obama fail, if we can help it. Not with the choads on the right hoping he will. Meanwhile, the Quitta From Wasilla has already failed many, many times. But enjoy her talk show in four years, Anonyrastkris. Maybe spanking it to the purdy, purdy conservative will keep you from watching the Disney Channel with your pants off.

Kip W said...

The shooter was a sick jerk with screwed-up ideas and some sort of association with militants.

Therefore, Tin Eye wants to cast us all as eager to sympathize with him and blame the victims, and ask touchy-feely "where did we go wrong?" questions.

Fuck him. I'm not going to play straw man for his stupid fantasies. I guess I'm just glad that scribbling his stupid strip keeps him from going up on his parents' roof with the biggest gun he can buy.

Marion Delgado said...

Unhappiness is being so potbellied you can't reach your little ducky dickie as you watch Fox News coverage of the Ft Hood shooting. Mallard is going to throw his back out again. Unfortunately, the only chiropractor nearby is a gray ponytail Boomer with a college education.

WV: Ask your doctor if Tysion P is right for you - because the FDA won't let you buy Laetrile and monkey glands.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

Of course Bruce is attacking from this angle; otherwise he might have to focus on how the guy got in the military in the first place, or why so many of his fellow soldiers are claiming they knew something was seriously wrong with him, yet were unable to have anything at all done about it.

(As ex-military, I know the reason: when the brass is looking, it's more important to pretend everything's okay than to actually deal with a problem. But if I say that out loud, I HAET AMERICA BLARRRRRRR)

(As for Failin' Flailin' Palin: it's cute how she's now claiming McCain held her back during the campaign. Sarah, you only benefit from a little stifling.)

wavydavy said...

Kris @6:20PM said:

"Sarah Palin ... is a successful lady, INTELLIGENT, very attractive and a conservative." (emphasis added)

Kris, dearie -- I don't think that word "intelligent" means what you think it does. Otherwise, you would know better than to use it in the same paragraph as "Sarah Palin". The woman is constitutionally (pun intended) unable to complete a coherent sentence in the English language. (And I am pretty damn sure she is not conversant in any other language, unless you count Alaskan hillbilly valley-girl speak as a language. You betcha!)

And given that polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans think she is unqualified for public office, saying that "liberals dislike Sarah Palin" as an explanation or excuse for her unpopularity means that you apparently think an overwhelming majority of Americans are liberal. Not what you meant, was it? Logic is such a bitch; like facts and reality, it has a liberal bias.

WV: blecome. As in, "Tinkley will blecome very tired after all his [hic] research."

Iron Dragon said...


It could also be that healthcare is more newsworthy than the book release of a VP nominee that lost. I don't particularly like Palin, mostly due to the philosophies of her /church , as well as my view that her policy positions are largely untenable.

exanonymous said...

Sarah Palin has policies?

That's newsworthy right there. Are they actually coherent or did she give up and quit before she was finished?

As Jon Stewart said, liberals don't dislike the pretty shooty part of here. It's the lack of conservative substance that irritates. There's nothing there except some mindless fuel for your anger without a logical basis in anything, including real conservatism.

Not THAT Anonymous said...

But, but, but DEATH PANELLLLLS!!!
Who needs policies when you've got fear-mongering and book tours?
Mmmmm mmmm mmmm!