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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Those damned Meanies

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Fox.

The White House Communications staff simply pointed out what everyone else already knows, which is that Fox is the most ideologically-biased network.

The White House Communications staff simply pointed out that they will treat Fox for what they are, which is an arm of the opposition party, and go on the network with that firmly in mind.

Fox then declared that this was a declaration of war against Fox.

Poopy-pants, indeed.


exanonymous said...

Poor Fox.

If they really felt they were bringers of the truth, it wouldn't be worth mentioning. But if they knew what the truth was, they wouldn't use ratings to measure it. And they wouldn't have the cultish fandom that watches them exclusively.

Though, come to think of it, they've already started hosted conventions.

Michael said...

Is he illuminated by a police spotlight, surrendering? Looks like Obama took this feud a little too far.

Iron Dragon said...

As a weird question, wouldn't Fox organizing and sponsering the 'Tea Parties' be considered declaring war on Obama? Not to mention greatly exaggerating the numbers thereof. As well as providing support and platforms to the birthers, deathers, and every other group against Obama. And in case anyone wants to say it, any network that did the same to Bush would likely be considered declaring war on him too. In both cases I support their right to do so even if I disagree with it personally.

Tog said...

Isn't FOX News the channel that constantly bawls about George Soros but somehow seems to have never even heard of Richard Melon Scaffe?

If I were Tinsley, I wouldn't even mention FOX News the day after I yukked it up using the word "quagmire."

Rootbeer said...

Once again, Tinsley inexplicably draws Obama gesturing while thinking (out of his neck), which makes it look as though the thought balloons are so heavy that he has to support them with his hands.

Come to think of it, I believe we may have scene this exact artwork before. I'd look through the archives to confirm, but my liver couldn't take that much Research.

dlauthor said...

Fox "started it" back in 1996, before anyone knew who Barack Obama was. But don't let that dent your victim complex, Drinky McScribble.

I'm sure the words "poopy pants" made Anonyrast's pants feel smaller, too.

Word verification: trite. Just ... wow.

Kip W said...

Where's the footnote? Damn it, I need for this hard-hitting news gatherer to tell me where he gets his amazing and unprecedented facts!

How often do you find yourself saying this? Well, now we can offer you the MALLARD FILLMORE FOOTNOTE KIT, with a generous supply of stick-on asterisks and such impressive, facty-sounding referents as:

* Fox News!
* The Washington Times!
* My cab driver!
* Guy at Liquor Store!
* Guy in alley near Liquor Store!
* Pink dragon with purple scales!
* Out of a duck's ass!

Don't delay -- buy it today, for the low, low price of three (3) bottles of Wild Turkey! Just send them to the address on the strip.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, in reality:

Yesterday Fox News had a guy names John Fund tell a lie that he, himself (John Fund), had debunked a few hours BEFORE he went on Fox News:

See the video etc: "John Fund fabricates evidence of voter fraud in NJ"

QUERY: is Fox engaged in a war on Obama ... or a war on truth itself?

GeoX said...

Wingnuts really want to have it both ways, don't they? First, they crow over how, unlike those OTHER networks, Fox Nooz tells TEH TWOOF!!!11 about the libruls. But then if any non-wingnut dares to point out what they themselves believe, HOLY SHIT, do they ever start squealing like stuck pigs! It would be funny if it weren't vaguely nauseating.

Anonymous said...

Voter fraud in New Jersey? Preposterous. We don't need voter fraud when we elect Wall Street wonders who spend tens of millions of dollars to buy their offices.

Tog said...

Kip, you forgot my all-time favorite:

*Google! (It's in there somewhere!)

Over at PunditKitchen (the "news" version of LOLcats) someone posted a photo of the raving-loon Iranian president with the caption "I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN." Is there a single baying jackass on FOX News to whom this would not also apply?

Frank Stone said...

This strip in general, and today's installment in particular, is a microcosm of how the modcon (for "modern conservative") mentality is, at core, CHILDISH.

- Modcons habitually deny responsibility for their own actions ("It ain't MY fault!").

- They blame others for the consequences of their own mischief ("I didn't do it -- YOU did! You're gonna get in trouble!").

- They engage in projection when confronted with their own shortcomings or antisocial traits ("I know YOU are, but what am I?").

- They are incapable of comprehending anyone's needs but their own ("Who cares? I want MINE!").

- They throw hissy fits and/or make threats when their every demand is not immediately met entirely on their own terms ("I WANT IT I WANT IT!! GIMME WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW YOU BIG MEANIE OR I'LL HOLD MY BREATH UNTIL I DIE!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!! NOW NOW NOW!! YOU'RE MEAN!! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!! WWAAAAHHHHH!!!").

- They are incapable of perceiving the world around them in anything but the most simplistic terms ("GOOD!/BAD!" "LOVE!/HATE!" "BLACK!/WHITE!").

- They regard their authority figures with simple-minded reverence and lash out at anyone who offers any kind of critical assessment of said authority figure ("How DARE you say something mean about my DADDY!! Daddy's PERFECT!!").

If, indeed, "the children are our future", we should all be very nervous.

John Ball said...

You've left off the pre-adolescent obsession with the trappings of adulthood with no comprehension of what these things actually entail. Which leads to things like the eternal repetition of the importance of "responsibility" while insisting that people shouldn't be expected to contribute to the common good. Because you know--that's hard.

MartyRotten said...

Today's strip conveys the core of the neocon's current message, which is:

(then Tinsley barfs and passed out into a gin induced stupor.)

Ducky is Right said...

Don't you GET IT, man?! Telling everyone that Fox News is a blatantly partisan propaganda tool is EXACTLY THE SAME THING as when Stalin murdered 10 million people! We're beyond the looking looking glass, here.

Rootbeer said...

There's only one side of this "issue" that has found it fit to introduce language like "poopy-pants" into the debate.

And it wasn't Obama that played the brown card.

wavydavy said...

"And it wasn't Obama that played the brown card."

Rootbeer wins the internets.

WV: angsh. Tinkley's angst at realizing he's run out of Wild Turkey.