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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Those damned Hungry Pilgrims

What's Mallard raving about today?

Pilgrims, Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Prize Committee are Hungry Pilgrims? And Americans are Turkeys?

Looks like Mallard feels the Most Mystifying Panel (aka The Golden Flash) category needed some beefing up this year.


deepbeep said...

Our demise is eminent, and at the hands of Sweden? Boy have my news sources let me down.

Tog said...

Either that, or Tinsley's suggesting that the Nobel Prize Committee is working with Teh Radical Islamic Terrorists Who Hate Us For Our Freedom. ...Damn Europeans! I knew we couldn't trust them!

exanonymous said...

Norway! Norway is the special committee for peace prizes, Sweden does everything else.

I'm not sure this is bad a thing though. Norway, Sweden, heck, all the Scandinavian countries tend to rank better than the US in most areas.


Health Care:

Crime rates:
(Don't worry, in Finland you can keep your guns. Added bonus: they deeply hate communism, especially the red hammer&sickle type)

Gender Gap:

Life expectancy:


NickE said...

I've been to Stockholm. Their Rebellious Youth spray-paint their grafitti in pastels. Yeah, seriously.

Also, more to the point, turkey is impossible to find anywhere. Lukefisk, sure; you can't walk down the street without being slapped with a lukefisk. But turkey?

If I'm a turkey surrounded by hungry Swedes, I'm safe. Plus, hey, free Nobel Prize.

Michael said...

Well, it's about time...and it's only been what, two months since they said Obama was going to get the Nobel prize?

I guess it's more current then the subtext...being threatened by Scandinavians went out around the tenth century.

Bill the Splut said...

After 2 weeks, who finally pried "the president's enemies list" from Mallard's cold, dead brains?

So Obama's A SCARY THREAT because he has an enemies list on his clicky iPhone, but A BIG WIMP because he has a Nobel Peace Prize? Which is it, Brucie? Neocons are living proof or Orwell's concept of doublethink.

I wonder if on Thanksgiving we'll get a "joke" about "....Not wanting dark meat is now considered racist...."

John Ball said...

You just don't get it--they are ALL against us. Every other nation in the world. And if we ever forget that fact, and act like we could get along with them, our destruction will be swift.




Iron Dragon said...

So apparently he thinks that the Nobel committee is in league with terrorist networks? Or is it that Europe is attempting to carve us up? Not only is this incoherent it's maddeningly weird.

NickE said...

Okay, Bruce, you've said you fear being threatened by foreign brown people (who find us delicious). But, um, Bruce -- you specifically say here that the people doing the threatening are the ones responsible for the Nobel Prize. Look at your own cartoon. LOOK at it.

The Nobel committee is white. Really, really, blindingly white. Like your circle of friends, except educated and sober.

Lotta "research" must have been done for this panel, you betcha.

rewinn said...

One-panel Sunday "comic".


Revenues must be really down.


P.S. Tinkley just called America "Turkeys". The Turks are a proud and warlike people with a government having a big problem with crazy violent religious fundamentalists. Fortunately their civil society and military are extremely determined to keep religion out of politics.

Neo Tuxedo said...

The sad part is, there are people in the world who, as far as I can tell, seriously "think" the way John Ball was parodying. A gentleman on a message board I frequent once said point-blank that "Americans believe in political liberty and the rest of the world does not." This isn't the only thing he's said to indicate that he thinks nobody outside the borders of the US wants any kind of freedom.

Kaitlyn said...

So America is the best country ever...

But we're also so puny we're essentially farm animals surrounded by hungry humans?

We're the best, but we're not so awesome that we're not in danger. The rest of the world is out to get us.

I almost wish he'd had some pseudo-Christian "be thankful Obama hasn't killed you yet" for his Sunday before Thanksgiving mess.

Kip W said...

It's doubtful any turkeys were eaten at the first Thanksgiving, and if any were, they were wild turkeys, not factory-farmed ones like these.

It's understandable. He's only familiar with one 'wild turkey,' and it comes in a bottle.

Neo Tuxedo said...

I've found the quote I was originally looking for, from the nutbar I quoted: "The thing is, no or nearly no other country in the world shares anything close to the American concept of liberty. The concept is simply alien and incomprehensible to the leadership (and probably the general population) of any other nation I can think of, with the possible exception of Switzerland...

"Pretty much all of the rest of the world is more-or-less socialist or Marxist or Marxian or Marxoid. About half (or now maybe about 51 percent) of the American electorate is too. The United States is still the least Marxoid place I know of (with the possible exception of Switzerland), but the America I knew and loved is about to cease to be recognizable to me. Within a head-spinningly short time I expect to find myself essentially a man without a country, and quite possibly declared a criminal or traitor -- a sort of malignant cell in the body politic."

How do you communicate with people like that? Or do you communicate with them at all? Can you, as the philosopher says, only hope to contain them?

dlauthor said...

Sounds like that guy needs to move to the possible exception of Switzerland.

I'm sure Anonyrast could move there too, if they allowed people with his record to do so.

John Ball said...

My stepfather once declared that England was less free than America, and that they didn't have our sense of liberty. Seeing as we got it from them, I found that comment unbearably ignorant. And arrogant. Always a pleasant combination.

Raynfala said...

The phrase "LOLWUT" was invented in anticipation of today's Mallard comic.

rewinn said...

Please remember: Switzerland has universal health care.

So if that's yer crazy buddy's ideal, fine, I'll settle for it.