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Friday, November 06, 2009

That damned Strategy

What's Mallard raving about today?

Fox, President Obama.

Backfired, eh?

Wooo, indeed.


Factinista said...

I wonder if Tinsley actually says "Wooo" in real life. It seems like you couldn't go around saying that without sounding like a total dunce. Not like that would be anything unusual for him, but still.

Tog said...

You can't believe reality!
It has a liberal bias!

Michael said...

Not unless you're Ric Flair, Factinista!!

exanonymous said...

You know, I barely just managed to forget who Ric Flair was, and now you're bringing up that weirdo wrestling guy all over again!

Though, oddly enough, if you imagine the comic being read in the same tone of voice as that youtube vid, it makes it infinitely funnier. Complete with eyeballs and veins popping out.

Kip W said...

Backfired is right. I hear this has elevated Fox News clear to the bottom of the barrel. Another quarter inch and it'll be over Mallard's head.

rewinn said...

Since DaveyK linked to the proof that Fox's claim of "backfire" was simply a lie, let's talk about Obama's alleged "strategic purpose".

I don't know whether there was any great strategic plan to put on the table the simple fact that Fox News is not a news organization. The most likely explanation is the simplest: Anita Dunn spoke the simple truth.

Once ONE person puts the truth out there, more people feel comfortable repeating it. After a while, truth can become the common wisdom.

Truth can spread the same way lies do, but with one advantage: it's the truth. Thus you can back it up with evidence.

It's insidious!

Anonymous said...

Can they really call the simple truth that "Fox is not a news network, they just disseminate right wing talking points" an attack? I mean, that's WHY you right wingers watch it, because you want to hear your favorite right wing memes. Anybody that's not an idiot would know "fair and balanced" is horse shit.

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley, how did attacking liberals work out for your party? Everyone thinks you guys are insane, anyone who is under 60 or not an Objectivist hates you and your members are forced to believe the most absurdly extreme ideas-- because, as your attitude towards John Mccain has shown, any Republican who, slightly, deviates from the edge will be ostracized. You have placed yourselves on the brink of destruction, but, instead of trying to compromise and work with towards rebuilding all the things you guys have destroyed since 1981, you have become ever more insular and paranoid. You are the very definition of paranoid dictators, and, now, your system is collapsing--you have 10, maybe 20, years before the opposite side takes control.

Word Verification: Ignesse, the state of absolute close-minded ignorance in which Tinsley lives.

Frank Stone said...

Poor, poor li'l Brucie. It's a tragic thing when you want so desperately for your little fantasy version of the world to be real that you lose all touch with reality.

No, wait, not "tragic". What's the word ... ? Oh, yeah -- "pathetic".

So, how many strips attacking Obama does this make for the past year, as opposed to the total number of strips Brucie did attacking Bushbaby (or even ribbing him gently)?

Michael said...

I'll put it this way, Frank: the number of strips condemning Obama collectibles vastly outnumbers those with even the mildest criticism of W. In the news world, that's what you call "fair and balanced".

rewinn said...

"... how did attacking liberals work out for your party?"

With respect, you're asking the wrong question.

Those most attacking liberals personally profit the crazier they get. They're in competition for money and attention, and the relatively sane ones like Hagel and McCain (...don't THAT make your head explode??? when MCCAIN is the sane one?) get no significant air time, cuz they are not entertaining.

Do you really think Rush, Beck and Tinshley give a damn whether America turns into a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Hitler-Hegelian dystopia with mandatory gay marriage and death panels for christians and puppies? Or do they care that the GOP just lost NT-23 a seat it had held since the Civil War? HECK NO - it's just another chance to raise funds ... and the departure of more GOPper who was in competition for those funds.

It's just a job for them. I don't think they even listen to the words they spew or, in Tinkley's case, scribble.

Rootbeer said...

Is... is "wooo" the author's attempt to depict that long, low whistling sound people make when they encounter something particularly imposing or impressive?

"The sentence for a second DUI conviction is how much?! Wooo."

Not THAT Anonymous said...

I recall exactly one MF strip criticizing Emperor George (very late in his second term), and that one described his deficit-skyrocketing squandering as "spending like a drunken Democrat." (Insert expression of disbelief at Tinsley's hypocrisy and gall here.)

Rewinn's absolutely correct: whether you're talking about profit, power, or just "winning" an argument by shouting down everyone else with bullshit, the only thing a neoconservative really cares about is personal gain. Religion, morality, family values, patriotism--these are nothing more than flags with which they wrap themselves and knives they use to stab backs. They've demonstrated time and again that there isn't a principle they won't betray the moment it becomes inconvenient; my personal favorite is their "deep concern for all veterans who served their country UNLESS THEY VOTE DEM, THEN THEY'RE COMMIE RATS WHO FAKED THEIR WAR WOUNDS BLARRRRRRR"

Iron Dragon said...

What I find fascinating about all of this is that it starts to feel more and more like Tinsely is having trouble finding good targets. Look at how long he stretches ideas, in some cases he either makes things out of whole cloth or we get an idea stretched past the point of internal logic or understandability.

Tog said...

If Tinsley's as fair and balanced as he claims, surely he'll be devoting at least one strip, two weeks hence, to mocking Bawlin' Glenn Beck's hypocritical and failed attempt to have an international court* shut down


*"Once we sign our rights over to international law, the Constitution is officially dead."
--Glenn Beck

Kaitlyn said...

Rewinn - death panels for christians and puppies?

Well, I was fine with everything else, but I can't be part of a party that wants to hurt puppies!

Do you think Bo Obama is a spy of some sort? Hmm

Why can't he just put pictures of puppies in the strip along with his thought/word balloons. Would make just as much sense, and as long he uses PICTURES and does not attempt to draw them (now who's hurting puppies?).

Er yeah.

I'm a conservative now. Can't sanction killin' of puppies, unless they're wolf puppies, and then a helicopter is in order.

(No one will see this but puppies bring me out of the wood work.)