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Friday, November 20, 2009

Those damned Apps

What's Mallard raving about today?

iPhone, President Obama.

If you're going to make an iPhone joke, may I suggest you do some research? "Click?"

I will listen to Mallard regarding the importance of Presidential Approval Ratings when President Obama's fall to the same level as President Bush's were when Mallard started commenting about President Bush's poll numbers.

What's that? Mallard never commented on President Bush's poll numbers? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

Update: D'oh! Comic link is fixed. Sorry, was jet-lagged.


Factinista said...

Who the heck actually thinks "click" when they're using electronics? Not to mention that if Tinsley did 30 seconds of the "research" he claims to spend so much time on, he'd know Obama has a Blackberry.

Tog said...

Sad and tiresome and, as usual, wildly out-of-date.

I'm actually looking forward to two weeks from now, when Tinsley turns "I don't steer away from controversy (or children)" into "BEHOLD! I AM A MARTYR FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT! THEY TRIED TO SHUT ME UP BUT I'LL NEVER SHUT UP NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER!!"

Seriously, I'm hoping for a Christmas strip featuring Mallard, with a crown of thorns, up on a cross labeled "*Liberal Media."

(Pst! Tinsley! ...Veterans' Day?)

Iron Dragon said...

Umm, alright, I suppose this could work...sort of. I honestly have trouble even seeing how this is supposed to be funny. Is he just saying that Obamas poll numbers are low, if that's the case then he could have done it more directly as this way is clumsy.

If he is trying to somehow argue that Obama is just demanding the polls rise without doing anything worthwhile to get it..maybe but it's a stretch the way he does it here, not to mention patently false. As it is, this just comes off as kind of strange and incoherent.

exanonymous said...

Why is he using an iPhone?

Surely by now he knows that all you need to do is let a terrorist attack occur and then declare that you're "bringing democracy (and lowering US gas prices)" to a Middle Eastern nation?

I mean, for goodness sake, Obama still enjoys a 7% lead in approval polls on FOX.

Kip W said...

The only polls George W. Bush ever cared about were push-polls, and anything filtered through Diebold machines.

Rootbeer said...


This strip couldn't be any less timely if Obama was Bill Clinton dancing the Macarena with Kurt Cobain.

dlauthor said...

Meanwhile, Bruce wants an app to make his blood alcohol level go back down. Or his subscription numbers to go back up. Or to make his neighbors stop pointing and laughing. Or to piece back together the fragments of what used to be his life.

steve-o said...

Is that Tinsley's attempt at a caricature of President Obama or a jackhammer? It's hard to tell the difference.

wv: zedness: the similarity between Tinsley and the character Zed in "Pulp Fiction".

Squid Vicious said...

Hey folks, when I click on the link to the comic strip, I get the following URL:

Is anyone else seeing this?

NLC said...

I get the same thing

[WV: unfughte]

deepbeep said...

Broken link, DaveyK.

Since Obama is still popular, this doesn't make much sense. You know when this joke might actually work, though? When a president who had a 90+% approval rating plummets to a record low approval for the rest of his presidency. Wait patiently for one of those, Tinsley.

NLC said...

In case anyone else has the problem, here's the actual URL for today's strip:

[today's real-word WV: rents]

NLC said...

Darn, it seems to be truncating the URL.

Let me try it like this:

[Click Here]

[more WV fun: unflum, mishie]

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic the way the neo-cons obsessively watch the poll numbers of Obama, as if they think the Great Day is coming when the American people will beg to put George II back in the White House. They might be better occupied trying to find a credible leader.

rewinn said...

Ya know what that iPhone app would actually do?

It would lower the minimum age of medicare eligibility to zero. Anyone under 65 would have the opinion of buying in at a rate set to, in aggregate, cover plan expenses.

OK with 3/4ths of America, once you explain it to them.
Guaranteed to make Obama as popular as FDR ... with the same people ... and for much the same reason.

Now, such a change would be hard to get through Congress when the health insurance industry has so much money; I don't think even an iPhone app can beat that.

But if Bruce Drinkly can imagine it ... it must be real!

Anonymous said...

Tinshley - next time you're driving home after a few at the local bar, and you see a tree ahead, please don't steer away from it.

dlauthor said...

Silly anonymous poster. Tinshley is unacquainted with the concept of "a few" at the local bar. And when he's seeing three trees for every one he passes, it's hard to steer toward anything.