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Thursday, November 12, 2009

That damned Civility

What's Mallard raving about today?


Oh, look. Mallard is cribbing from The Lockhorns now.

It's rather rich for the killers to bemoan the death of their victim.


Iron Dragon said...

I'm actually not sure if he is trying to bemoan the 'death of civility' or if he is actually mocking the semi-constant 'death of civility' news reports. Similar to how every presidential election is the worst in terms of mudslinging and the like. Though if he is it was done better here

And if he is serious..well they do say that the textbook definition of chutzpah is to kill your parents and then beg the court to have mercy because you're an orphan.

Tog said...

As even D&C's own pet trolls have demonstrated, faking a desire for "civility" is the hot new trend for right-wingers; as usual, Tinsley's late to the party.

They want civil discourse when they're having their asses handed to them. The moment you relent, it's right back to business as usual.

exanonymous said...

That's what happens when you watch FOX.

Nobody has morals these days, let's examine this by looking at some boobs! Liberals are mean , as we'll tell you in our next 20 minute rant. Everything's going to hell, we'll stretch some facts and make up others to convince you that this is true!

Michael said...

Wait, the guy who drew this and this is bemoaning the death of civility?

Jazzbumpa said...

I can only assume these two old farts are watching Fox.


Kip W said...

I didn't think Tinsley was for civility so much as he was hoping for another Civil War.

dlauthor said...

The "civility is dead" stuff happened right after Joe Wilson and Kanye West and whichever Williams sister lost her shit. Unless I'm mis-counting, this was over two months ago. Hasn't really been a story for at least six or seven weeks.

Apparently, Brucie had to put in several extra bottles of research on this one for some reason. But thank God he didn't do this particular strip before it was truly ready!

wavydavy said...

Well, dl, you remember Tinkley's motto, don't you?

"We will serve no whine before its time."

WV: psyno. Most of the current collection of Rethugs and wingnuts -- psychotics who can only say "No!"

rewinn said...

"...thank God he didn't do this particular strip before it was truly ready!"

Aged in the cask for eight weeks is Tinshley's view of "just right!"

GeoX said...

I'm actually bummed out that he lost interest in the "OBAMA'S DERANGED OBSESSION WITH FOX!!!11" storyline so quickly. C'mon, Tinsley--you could EASILY get a few more weeks out of that.

exanonymous said...

I have a theory. He did have more strips, but someone somewhere pointed out that FOX decided to declare war on Sesame Street for POX news. And realized that it was all silly. He then used a backup strip lying around about the death of civility because it's so irrelevant to any particular time, and had that rushed in instead.

It's a wild theory though.

Bill the Splut said...

Yeah, I know this blog isn't called "UpChuck," but if Dullard's Fox War had gone on one more day, this link would be relevant to the discussion. And really, deep down, don't we all hate Chuck Asay?:

Chucklehead takes it to the next illogical level.

Obama also won't talk to HITLAR, but only because he's dead. Although apparently North Korea is populated solely by mindless zombies. Sorta like the audiences of FOX and Brucie.

WV: reoutra; "The booze goes in, then goes out the urethra into the toilet tonight, then it re-outras via the mouth tomorrow. Then it's time for more to go in!"

Bill the Splut said...

Okay, that link didn't work.

Maybe this one will.

WV: cideci; Italian for "idiot who can't link properly."

dlauthor said...

Wow, Asay really can't draw Chris Wallace. He just drew some guy, rather than a smirking git you just want to hit in the face with a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it. He could have at least shown him pooping all over his dad's legacy.

Tog said...

The cartoon that will always define Asay in my mind featured George W. Bush in full body armor, personally patrolling the streets of Baghdad (yeeeesh) as a grateful family of liberated Iraqis rush to warn him that an ambush awaits him around the corner.


What a jackass.

dlauthor said...

Asshat really makes the spoof right-wing cartoon in The Onion redundant, doesn't he?