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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Those damned quotes

What's Mallard raving about today?

Rush Limbaugh, CNN.

I have to agree with Mallard on this one. Who needs to make up quotes for the leader of the Republican Party when, caught passing along a hoax about President Obama he defends himself saying: "But we know he (Obama) thinks it."

Limbaugh and Mallard in a nutshell: it's easy to attack someone when you also make up what they think out of whole cloth.


Michael said...

Why does it always look like most of Mallard's possessions have been repossessed? All he's got left is his lumpy beanbag, trusty box o' whiskey, and a TV that's plugged into his neighbor's house because his electricity has been shut off. How did he get into such dire straits? Let me guess: it was Officer Jewy McDonut, the biased liberal cop who unfairly gave Mallard his third DUI and is making him pay the cost of an entire school bus.

Mallard, if you're going to sit in front of the TV all day, how about you buy a comfortable couch so you don't have to sit on the floor? Your legs are pointing at a 30 degree angle away from your center line. That can't be good for your back. I know you tend to pass out in contorted positions, but when you're awake you have to take care of your alignment. And if you return your box of whis-- sorry, I'll be realistic. If you hock your beanbag and ugly ass sweater, maybe you can buy a TV stand too.

Anonymous said...

who's this self-possessed tinsley guy, and why does he hate the president, love lindbergher, grease and comb his mustache, and smack his lips all the time?

exanonymous said...

I love how the whole thing is framed as an absolute by neocons. Either ALL quotes used were true or ALL were false and made up. There's a slice of neocon "logic" for you.

The truth is some quotes were made up, and some were true.

Take Sarah Palin and Tina Fey for instance. We know that not everything Tina Fey said in mocking Sarah Palin was a direct quote. Nor do we really think she was thinking it. However, that doesn't erase the fact that one famous (or infamous) skit was written taking without altering something Palin said that was on television. And what what she said was what led people to believe that she was not terribly clever and part of what condemned her to be a laughingstock.

Just as certain verifiable comments of Rush's led the people in a position to determine his NFL ownership to believe that he was not a good economic investment.

However, it is largely amusing because Mallard didn't get the next-day memo. Rush never wanted ownership in the stinky liberal-infested NFL.

Tog said...

The comments from dittoheads in the original post's linked MediaMatters article are unsurprising, but still depressing. These people vote. Some of them may even handle food or volatile chemicals.

Tinsley once assigned his own pedophilic tendencies to Jon Stewart, while claiming that his signature scrawled somewhere in the strip somehow informed everyone that the words he put into the Stewart caricature's mouth weren't meant to be taken seriously. (It's typical Limbaugh-logic: make the accusation or call the names, then claim you didn't mean it.)

That Tinsley, after that, can make the argument that he's making now just testifies to his complete lack of shame.

And for those who haven't visited/revisited yesterday's thread: Glenn Beck's court loss underscores the right's hypocrisy in this whole subject.

Neo Tuxedo said...

TOGGG! skrev:

The comments from dittoheads in the original post's linked MediaMatters article are unsurprising, but still depressing.

*nods* So depressing that I couldn't get more than about a third of the way down before I had to quit in the name of my "Save the Neurons" bumper sticker.

These people vote. Some of them may even handle food or volatile chemicals.

Or objects with sharp edges. Or, indeed, without sharp edges.

Kip W said...

Looks like they said it around October 13, and apologized and retracted on October 16. I'll guess that the Fuck will keep on about this until next week, while never mentioning how often Limbaugh has passed on fake quotes himself.

This is like being accused of lying about Limbaugh by saying he brushed his teeth yesterday, when actually he skipped it for a day.

And what do they say every time they're caught in a lie about Obama? The important thing is, it was so easy to believe.

dlauthor said...

Why, oh why, won't anyone but Tinshley think about the real victims in today's society, like overfed junkie multimillionaire pedophile loudmouth bigots?

GeoX said...

Well, what can you expect from people who think "if there's global warming, why is it cold out?" is a meaningful argument?

Frank Stone said...

Good god -- he's STILL going on about the fake Limbaugh quotes? Even by his standards, that's woefully out of date.

Come on, Brucie, get your head out of Rushbo's ass and back in the game. Join the rest of us in the recent past. It shouldn't take more than another 40 ounces, I mean hours, of research.

WV: Dograti: The secret society of dog-rat hybrids that come to warn Brucie of the Vast Liberal Conspiracy while he's sleeping off his latest "research" session.

dlauthor said...

Come on, Brucie, get your head out of Rushbo's ass and back in the game.

Maybe he needs directions to find his way out. You just turn left at the pilodinal cyst, then the second right after the Dominican boy, and when you see Anonyrast's lapping tongue, you're there.

rewinn said...

How long should I wait for Tinshley's denouncement of the made-up intel about Iraq's WMDs?

A true conservative opposes foreign adventures based on lies. Surely the deaths of 4000+ dead American troops (and God knows how many others) are more important than the hurt feelings of Tinkley's idol Rushbo?

Or is the important point that, having failed to get from President Barack Obama by warning him Mallard is keeping an eye on him, Brush Tinsley is hoping to get an on-air mention from his fellow chemical abuser?