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Monday, November 02, 2009

That damned quagmire

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Fox.

Much like the other wars started by Neocons, Fox seems to believe that declaring they are winning this "war" over and over is the surest path to victory, actual results be damned.

Now, I could go on about this topic, however I think the definitive smack-down has already been applied, so I will simply refer to it.

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Ducky is Right said...

Oh, DO get bent, ducky. War of Fox? Jesus, grandeur much?
Is there any one out there who gives a fuck about this who isn't currently employed by Fox News?

Iron Dragon said...

War on fox? Obama hasn't threatened to censor them, sanction them, or anything like that. I could argue that Fox is a cult, or that by their own admission less of Fox NEWS is actually news. But to be honest, the Bush Administration went after MSNBC for criticizing them. Not a peep from Mallard or anyone claiming to be a 'conservative not a republican'

I don't think Fox is a news outlet either. Then again I inherently distrust most corporate news due to most american news outlets being owned directly or indirectly by a very small number of people.

exanonymous said...

Obama's war on Fox sucks.

No prisoners.
No false arrests.
No attempts to remove the staff.
No limiting of human rights.
No bombs.
No torture.

Where's the drama? If I go out and punch a Fox reporter right now, it will be more effective than anything the White House has done. Where's their SEIU and ACORN thugs? The Chicago cronies? Did they suddenly FORGET how to steal and oppress people?

Tog said...

I'm a little more disturbed that Tinsley's mocking a majority of Americans' very real concerns about the Bush Wars by playing word-games with "quagmire."

It just goes to show how absolutely phony his July 4th and Veterans' Day strips are, as well as those in which he tries to cover himself in his father's service. Had Tinsley ever given evidence of being capable of it, I would say he ought to be ashamed of himself.

BakaHoushi said...

And remember, Glenn Beck compared what Obama did to the Holocaust.

Because saying "these guys over here frequently go out of their way to purposely make me look bad" is EXACTLY the same thing as killing six million jews.

connes said...

I wish I could see that video. CURSE YOU, COPYRIGHT LAW

Toots McGee said...

See what you miss when you don't watch Fox News?

That video had way too much Cal Thomas in it (which is to say, some amount of Cal Thomas greater than no Cal Thomas).

Rootbeer said...

More proof that Obama is too inexperienced to lead: he apparently thinks with his ankles and neck, rather than his brain.

Neo Tuxedo said...

See what you miss when you don't watch Fox News?

Oh, I dunno. At least now I know what anonyKris' "Mmm mmm mmm" is about.

dlauthor said...

Yeah, it's pretty clear it's those kids Anonyrast thinks about while trying to avoid getting his keyboard sticky.

And in the spirit of Jon Stewart, whooops, Tinshley forgot to tell a joke.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Obama called Fox News a biased news source and the propaganda arm of the Republican party! In other news, Obama declares water wet, furious conservatives disagree!

not kris said...

Honestly, Obama should just declare that walking in front of a moving bus might prove harmful to one's health, and wham, the Teabagging Brigade would be out of the gene pool within about a week.

rewinn said...

4000 Americans dead in Iraq, more in Afghanistan, PTSD and TBI cases in the hundreds of thousands ... and Tinshley thinks it's joke material.

There really is no bottom to the muck that the ducky sticks his bill in.

On a more cheerful note, Johann Hari has a remarkably compassionate look at Alisa Rosenbaum a.k.a. Amphetamine Ayn Rand: The perverse allure of a damaged woman. It's worth the 5 minutes it takes to read; you'll better understand the teabaggers and their mental issues.

Kip W said...

Remember, the GOP's lexicon states clearly that if you're not kissing their ass all day, every day, then you are hating on them in a hateful way that's worse than slavery.

So, by his utter failure to kiss, Obama has clearly declared war on Fox. Thus, he must be spending all his waking hours and some of his sleeping hours fixated on Fox with a hard, gemlike fury. Otherwise, they're just mildly irritating kooks, and that just couldn't be.

WV: migurs! A word Tin Eye is considering using to indicate those racist liberals.

wavydavy said...

Does Tinkley really think that what makes a Sunday strip is just that it's bigger? As opposed to, say, recognizing that the extra space available on Sunday could be used for additional panels, or at least dialog?

Silly question, I know.

WV: muslemip. Internet protocol for followers of Mohammed who can't spell.

Second WV: flatu (really!). What Tinkley is full of that makes him flatulent.

dlauthor said...

Does Tinkley really think that what makes a Sunday strip is just that it's bigger?

Why not? In his own life, the only difference between Sunday and the rest of the week is his daily bottle of Wild Turkey's bigger.

Michael said...

This has to be the 10th time I've said this, but Tinsley is a coward for saying he was against the Iraq War from the beginning, yet never expressing those views in his cartoon. And now with the blood of 4356 dead soldiers on his hands, he makes light of that? How is he able to look at himself in the mirror every morning?

Neo Tuxedo said...

wavydavy skrev:

Does Tinkley really think that what makes a Sunday strip is just that it's bigger?

Clever and true as dlauthor's answer is, based on what I've seen here, he thinks what makes a Sunday strip is that he no longer has to censor himself and can tell the liberal media what he really thinks of it.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Also, when I made the remark about understanding Kris' "Mmm mmm mmm" now, I didn't mean it the way he interprets it, but on consideration, I must reply, in the words of a much wiser and more popular media character than Mallard will ever be: "Yeah, you'we pwobably wight."

Frank Stone said...

Hey, that's right -- I almost f'rgot 'cuz it happened two weeks ago! That damn darkie Obamer d'clared war on Fox! Why, I oughta -- !


Tog said...

This article brings the lulz for several reasons:

(1) The commenter RonaReagan shrieks, gibbers, and poops about "bias" because the article accurately describes Limbaugh as hucking childish insults from the safety of his pillowy max-capacity studio chair;

(2) Team Obama insists on feeding the trolls (for which some of we here are regularly admonished);

(3) Alexrod nevertheless puts the pill-popping, draft-dodging, veteran-insulting, sex-touring, maid-framing bigoted bag of old used douche in his place--then jiggles the handle. It's nice.