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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That damned Collection

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Enemies Lists.

For a member of a Party and a loyal viewer of a Propaganda Network which reflexively and angrily oppose everything President Obama does (he sleeps until 8am: "He's not working hard enough!"; he wakes before 8am: "Is Obama dangerously sleep deprived?") Mallard sure has a thin skin when challenged about his reflexive hatred.

Today does deserve special mention for the implication of "racism" and "socialism" without overtly using either term. Dog whistle politics at its most ham-handed...


Iron Dragon said...

Ok...this is making less and less sense. So now Obama is a demagogue who has a plan for a new world order and keeps a list of all those against him. I understand that satire is meant to exaggerate but we are going beyond satire beyond parody to a point of ludicrousness that undermines the initial theoretical point.

exanonymous said...

I thought Bush derangement syndrome was bad. Turns out that the things people didn't like, the torturing and the wars, were all true. And nobody really had it at the start of the presidency, just a resentment about popular vs. electoral vote.

Obama-derangement syndrome? The guy can't pick a BEER without criticism (and by the way, Fox, no self-respecting Czech of Belgian would claim American Budweiser beer as theirs.)

Michael said...

Such a brave man, standing up to imaginary totalitarianism like that. If only we had someone so principled and brave when the government started doing non-imaginary things like wiretapping its own citizens without warrants, and torturing people.

Tog said...

That's rich, Tinsley, coming as it does from a dittohead who parrots anything and everything he hears on FOX Newsiness, and who worshipped at the feet of Junior Bush for seven out of eight years....

Kip W said...

Now it comes out. On the one side: Obamaism!

And standing firm against it: Onanism!

dlauthor said...

Why, oh why, won't more people think about the poor right-wing pundits? If they're on the Enemies List, how will they ever afford to put Oxy and hootch on the table? Waaaaaah!

rewinn said...

Yesterday Obama bowed when he met the Emperor of Japan, which is correct manners (members of our military are taught to bow in Japan) and well-received throughout that country as showing he's a good guy.

The rightwing went crazy because Obama bowed. OMG he bowed!

If he had NOT bowed, they would have gone crazy.OMG he doesn't know the 1st thing about Japan!

Either way: they're happy. Look for BowGate in Mallard Fillmore, just in time to interrupt the War on Christmas!

GeoX said...

Hey guys, don't be so mean to Tinsley. He's a man with a plan.

1. Simultaneously create and attack hermetic fantasyland version of Obama.

2. ???

3. Profit!

4. Drink self to death with profit.

He's well on his way!

exanonymous said...

The bow thing is silly. While it is improper in Japanese culture to bow and shake a hand at the same time the awkwardness seems to come from the fact that the emperor tried to shake his hand and Obama attempted to bow without refusing the hand. Japanese culture avoids touching.

Japan does bear the distinction of being the only country to ever have atomic weapons used on them, and twice at that. Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii, where Obama was born. So an awkward greeting is kind of expected.

Frank Stone said...

An enemies list of the people who use the TERM "enemies list"?

Look down, Brucie. See that shark? You're jumping it.

Tog said...

Re the bow: the righties also crapped themselves when Obama bowed to the Saudi king (trying, at first, to ignore the fact that Junior Bush bowed and kissed the king before groveling at his feet like a good doggy--after all his "jawbone OPEC" tough-talk).

Things you're very unlikely to ever see Obama do:
- throw up on a foreign minister
- snatch a foreign dignitary by the sleeve and tug at it like a child dragging Mommy to the toy aisle
- unexpectedly grab someone by the neck from behind
- chortle like a yokel about it afterward

Obama understands what no neocon will ever get: respect can be mutual.

Apparently dignity has a liberal bias, too. Especially when it comes to treating others with it.

Factinista said...

Tinsley, if you're going to be bothered to keep drawing the White House, at least take the time to draw more than a tenth of it. That looks just as much like the Parthenon as it does the White House.

Anonymous said...

Once again we are reminded that among the best insults Tinshley can come up with is to compare Obama to... a Republican. Really making yourself look good there, Bruce. Keep it up.