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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

That damned style

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama.

Mallard, I defy you to cite one proven example of Chicago-style politics involving President Obama.

I'll wait.


Michael said...

I hope he's not standing "beneath" that precariously sagging roof. I doubt it's a coincidence that its angle of descent matches that of someone gradually passing out onto a drawing table.

Tog said...

Panel One: a pathetic imitation of a typical Trudeau panel. Jealous much, Tinsley?

Panel Three: This punchline was written by Bruce Tinsley, who used to attack Trudeau through his wife, and was only too happy to join in on the Chelsea Clinton cheap-shots. If it weren't for the obvious comparison against the Bush Girls Gone Wild, you know damned well "fair and balanced" Bruce would be going after Obama's little girls.

Now, personally, I can name several moments of underhanded stunts pulled by members of the Obama campaign during the primary race. However, waiting for a "proven example" is like asking for proof of Bush's theft of either election, or proof of Cheney's collusion with Halliburton during the Iraq invasion and occupation; the act may be blatant and self-evident, but legal proof connecting the man in charge to the act itself will be hard to cite, and promptly dismissed by anyone with a vested interest in ignoring it.

The larger point is: all politics involve some dirt, and compared to any GOP campaign in the past three decades AT LEAST, Obama's is relatively spotless. If Tinsley wants to make a brave stand against corrupt politics, he's had endless opportunities to stand up during Reagan, Bush, and Bush Jr. (not to mention all the sordid scumbags he's publicly admired in his strip over the years).

Tinsley lives in a glass house, and just fired off a massive catapult inside his own living room.

exanonymous said...

Proof of the Chicago-style politics of Obama's goons:

Rootbeer said...

First, you'll have to give definition to the meaningless phrase "Chicago-style politics".

I assume it means a kind of deep-dish pan politics, loaded with nitrite-rich meats and cheeses, and topped with pickle spears, bright green relish, and celery salt.

Doug said...

Good one Rootbeer. Don't forget the sport peppers.

Kip W said...

Footnote (place where appropriate):

* Out of a duck's ass

Anonymous said...

Chicago style might also be Philly style:

No, nothing to see here.

Bill the Splut said...

When I hear "Chicago-style politics," I think "Mayor has the same name as his dad, the previous mayor." I wish I could think of a recent example of a president's son having the same name as his father, and who got the job just because of that name...

Actually, when I hear it, I think "meaningless right wing talking point." Never one to be outdone in the lack of sanity department, Chucklehead Asay says it means that Obama wants to kill us all, gangland style. So now he's Hitler, Mao AND Al Capone. Yeah, you guys aren't living in a paranoid realm of madness.

dlauthor said...

I don't know how Chuck Asshat manages to step on his own very very small dick so often. He must be a contortionist -- which also explains why he spends so much time licking his own taint.

Seriously, if you want to accuse Obama and ... Who's that other badly drawn guy, anyway? Emmanuel? ... of being gangsters, you might not want to use a quote belonging to the most badass of the mob-hunting cops in The Untouchables. Because that just implies that Fox = Capone, for those of us who aren't total fucking cultural illiterates.

Which, I guess, excludes Asshat's entire target audience, so there you go.

(Definitely not clicking on Anonyrast's link. It's probably a little something from the Toddlers Taking Baths section of his Youtube Favorites.)

Oh, and the Continuing Adventures of Talking Points Duck is as yawnworthy as ever.

Bill the Splut said...

you might not want to use a quote belonging to the most badass of the mob-hunting cops in The Untouchables. Because that just implies that Fox = Capone, for those of us who aren't total fucking cultural illiterates.

Which, I guess, excludes Asshat's entire target audience

If "not immediately knowing by heart a quote from a 20 year old movie I've never seen" equals "total fucking cultural illiteracy," then I'm guilty, at least of not knowing something that you do. As to it making me Asswipe's target audience, I'll have to disagree. (Although now that I know it, I will agree that it does invalidate UpChuck's entire premise)

dlauthor said...

In my incredulous disgust with Asshat, I may have overstated my hyperbole. Whoopsie. Didn't mean to paint anyone here with the same brush as mouth-breathers like Anonyrast.

It isn't an obscure movie or quote, though. Connery won an Oscar for delivering it, after all.

Bill the Splut said...

Oh no, I wasn't saying it was obscure, just that I haven't seen it. I can quote from The President's Analyst or Marat/Sade, movies that I think are essential viewing. But I still haven't seen Jaws or E.T. or Ferris Bueller, to the amazement of mostly everyone. I also don't watch TV, and Tinsley and some of his defenders here are totally gobsmacked that D&C's commenters aren't fully versed in every stupid FOX meme du jour.

Speaking of which, oh yeah, today's awful comic! Didn't the administration say that they wouldn't give interviews on FOX, and that was it? But this is the "Worst of the WORST" "NOTHING is beneath ME!" thing since, dare I say it, Pol Pot or Ming the Merciless or some other made-up shit? The Czar in charge of Teleprompters will surely be Doctor Doom or Cobra Commander! Both of whom were noted for putting every "random phrase" in "quotes"!

WV: frati; a frat party for people too drunk to say two separate words, or where Brucie wishes he was at right now, researching the SHIT out of some shit. "6 kegs of Keystone Light? DUUUDE!"

Ducky is Right said...

Don't you all remember when John McCain was found in the Potomac River, wrapped up in all that heavy chain that it turns out he couldn't swim with?

exanonymous said...

Acutally, the administration never said they wouldn't give interviews on FOX.

They refused once on the basis that the Sunday morning programming didn't have high enough ratings or viewers. Considering Obama gave a VERY lengthy interview to O'Rielly, I doubt he's afraid of the network. Well, besides Glenn Beck, but that's because it has the same awkwardness of hanging out with a weepy drunk.

There is one case of actively refusing a journalist. But I find it suspect on the part of FOX:

Step 1: Find a date with a "czar" that all media can have access to.
Step 2: Fail to file proper paperwork to gain access, thus setting it up to be denied access.
Step 3: Omit necessity of paperwork, make claim that one should automatically be included.
Step 4: Point finger at convenient party even if they are not responsible (the white house did not grant any interviews, it was the responsibility of the Treasury Department)
Step 5: Claim to be victim.
Step 6: Wait for eventual capitulation of White House and news networks because of fuss.
Step 7: Link fuss to rhetoric with buzzwords.
Step 8: Interview czar, claim victory. Go tea party.

Iron Dragon said...

As a person who lives near Chicago I am somewhat amused. The term 'Chicago Style Politics' is a nice buzzword but it doesn't mean much without a context. People like to say how corrupt the city is and all of that, but there is a reason that the various King Richards have been able to stay in power. They are good at keeping the cities economy strong, and they deal with blizzards. That might not sound like much, but a bad blizzard can shut the city down and when he shows he's doing something and planning for it, plenty of people are happy to vote for a guy that makes getting around easy rather than a logistical nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Don't you all remember when John McCain was found in the Potomac River, wrapped up in all that heavy chain that it turns out he couldn't swim with?

Wasn't that chain named Sarah?

rewinn said...

Three-dot ellipses in panels 2 and 3!!!

Is Tinshley using a guest writer?

P.S. Obama's personal favorability ratings are in the stratosphere, even among people who dislike his policies. I don't think it's a winning strategy to attack him personally, unless and until he does demonstrably crooked while in office (e.g. lying us into a land war in Asia). But I'm happy to let Tinkley smack his nose into Obama's fist for our amusement.

P.P.S. if God is in a silly mood, Tinkley will have drawn "Obama Slashed Hoffman's Tires" before passing out. Look for it in about 3 weeks!

Kip W said...

Footnote: Obama uses the Chicago Manual of Style. Horrors!

exanonymous said...

And ACORN's going to do what in NY-23, register Mickey Mouse (who won't vote) and advise a fake pimp (who won't vote)?

Maybe Mickey Mouse slashed the tires.

Michael said...

Three-dot ellipses in panels 2 and 3!!!

Not to worry, he's back to form with FOUR 4-dot ellipses in tomorrow's strip.

Wasn't that chain named Sarah?

Anonymous wins the thread!