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Thursday, November 05, 2009

That damned legitimacy

What's Mallard raving about today?

Fox, President Obama.

Right. Because that is what separates Fox from other news channels. Nothing to do with promoting Teabagger parties. Nor to do with pushing lies about things like death panels. Or actively rooting for the President to fail.

Nope, nothing to do with that.

Frankly, I fail to see what the kerfuffle is about. The White House says that it will treat Fox as if it were the Opposition Party and only go on Fox with that understanding. Fox Viewers, like Mallard, actively want Fox to reflexively gainsay everything the President does because this reinforces their pre-conceived world view. Seems like they both agree. So what's the problem?


Anonymous said...

0 comments? Everyone still depressed about yesterday's election?

Michael said...

Woah, Obama is 100 feet tall!! I'd be worshiping him too, from fear he'd trample my city Godzilla style.

Running with Kip's point from yesterday*: Tinsley, I know the Chicago Manual of Style is "Chicago-Style", but mocking their suggestions for citations is not aiding the fight against Communist Czarism.

I know this isn't new, but I've had it with these horrible citations! Rather than a news source, he cites a lame right-wing propaganda site. No author or date is cited. Since the comic is on a 3-week delay, the article appears nowhere on the front page so people are forced to wade through that shitty site to find a story that was probably fabricated anyway. His "google" citations are more useful, because at least we know right away they are worthless. Arghh...

* Tinsley, notice how I cited Kip by name, instead of ""?

Michael said...

Geez, give us more than 30 minutes to wipe away the tears, Anonymous. Besides, why would we be upset when Democrats won all the federal elections, which were the only ones centered around Obama's agenda?

John Ball said...

As I noted yesterday--that election that the right was saying was so important was apparently NOT important at all, and the elections they generally mentioned in passing were the important ones.

Also, up is down.

Frank Stone said...

Michael, this is just the latest example of Brucie counting on his readers to be as lazy and gullible as he is. He figures if he drops in a footnote (in this case, "*"), that will be enough to convince the people who take him seriously that he has an actual source for his "facts", and so there's no need for them to go to the trouble of looking it up for themselves.

Those of us in reality, however, know by now that the media outlets that cited the false Limbaugh quotes have acknowledged the error and moved on -- as opposed to stubbornly standing by the use of the quotes with the rationale "Well, we know he THINKS it!" (the way Rushbo did after the Obama paper he was crowing about turned out to be a fake).

dlauthor said...

Looks like Anonyrast got chased away from the local day-care center a bit early today, and got home in time to check this site and then go spank it to Yo Gabba Gabba. Also, what election "yesterday?" It's Thursday. Election was Tuesday. Guess Anonyrast spent Wednesday passed out surrounded by bottles of Mad Dog and old Gap Kids catalogs.

Given that Glenn Beck's appendix made a valiant effort to save us all yesterday (i.e., the day between now and the election), one hopes that wingnut organs continue to rise in righteous revolt. I'm betting on Tinshley's liver.

Word Verification: coning; why Anonyrast is no longer allowed anywhere near the ice cream truck.

Tog said...

Because the enemy of FOX News is the enemy of the people!!!1 The enemy of truth, justice, and the American way!! Worse than Hitler!!! We're your friends! We told you, yes there WERE weapons of mass destruction hidden in Baghdad, and by God, there were! All true, just like the War On Christmas!! Bawww!

(I'm going to assume Anonymous at the top didn't even bother to vote himself, but watched the AP online headlines, which persisted that three key races were actually "a public judgment on Obama's influence" and had nothing to do with the campaigns or candidates themselves. Derp!)

Kip W said...

Michael, you beat me to it. When I saw that lovely, nonspecific footnote this morning, my thought was that if I penetrated all the way to whatever it vaguely referred to, it would be something about how Limbaugh was now saying that what he had said in front of millions of listeners wasn't really what he meant, so quoting him was an unfair personal attack.

Anyway, newsmax is close enough to "a duck's ass" as to make no difference.

exanonymous said...

FOX news is scarier than the federal government.

For instance:
The census worker case got national attention. If the speculations of some turn out to be true, it means that anti-Obama sentiments have turned deadly.

AP has an article about how suicide is still being investigated. There are two pages. While the first deals with the authorities keeping the possibility of suicide open (largely for technical reasons), the second deals with the counterpoint about the scene of the crime and the mental state of the victim.

FOX's lazy-a$$ cut'n'paste job only includes the first page. Fair and balanced? Apparently not when it might be more convenient to paint something as suicide.

rewinn said...

When it comes to making up stuff, Fox is indeed unlike genuine news organizations. Today Fox News reported 50,000 attended Capitol Hill protest without any evidence what-so-ever ... and followed up by urging Americans to call Congress to urge a particular political point.

That makes Fox Pravda, with better graphics.

rewinn said...

About the election:

In Virginia, the anti-union, anti-choice, DINO lost because Democrats didn't turn out.

In NJ, very similar. In both states, the difference between this election and last November's was solely in the Democratic turnover, which was very low ... because these were very conservative Democrats.

In CA and NY, liberal dems won.

This is good for America, and a lesson for 2010: as Truman said, if you give the public a choice between the GOP and GOP-lite, they'll go for the real thing. OTOH Democrats who are pro-union, pro-choice, pro-healthcare, pro-jobs ... win!

Because that is pro-American.

exanonymous said...

Well, face it. If the 9/12 was 2 million, than this second less attended rally (because Pelosi was going to come arrest them) would have to be about 1 million.

Also, this blog is followed by over 500 people.

Anonymous said...

OK, so you're happy with the election results. That's fine. Geez, guys, calm down, I'm not the boogieman. So much hate and teeth grinding!