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Friday, November 27, 2009

Those damned Holidays

What's Mallard raving about today?

Holidays, School.

Mallard joins the War On Christmas. Holidays? Bill O'Reilly is going to be apoplectic.

As for the strip itself: "Don't ask for taxes to pay for schools and don't ask me to pay for schools personally. Schools suck...I can't imagine why."


GeoX said...

The government shouldn't help people. Private charity can fulfill that role. Also, private charity sucks.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley does this gorram rant against candy fundraisers Every. Single. Year.

Tog said...

I could go on about a certain commemorative holiday that snuck up on Tinsley and Mallard (again), but that would be beating a dead horse, and I wouldn't want to be like Tinsley.

But Anonymous is right; Mallard bitches about co-workers selling candy every year. It's even sillier than his semiannual USPS rants. As a cartoonist and all-around smug dick, does Tinsley even have co-workers, as such? Does he base this nonsense on someone else's complaints, or some distant memory of a time in his life when he had friends that weren't on television?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tins has several petty hang-ups that he likes to harp on again and again and again and again. Besides the candy and the UPS, one of his other peeves is people using canned mushroom soup as a shortcut when making turkey dressing.(!)

(and again and again and again...)

HT said...


Ducky is Right said...

Education is stupid. I don't see why I should have to pay for it in any way, shape, or form.
Hey, why are American kids so fucking dumb these days? Must be liberals' fault.

Lolsworth said...

There should be another tick box for "playing the world's smallest violin", because that was my reaction: Did. Dums.

NickE said...

Here's the most informed, erudite comment I can make on this:

Tinsley's just a miserable little prick, isn't he?

Kip W said...

1) Make same three complaints over and over while staring directly out at the presumed reader.

2) ???

3) Topical humor!

exanonymous said...

My reaction is

Order the candy to shut him up or complain to human resources that your coworker is using company time for private reasons. The latter is dickish, but what does he want, the government to step in and help him out?

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley hates any occasion that encourages charity or social services. This is, still, a better theme than the idea that racism does not exist--no, never existed--but any theme would be better than that.

Stop pushing the pity option. Tinsley does not deserve our pity, he is a sociopathic delusional monster.

Waka Jawaka said...

I'm sorry but I just feel sorry for anyone who is incapable of never seeing anything except the downside to EVERY situation to the point of making stuff up. I feel that he thinks if he repeats his bullshit enough it will become the truth and if it is true than he has every right to be miserable and that is apparently what makes him happy.

rewinn said...

I hate school candy sales.

Why should we fund out schools so crappily that kids have to beg for money just to get sports equipment or whatever?

So let's recaption today's "comic":

"Some people say we should just defund our schools ..."

"MALLARD: Time to invade another country!"

"... but I say, give the kids a gun and send them to Afghanistan."

Factinista said...

Geez, Mallard, it's not like they're forcing you to buy the candy or anything. What's your problem?

MartyRotten said...

And if the Republicans hadn't been cutting funding for public schools during the last 30 years you wouldn't have to go through this every six months (and neither would we.)

I prefer Zippy the Pinhead, he makes much more sense.

Jazzbumpa said...

The problem is that schools are selling the wrong stuff at their fund raisers. To get Tinkley's support they should be selling gin, rum, and that very nice Virgina single malt.

JzB the not I finally understand Tinkley trombonist

WV: nosepang - nostalgia for cocaine

Tog said...

"F***ing people! Why don't they stop TALKING to me! Don't they realize how much I hate their living guts!?!? A$$HOLES!!!!"
--Mallard, in the unpublished original version of Tinsley's very first candy-selling rant, rejected by editors (proving that the LIBERAL MEDIA CONSPIRACY CONSPIRES TO SILENCE TINSLEY'S TRUTH TO POWER ABOUT CANDY)

I'm waiting for Tinsley to have Mallard apply the Laffer Curve to this subject: "If I don't pay for your candy, your revenue will increase! It's plain as day, you liberal fool! Here, I'll have the underpants gnomes explain it while I snarf down your inventory..."

ian said...

better people then the tinz have shown how bad cream of mushroom soup can be (check the sodium).

Kip W said...

I push 'pity' because Tin Eye is too feeble to arouse hostility. Perhaps one of the buttons should be for 'boredom.'

Iron Dragon said...

In a weird way I could almost feel sympathetic, if he keeps asking the guy to leave him alone and the guy ignores him on it he's being a dick. Then you go to HR, but the way they show it it seems that he's bitching because someone is daring to try to sell candy so that their kids schools can do more.