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Monday, February 02, 2009

Golden Ellipses: Creativity in Cartooning (Highest Text-to-Image Ratio)

And the winner is...

D.C. Gun Law Test
The nominees for Creativity in Cartooning (Highest Text-to-Image Ratio) are...
  • Baked Potato Racism - All those words...with a brown oval to break things up.
  • Tracking a Package - That is not a typo. A cartoon showing Mallard reading the entire text of a package-tracking status update on his laptop.
  • D.C. Gun Law Test - A mountain of text, 2 pictures of Mallard's head.
  • Roddy McGillivrey - Complaints about local judicial elections. An image continuity error in panel 2...where did the beanie go? And Mallard illustrates someone "riding coat tails" by having them grab a drape.
  • What's Racist - Two images of a Straw Liberal to break up yet another rant about how aggreived Mallard feels by the fact that everyone calls him a racist.
After you spend the hour necessary to read all the text in these 5 nominees, go vote.


GeoX said...

I think "tracking a package" is funny. There, I said it. I'm voting for "what's racist," because there's nothing less delightful than listening to Bruce whine about how he can't be a racist shithead. And also because of the bizarre notion that being referred to as "teflon" is somehow an insult.

Marion Delgado said...

tracking a package bored me but also seemed to have the highest word count.

Just FYI the only times in my life i have had package issues was with private carriers. Mostly carrier, namely UPS, which is vile and unworthy in ways that make the postal service look like it was created by God on the 1st day when he still had his mojo.

Kaitlyn said...

Tracking a Package for abuse of Sunday space.

ian said...

tracking a package, baked potato racism would be better for a different award

Jazzbumpa said...

Based strictly on ratio, it's got to be between Gun Law an What's Racist. I did't count words, just a visual estimate. Most of the others have quite a few images.

I voted for gun law, giving it extra points for stupidity, even above and beyond the mallard norm.

GeoX said...

Man, you people are nuts--if you let "tracking a package win," it's gonna be the biggest scandal this blog's ever seen. Sure, it's ultimately just an excuse to bitch about gummit workers, but the football narration is actually pretty funny, in absurdist way. Is THIS how we want the world to think of Mallard?!

12xuser said...

DC Gun Law, because even though the only artwork is Mallard's disembodied head, it doesn't add anything to the text and could have been completely eliminated without weakening the comic.

Kaitlyn said...

Geox - We need some scandals, dammit! Why should the trolls have all the fun?

Besides, I don't care about football, and the Sunday space is what gets me.

The potato one features two drawings. Not quite a waste of all that space.

Jazzbumpa said...

12x -

Weakening the Comic ?!?!?

Rootbeer said...

While I'm sure the intended joke of "tracking" was 'it takes them a long time to deliver a package', the effect of including all that text was to change the joke to 'shipping companies give you too much information about the status of a package as it is in transit.' Which is not funny because it's not true.

The other contenders are just routine failures to do any editing whatsoever.

rewinn said...

Mind. Deadened. Too Much. Text.


I tilted toward "racism" because

"This is me, Mr. Noseworthy, intellectual media type..."

... got extra points for assuming the readers can't figure out what stereotype the character represents.

"Hello, I'm Charlie Brown, moon-faced loser."

Richard said...

Did Judge Roderick McGillivray (not "McGillivrey") preside over Tinsley's DUI case? All I can find are repetitions of the same Wikipedia article.Thanks RM