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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That damned stimulus

What's Mallard raving about today?


As opposed to the Bush Administration's Bank Bailout, in which they took the victim's wallet, gave all of the money away, and did not even ask for Administrative oversight so they would know where the money went.


Johaely said...

You've got to hand it to tinsley, he certainly has at least some sense of aspiration...each comic must pass the other one in terms of crapiness and/or unfunnyness.

Michael said...

This comic reads like a Neil Hamburger joke, except even less funny.

exanonymous said...

And... we're back to whining about taxes.

Kaitlyn said...

ex - he will whine on and off about taxes until april 16/17.

I think it's funny that this out and I keep seeing headlines every time I read my mail or watch network tv - "What the stimulus will do for you" or something.

GeoX said...

Knock off the death threats, people!

(man, Bruce Fucking Tinsley and Jonah Fucking Goldberg--truly a match made...somewhere bad)

dlauthor said...

So the Doughy Pantload is part of Tinshley's echo chamber, huh? Quelle surprise -- two little mini-Limbaughs in a pod.

I guess we definitely aren't getting any Mallentines this year, either. Shame. I wonder if Brucie was too drunk to remember about V-Day this year, and what that means for his "marriage."

Patrick said...

Honestly, even though I view the stimulus as both too small and far too unfocused, it's still a huge improvement over the last several years of tax policy.

Said policy being to take taxpayer money and blow up/rebuild/fail-at-rebuilding third world nations.

Or just to hand huge chunks of money over to banks with no stipulations. Can't forget that one.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the roads, the clean water, the edible food, education, law enforcement, fire stations, transportation safety, and volumes of books filled with free knowledge for all; what have taxes ever done for US?!

I enjoy that Ducky has no clue how national/global economies work. Why, if it weren't for taxes, there would never be recessions!

ajm said...

Today's "truth-to-power" column was great, even for you, and jibes perfectly with my experience; the intimidation, cancellations and death-threats always come after I lampoon somebody that the media routinely describe as "powerless".

Get off the cross, Bruce. We need the wood.

Squid Vicious said...

Tinkley shares a common trait with most Republicans: he doesn't have a fucking clue as to the role of "consent" in human relations. See e.g., gay marriage, abortion, torture. In as much as maintaining citizenship in the United States is voluntary (i.e., one could always emigrate), the submission of individuals to the US government is consensual. Thus, the analogy here, as with everything that Tinkley undertakes, fails.

exanonymous said...

From the neocon dictionary:

Liberal - a pussy pacifist unable to lead due to his inability to respond when threatened who responds with violence when threatened.

rewinn said...

Ignorance Is Strength!

Slavery Is Freedom!

Taxation Is Theft!


VW = disorp ... Newspeak for "disinformation or propaganda", e.g. "Mallard Fillmore"