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Monday, February 16, 2009

Those damned Cabinet Positions

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxes, President Obama, Cabinet Positions.

OK, I smiled at this.

Frankly, the Obama Administration deserves to be the butt of Letterman/Stewart/Colbert jokes for not doing their homework. After the last 8 years, I am just hoping this is not a small sign of a larger incompetence.


Michael said...

DaveyK is right... this is a decent Mallard Fillmore cartoon. The setup and punchline are well executed, and there is some truth behind the message. And since it only features Mallard, there's nothing drawn horribly.

I'll give credit where it's due. Kudos, Tinsley.

Anonymous said...

You've got subversive right, but do not understand that subversive should not be retarded. George W. Bush appointed more CONVICTED FELONS to his cabinet and elsewhere than all other presidents combined. George W. Bush did that. One or two desperately minor occurrences in this fantastic administration will never, not ever, erase DummieYa!'s so very very very massive failures as (somebody's) president.


NotannonNotcow said...

This one was so well executed, I wonder if Tinsley's wife wrote it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:08 a.m.
Question: Could you give us some names of the CONVICTED FELONS which George Bush appointed?

Jazzbumpa said...

Well, Tinkley did find a massive way to screw up. Blallard's head underwent a chromomorph from balck to teal. What's up with that?

rewinn said...

Elliot Abrams: convicted felon (pardoned by his patrone, George H W Bush)

John Poindexter: convicted felon
(conviction overturned on the technicality that one of his patrons had extended immunity to him for testimony)

rewinn said...

I think it's o.k. for Mallard to switch from black to teal; it increases diversity in the strip.

I wonder what would happen if EVERYBODY said something nice about the strip? It's not every day that we get that chance.

I can't say I'm sorry Daschle got what's coming to him; certainly I wish the problem never happened but it's HIS responsibility and he blew it. There's no sense trying to paper over it. And I can't say I'm terribly impressed by Geithner either; what about him is so irreplaceable that we couldn't find another guy without a rookie tax error?

Just because Republicans have a fondness for felons and unindicted co-conspiritors in terrorist acts doesn't mean that the rest of us can't insist on higher standards.

With 300 million Americans, two-thirds of whom would love a job serving America with this administration: Why Not The Best?

OR at least the scandal-free?

Anonymous said...

Found on the internets:

"The mallard seems to be more inclined to hybridism than any other species, particularly with its near relative, the black duck."

So our Fillmore duck has black relatives... but there is even more shocking news. Try the Wikipedia entry for "Mallard" and look under the paragraph "Breeding Behavior".

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Nothing at all.

Kaitlyn said...

I feel stupid - is he saying 1.5 million people cheated on their taxes? Or that 1.5 million did not cheat on their taxes?

And if I were a proper college student (and a dude), I could be high and say that the tax problems were planted by Rove et al to make Obama look bad so Rush Limbaugh can take power in the great Twinkie Coup of 2010. Or something.

I have a killer headache.

Sokudo said...

I'm 'eh at this.

On the one hand, yeah, this is an annoying problem. Obama has already managed in his three weeks to appoint two tax-evading maroons.

On the other, honest politicians seem to be in short supply these days. And in the scheme of things, tax evasion is better than convicted felony.

I'm not sure, however; how could Obama had known if they hadn't told him up front about their problems? Is there a thorough background check he could put them through that would catch these things ahead of time? Or are they on the honour system?

Anonymous said...

Sokudo said,
"On the one hand, yeah, this is an annoying problem. Obama has already managed in his three weeks to appoint two tax-evading maroons."

You are wrong, he has appointed five people with tax problems. Four finally walked away but Geithner was still appointed, Obama thinks he is just fine. An honest mistake not paying your taxes for 4 years, right? When you elect a scumbag you will have scumbag appointments.
"Hope and Change".

Anonymous said...

Hello, Suckers! We were told that we were so near economic collapse, Congress had to approve the bill before they read it. Congress passed it on Friday. Did Obama sign it Friday night? No.

On Saturday? No. We're talking collapse here for heaven's sake, but did he sign it on Sunday and save America on Sunday? No. How about today? No.

ReverendG said...

Do any of you honestly think this president will represent the people better than all preceding clowns? Obama is imperfect and so far I've seen nothing that indicates anything but business as usual. And Anon (2:08 AM), being better than the last guy is meaningless in this case, the last guy was a tard who appointed assholes of pure evil.

Squid Vicious said...

Oh look, our brave wittle troll is back. He's twying so hard. Isn't at that cute?

Here's the thing anonymous little troll, you can bitch and moan all you want about tax problems, but who gives a shit? Not me. The whole point of the appointment/confirmation process is for the Senate to review the President's appointments. If there are problems that merit non-confirmation, the Senate will, in theory, find them and act accordingly. The Geithner tax issues didn't bother them, so they confirmed him. Tom Daschle dropped out because he had obvious and blatant tax problems and the Senate probably wouldn't have confirmed him.

How about the other two tax problems? Let's see. Nancy Killefer had a $947 tax-lien in DC. She dropped out. I bet the Senate would have confirmed her if she had stayed. $947 is fucking peanuts. And Hilda Solis, the only tax problems she has are in the fevered imaginations of loons like yourself. Her husband had tax liens for about $6400 against his business. Hilda herself? Nothing. The Rethugs in the Senate would like to make something of this, but it won't hold up. I'll wager she'll get confirmed handily.

Anonymous said...

From your past comments and those of today you continue to prove to all, that you have shit for brains.

Squid said..."The Geithner tax issues didn't bother them, the Senate, so they confirmed him."

Squid, does this not tell you anything? If you did not pay your taxes for four years your sorry ass would be in jail. Than again you probably do not pay taxes. One usually has a job before he must pay taxes.

p.s. I am not the only Anon who has commented today...understand moron???

exanonymous said...

Geithner didn't "not pay his taxes" for 4 years - he paid them wrong. He has since paid back everything owed plus interest and complied with the IRS. He did this previously in 2006, before he was ever up for office in the Obama administration. More mistakes were uncovered by the vetting process, which he also paid. After admitting he was wrong and made a mistake.

But that should make neocons happy. With an administration showing a tendency to apologize this early, they won't need the media to dig up what's wrong with the administration - the administration will tell them. At least until Obama finds multiple Jesuses to fill all the cabinet positions. Of course, then they're all wussy pacifists.

rewinn said...

So to summarize the reichwing position (so ably represented by Tinkley and Anonymous Coward):

The IRS is about to put 1.5 million Americans in jail, because if you have a tax lien or dispute or something, your "sorry ass" goes to jail.

Great! That should help with the unemployment situation. There's always a bright side!

GeoX said...

I am not the only Anon who has commented today...understand moron???

Sorry, sweetheart, it's just that you marching morons all sound the same, and when you're too chickenshit to even choose a pseudonym, fergawdsake...well, it's hard to tell.

Patrick said...

Honestly, people paying incorrectly on their taxes is rather common. The IRS usually just notifies them of what they owe plus interest. Assuming they pay it off in a reasonable amount of time nothing else happens.