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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Those damned cars

What's Mallard raving about today?

Car Manufacturers, Taxes.

Man that guy's left arm is going to get tired holding up that sign all day.

That said, it's hard to argue with what looks like a fair amount of money in his tin cup.


rewinn said...

"Can't afford a car because my pay was undercut by non-union labor"

exanonymous said...

And one guy begging for money for a car (hey, maybe America really should try this "public transportation" thing) outranks the millions of jobs at risk from one of the companies failing? Oh, right, those millions are liberals who deserve it. They'll go fishing instead.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should try getting a job instead of panhandling.

In fact, if he's spending his day panhandling, why does he even need a car?

Michael said...

He's dressed awfully nice for a panhandler.

I happen to be looking for used cars right now. You can get an old beater for $1000, and $7000 will buy you a great car with mileage under 100k. If this guy is complaining he can't afford a brand new $25,000 car and is somehow entitled to it anyway... well, that's what got us into this credit crisis. Put away the cup and get thee to craigslist!

Anonymous said...

At present Obama does not want people removed from their homes simply because they cannot pay their mortgage.

They are living in homes they should never be in because they had no chance of making their house payments. They knew it and the Democrats knew it.

Now we hear of people who have purchased cars who cannot pay for them so the repo. man has been taking them away. Obama will soon put a stop to this.

So in conclusion, why would you buy a used car? Buy yourself whatever you want, it does not matter if you cannot make your payments, Obama will not let them take your car. Let the taxpayers pay for it. Enjoy your new car.

Kaitlyn said...

Why are we blaming the people who took out mortgages?

It is not your business if I can't make my payments, hell, I'd say its your problem if you tied your business's survival to somebody else WITHOUT TELLING THEM.

If I lost my job due my kid's illness and lost my house because I got my mortgage in a flush time, maybe I'd even get a sick thrill in watching everyone else suffer too.

My uncle's cancer is FUCKING SPREADING AND HE LOST HIS GODDAMN JOB. So did another uncle, thankfully sans cancer. The sick one? His job is gone, the business is gone, poof. Very little benefits. They moved him out of state and now poofle! Nothing.

fuckity fuckity fuckity.

trolls and assholes rhyme for a reason.

Kyle said...

So, from what source did Anonymous coward lift his/her latest fictional talking points?

"They knew it and the Democrats knew it."

Wouldn't the Republicans have known it too? In which case, wouldn't it have been wise to support some kind of regulation? I'm guessing by troll logic that *only* the Democrats knew because they're...wait for it...OMNIPOTENT! *cue scary music and lightning bolt crack*

"Obama will soon put a stop to this. blah blah blah straw straw straw."

It's tough to refute a straw man since it's not, you know, real. It's frustrating that folks like Anonymous blindly line up behind Santelli and his ilk who would just as soon spit on them as help them. This same logic can be applied to anything taxes go to: hey my house isn't burning down so why do I pay for the fire department?

Well, like the police or fire which you might not need but pay for, keeping a house occupied is good for the community because abandoned homes lead to declining property value. And it actually benefits the bank, who continue to receive some sort of compensation instead of nothing, which would be the case most assuredly in this economic climate wherein few can get loans to buy those foreclosed homes.

I know, per the usual, not a one of these points will be addressed by our copying-and-pasting trolling cowardly friend but I would love for some kind of dialogue.

GeoX said...

Yeah, there's no point in arguing, since Anonymous Chickenshit isn't really making a political argument: he just plain LIKES the idea of the government kicking poor people out of their houses. Policy got nothin' to do with it. It's just pure sadism from an empathically stunted piece of shit. I can't imagine why these guys can't get more people to vote for them.

Patrick said...

To steer the discussion away from Anon-troll and back towards the strip...

If the US auto industry tanks whole regions and sections of the economy go with it. And the odds of another successful US auto company emerging in the future aren't good. Which would be yet ANOTHER major industry that the US has no presence in anymore.

And lastly, how many trillions is the finance sector likely to get before this is over?

rewinn said...

"....trolls and assholes rhyme for a reason...."

So true. But let's hope Tinkley doesn't remember this in his next Mallentines.


Since AnonTinkley likes copy-and-paste, let me copy-and-paste somet'ing (although I'll cheat; first, I wrote this myself so it's not, technically, plagiarism, and second, it's relevant to the "comic" so it's not really that much like AnonTinkley). Anyway, ahem:


Once there was a man who hated fire trucks.

"I hate ALL emergency vehicles," he said. "They are expensive and most of the time they just sit around. If there is a fire, I can hire some foreign workers to put it out in another country, where labor is $1 an hour."

One day, he woke up to the sound of sirens. There was a fire truck in front of every house on his block!

"This is so wasteful!" he grumbled angrily, and went outside to confront the scandal.

He went up to the first fire engine and demanded an explanation.

"The owner of this house had a heart attack," said the fire chief. "With no-one to keep up the payments, the house burst into flames."

He went up to the second fire engine.

"The owners of this house was a young couple, both employed," said the fire chief "When one of them lost their job, the house burst into flames."

He went up to the third fire engine.

"The owner of this house was a dummy," said the fire chief. "When he couldn't re-sell it at any price, the house burst into flames."

The man was enraged at this waste of taxpayer dollars by unionized government workers. "None of this is helping ME! I demand that you stop putting out these fires!"

"Ok," said the fire chief, and the fire trucks drove away.

The fires spread throughout the neighborhood. The man's own house caught fire and burned down.

MORAL: If you don't help your neighbors in an emergency, you're a dumbshit.

Rootbeer said...

Is he intended to be blind, and if not, why is he wearing the round, darkened glasses that serve as universal cartoonist shorthand for "blind"?

Or "I'm no good at drawing eyes."