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Friday, February 27, 2009

That damned Jamie

What's Mallard raving about today?

Car Sales, Layoffs.

Ha ha! It's funny because people are losing their jobs.


BakaHoushi said...

It's funny because Doonesbury already did this joke like 2 weeks ago. Except it was well drawn and better worded.

Jazzbumpa said...

Yeah, but Tinkley captured the essence of the Booby Jindal necktie. (Oh, wow -- Booby was a typo, but I'm going with it.)

Artwork gets mixed reviews: Salesman and downtrodden mechanic both look their parts. Amazing honking nose on the female customer, though. Car interior is a total mash-up.

WV: dalear - a slow dealer, perhaps

Rootbeer said...

(Oh, wow -- Booby was a typo, but I'm going with it.)

That's a strange way of typo'ing "Piyush".

rewinn said...

Tinkley wants to be the reichwing's Doonesbury, but isn't even their Ziggy.

Michael said...

Holy cow, the hulking salesman has the same proportions as former WWE champion the Great Khali (7'3", 420 lb). Are YOU going to tell him he can't engage in human trafficking?!

Anonymous said...

"0-percent"? I've never, in my life, seen it written that way. And for good reason.

Another very confused strip; what's Ducky's point?

rewinn said...

Rootbeer: While I'm perfectly content to let Jindal use whatever name he prefers (... you can always tell reichwingers by their insistence on calling Obama "Barry" ...) I'm not surprised that Jazzbumpa might've seen "Piyush" and thought of booby.

We're guys. What DOESN'T make us think of booby?

Anonymous said...