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Thursday, February 26, 2009

That damned luck

What's Mallard raving about today?

Michael Phelps, A-Rod, Drugs, Cigarettes.

Odd. Vaguely current. Not polemic. Not political. Recognizable as a joke.

Who is writing Mallard Fillmore these days?


NLC said...

Note to self:
I will not make the obvious "caught while driving drunk" reference here.

I will not make the obvious "caught while driving drunk" reference here.

I will not make the obvious "caught while driving drunk" reference here.

Factinista said...

Gee, Mallard, maybe cigarettes are illegal in places because they're BAD for you? If a person wants to give himself cancer, that's fine, but if you're endangering others as well, that crosses the line.

Also, my WV was "guzzle." How perfect is that?

Anonymous said...

Surprised he didn't somehow tie this into Obama being a smoker. He's lost his edge.

Michael said...

Nice background art, as usual. Is he illuminated by the light of an oncoming train? He could also be reading the paper from inside a cave, or from inside a broiler of a Chinese restaurant.

Jazzbumpa said...

Of course, jokes don't have to be funny. This one is closer to a WTF than to a laugh.

What's the point? Is Tinsley a smoker as well as a drinker? Is he feeling persecuted?

WV: ouggie - the feeling in your head when you wake up after a night of drinking too much cheap Scotch.

Or, perhaps, while your mug shot is being snapped.

rewinn said...

Tinkley's found his form - stupid sports jokes.

Today's "comics" is not actually FUNNY but there is sort-of a joke there, comparable to his BCS rants. Maybe he could reframe the strip along the lines of Tank McNamara, since the GOP is pretty much dead after McCain-Palin-Jindal

Kaitlyn said...

Who's been in trouble for smoking?

rewinn said...

"Who's been in trouble for smoking?

Maybe Tinkley's having a flashback to high school???

Anonymous said...

The Wall Street Journal. Obama's 2% Illusion Take everything they earn and it still won't be enough. This is an all out assult on freedom and capitalism. Unless of course you are one of the 40% in this country who do not pay any payroll taxes. So than I guess you would not give a rats rear what happens as long as you receive your government check.

Sorry folks you cannot blame this on Bush no matter how hard you try or how much you lie. Obama never missed a chance to blast the Bush Administration for spending billions in Iraq. Suddenly blowing billions of taxpayer dollars is not an issue. It took Barack Obama and democrats only three weeks to spend twice as much as was spent on the Iraq War - Approximately 1 trillion versus 500 billion.

Anonymous said...

GeoX - this is a column which you should find quite interesting. Hope you enjoy it. It is quite truthful I am sure you will agree.

dlauthor said...

The daily Duckfart has dropped by with his talking points yet again, I see. Anyone read them? No? Then let's move on.

Anyway, not political today, and not racist or anti-Semitic or anything, and even vaguely coherent, so it's not bad ... for Tinshley, anyway. It is, after all, still two clones of Mallard saying a single sentence spread out over three word balloons, so there's still the basic incompetence at cartooning to deal with.

confused said...

The other thing I like about Anon: He's like that geeky kid in High School that stood around talking to no one about topics no one else was talking about. I always found that amusing.

I still remember him standing alone by a pile of wood in shop class discussing how to make pancakes.

Anonymous said...


Give a lib a fish--he eats for a day.
Teach a lib to fish--he is back the next day asking for more free fish.

Quotes from Democrats...

"We can't drill our way out"...but Im betting your car doesnt run on HOPE or Caribou poop either.

"Barack Obama is not ready to be president."--Joe Biden

Factinista said...

Seriously, Anon, Ann Coulter? That's your ace in the hole? This is about as pathetic as Mallard trying to draft Walter Williams.

And what does ANY of this have to do with Michael Phelps, A-Rod, and/or cigarettes?

GeoX said...

"Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll die of mercury poisoning thanks to Bush's relaxed EPA standards."

A timeless message for all of us!

Why Anonymous Chickenshit thought this was an appropriate thread to spam with his boringass HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE OH GOD SO MUCH HATE for all things Obama is quite mysterious. It's funny, really: sure, we were pissed off at Bush after the stolen 2000 election, but we didn't start REALLY hating him until he'd actually, you know...done something. Whereas today's trolls just hit the ground running, making themselves look even more deranged, were such a thing possible. A fascinating look at mass abnormal psychology.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden forgets the "website number" I can imagine if George Bush would have said this, "website number?" The Drive-By media would have ran with this for a week.

I am sure all of you know that while VP - Biden was at Syracuse Law School, he received an F-grade in a class for boldly copying enormous chunks of someone else’s law review article. Biden attempted to excuse the plagiarism by claiming it was a “mistake of youth.” He went before the school Deans and pleaded that they not expel him. He was allowed to retake the course and the cheating grade was later removed from his record.

He dropped out of the 1988 presidential race after again being caught out for the plagiarism of a speech from British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock who ran against Margaret Thatcher. Biden adapted the speech for his own stump speech.

Apparently Biden has a history of supplementing his perceived failing by borrowing from others or simply exaggerating or lying. Biden is a walking "gaff" machine. President Obama and Vice-President Biden, what a pair.

Michael said...

What Anon means is:
Obama and Biden are leading our country down the path of ruin.... but they are both lucky.... that they didn't get caught with a cigarette!

wavydavy said...

Hey TinkleyAnon --

The reason nobody ever accused Bush of plagiarism is that you have to know how to read to copy someone else's words.

And if you think Biden's college misdeeds are somehow equivalent to, or worse than, Bush's college misdeeds (drunk, stoned, AWOL from the National Guard, among other things), then you are even more ridiculous than I already thought.

BTW, you'd be more readable (though not more believable) if YOU knew how to spell. It's "gaffe", not "gaff".

Anonymous said...

Plagaraism is evil! Now check out this article I copied from Free Republic without attribution!

rewinn said...

"....Obama and Biden are leading our country down the path of ruin.... but they are both lucky.... that they didn't get caught with a cigarette!..."

Whoa dude! You decoded the esoteric, dadaist logic of The AnonyTinkley Code!

Rootbeer said...

Biden is a walking "gaff" [sic] machine.

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone, even fervent Democrats, that won't concede that's true to some extent.

But damn, can the man implement sound policy when he's behind a desk instead of a lectern.

exanonymous said...

*shakes head*

"gaff" probably shouldn't have quotes. Tone change and all that.

Liberalism is a "disease" that can't be "cured".

Rush Limbaugh is "popular".

Obama is bringing the country to "ruin".

On a different note:
Teach a liberal to fish and he might point out inconvenient facts like there being no bodies of water supporting edible fish for miles around, prices of poles, bait, and the license are all too much, and it's a lazy way of getting food, unless one plans to go about it with spears and nets and considered more of a past time than work these days.

Kyle said...

*Sigh* Well, since you brought up the Obama budget vis a vis Bush's war spending, you're comparing an entire f'ing budget to one endeavor -- an endeavor, I might add, that was delved into based on a big fat lie and the flouting of protocol designed largely by the United State post-WWII.

Let me put it this way: If Obama is spending $100 on groceries for a week, you're comparing that to Bush spending $80 on an overcooked steak with no sides, *and* taking the latter's side as the more responsible one.

Now, some ponderings:

How many liberals here have jobs? How many of you know liberally-minded people who don't work and live off handouts? Not that this anonycoward would pay any mind to that, but I'm always perplexed by this "hurrrr gubmint handouts!" stereotype when all the liberals I know work day in and day out.

Another "pondering," this one more childish but hey, live a little, y'know? Nice spelling of gaffe! It's a five-letter word and you couldn't spell it correctly. Or was it a typo in the original source you lifted?

Anonymous, I would be happy to -- no, I would LOVE to debate you. I know you won't bother to respond because there's no Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter column for you to improvise from (by the way, great irony on the plaigarism charges you nitwit), but the offer's out there. I know a response is far, far too much to ask from a coward but it's the least I can do.