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Sunday, February 08, 2009

That damned Cupid

What's Mallard raving about today?

St. Valentine's Day.

For a guy who was complaining that President Obama did not "believe in commerce," Mallard really does not believe in commerce. Or does he believe that Big Spending Liberals "institutionalized" St. Valentines Day on some nefarious day in the past?

The only consistency in Mallard's ideology is his narrow mindset. Strict adherence to everything Mallard believes is the only way to avoid being called a traitor or apostate.


Factinista said...

Mallard just doesn't understand the concept of love.

exanonymous said...

Again, this is the consequence of a free market. Like collectibles.

But one point of contention:
"Naughty undies?"
Isn't that the guy's gift to himself even if he doesn't wear it? They're not exactly useful for everyday wear.
"big naughty undies" got a laugh though because I thought of these:

Regardless, Mallard is one neutered duck.

confused said...

I don't know, Ex. Googling, I found that most "Big undies" references were for Men's underwear. Including this sample from the Urban Dictionary: "By gawd look at his big undies" (emphasis mine)

"Big Panties", on the other hand...

Perhaps we have a Unintentional Self-Revelation here?

Anonymous said...

It's that final drawing of Cupid with his right hand stuffed into his diaper while talking about "naughty undies" that seals the deal on utter creepiness. Gah, what a nightmare of a comic this strip is.

Jazzbumpa said...

Holy merganser, that is one butt-ugly cupid. But, hey, I'm an ugly old man. What the C-Boy an I have in common is a deep affection for naughty undies.

But whoever put Adriane Lima at #5 has roccs in his hedd.

Dang, int;s hd to typp wile plymng pocket poll.

WV: aeveloin -- must mean something cool in French, non?

Skenchre said...

à Ève loin = to Eve far away? Makes more sense than your average Mallard.

If Mallard is described as an eternal struggle between Ugly and Stupid, I'd say today's winner is Ugly.

Michael said...

All year I've been dreading the Valentine's Day bitchfest... Next comes the Mallentines... *shudder*

rewinn said...

May we assume from Mallard's annual "I-Hate-Valentine's-Day" that he is single?

And ... dare we say ... bitter?


Seriously, the thing about Valentine's Day is the thought not the money. If your woman (or whatever) insists on seeing the price tag, you don't have a Valentine, you have a hooker (...or we can use the more genteeeeeeeel term of "mistress".)

My beloved wants a gesture of affection, which can be Just-The-Right-Chocolate by taste, not by volume. And I want her to have Just-The-Right-Whatever, which makes the annual hunt fun!

Funny thought: Tinkley draws. If he had a brain in his head, he would put a week or two in crafting something for his beloved.

But that would take an understanding of humanity, which most conservatives lack.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh my god, is this the first Sunday without the intro panel with the smug duck?

That is really surprising me, for some reason.

Do you think the man that forgot Veteran's Day will make his Sunday bitch about Valetine's Day line up with a week of bitching about it?

You know, I'm single, I'm supposed to hate it, and yet, I don't. Perhaps it's because in school we used to get candy. And candy is always cheaper on the 15th.

Cedar said...

As a woman, I often make the same complaints about Valentine's Day. yet get written off as a bitch, or unsentimental, or a lebian. Yet men make same comments and it's all, "Haw haw! Those women! Always demanding stuff!"

CasualBrowser said...

Apparently, after losing elections for POTUS twice, Ross Perot has been elected Cupid.......

Scanman said...

Baby Ross Perot makes sense