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Saturday, February 07, 2009

That damned blame

What's Mallard raving about today?


Actually...the available blame has already been placed, on the group of incompetents who created this this mess. We ascribed blame by evicting them from Office in the election.

In two years, we have another chance to assign blame and/or reward success, depending on how this group handles the mess.

See, this is known as "Democracy." You might want to Google it one of these days, Mallard.


exanonymous said...

This one is rather amusing considering Dick Cheney's recent attempts to remove any blame from his administration and place it on the new one.

Sadly though, unlike Mallard, Cheney's comments are actually able to make me see red. "Enhanced interrogation techniques" just makes me queasy.

Anonymous said...

Mallard's stupid as usual, and I've nothing more to say about that.

But I couldn't let the incredible wv "skenchre" go to waste. Sounds like an Autechre song title.

Skenchre, my friends. Skenchre.

confused said...

Many times in the past, the question has been raised by DaveyK and others, "Why does Mallard hate democracy?"

I believe that he suffers from a poor Civil Studies education. He hates Democracy because that's run by the Democrats. He loves Republics because that, well, see? Heaven forbid a Libertarian ever come to power, because then we'll hear about how he hates Liberty.

And let us not forget, if it's a Democratic White House, it's their fault. If it's a Republican White House, it's the previous administration (or in the case of Cheney, the future administration).

wv: quenzi. How Mallard makes me feel. "I read MF and felt quenzi so I had to sit down."

12xuser said...

And who is this "you" that "said" these things?

WV: sheei
No further explanation needed.

Michael said...

I get the feeling he drew the capitol building by tracing his thumb. It looks even shabbier than in Logan's Run.

MartyRotten said...

Oh yes! The economy immediately tanked the very minute that Obama was sworn in right.

We'll see where we are in two years. But Mallard and Rush and all those others will keep whining like a bunch of sore losers in the meantime.

Jazzbumpa said...

Grover Freaquing Norquist actually said the stock market tanked in Fall, '07 1) because of the mid-term Democratic victory of '06, and 2) in anticipation of the '08 Obama victory. A one year temporal displacement is as nothing in the neo-con world of cause and effect, no matter which one comes first.

WV: ocaryi. A Hungarian delicacy made from jellied pig's feet. No, that's kocsonya.

I give up.

Anonymous said...

I believe that - exanonymous - should be water boarded. Dick Cheney's comments concerning enhanced interrogation techniques make him/her feel queasy.

This person only know what the main stream liberal media guess as to the type of interrogation techniques that were used. To save the people in our country from another attack, do whatever it takes.

Of course, wars are fine with liberals as long as no one is wounded or killed. How many prisoners do the extreme Muslim terrorists have? They either kill them instantly or first run a video while they are cutting off the heads of their captives.

I say, let's forget about taking anymore prisoners, just kill the bastards and move on.

GeoX said...

Just what we need--anonymous dickheads spouting bloodthirsty gibberish. Get your ass down to the local community college and sign up for a basic composition class. You'll still be an asshole, but maybe at least you'll be slightly less illiterate.

Patrick said...

I was going to respond to the anon troll, but it dawns on me that would be a waste of time.

So I'll just respond to the actual comic by pointing out that the GOP is still managing to be more than enough of a pain in the ass for me to keep blaming them for things.

exanonymous said...

If it wasn't torture, the Bush administration wouldn't have needed euphemisms like "enhanced interrogation techniques".

Thanks for believing I deserve being waterboarded. I don't believe even Cheney deserves that, but it's nice to know how utterly ruthless and bloodthirsty you really are. A simple switch of where you were birth-wise and you would be a terrorist. You have it in you if comments in the forum are any indication.

rewinn said...

DavyK and Exoanonymous have so terrified Anonymous Coward that the latter is too frightened even to get a logon!

Ease up, you guys! You're making tough-talking cowards pee their pants!