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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Those damned Taxes

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxes, Treasury Secretary.

Just when you think Democrats might not shoot themselves in the foot, it turns out they are, you know, Democrats.


Michael said...

"H&R Blo'"?

Anonymous said...

George W. appointed more convicted criminals to office than all other presidents combined. You know, hey though, no facts get in your way!

NLC said...

OK, there first question that comes to mind about this cartoon:

Why are these folks standing outside an "H & R Block" office?

Wouldn't the "joke" make more sense if they were inside the office?

WV: watic

exanonymous said...

H&R Blo?

I'm not the only one here who saw Idiocracy, right?

Jazzbumpa said...

Holy pinfeathers. Is Blallard really smart enough to be this disingenuous?

I read a newspaper article about the 200+ millionaires in the state of Ohio who paid Zero income tax. And this was about 30 years ago - you know, a couple of decades before the Shrub tax cuts.

WV: tricitun - the ability to be depressing, dishonest, and stupid, all at the same time.

rewinn said...

Sadly for Tinkley, it's simply a lie that the Secretary of the Treasury "didn't pay any taxes".

He paid taxes. The controversy comes from a dispute with the IRS about how much additional tax he should pay. He was almost certainly wrong, but arguing with the IRS is a long and hallowed American tradition.

Let's hope it gives him a little sense of how taxpayers feel.

That said, anyone who seeks public service now would be well advised to overpay the IRS by 10%, just so you get a refund instead of political ammo. And don't try anything stupid, like Daschle did. The days in which the aristocracy can get away with things being kept secret is fast passing.

Anonymous said...

We have to give him this one. Obama's appointments have been very diappointing: militant warhawks like Hillary and Gates and a surprisingly large number of tax cheats. Saying Bush did the same thing or worse doesn't cut it.

exanonymous said...

I also bet everyone on the Obama team rapes kittens and beats up old ladies for fun.

Why put facts ahead of talking points. As it has been pointed out, it isn't a lack of paying ANY taxes. The situation isn't cut and dry and there are even those in the GOP who believe it was an honest mistake who are taking flack that they are not taking this opportunity to play partisan politics.

As for the others, the two I know of both withdrew. And one was replaced by a conservative.

Robert said...

What store do I need to stand outside of to commit voter fraud, then make millions selling my awful screeds entitled Godless and How to Talk to a Liberal?

Johaely said...

Maybe this is Mallard's new feature, absurdist hobo teatre. Which explains why there is an office-like facade in the... who am i kidding. This is just a realy crappy comic and kinda the proof that tinsley doesn't pretty much stand physics. Yet my idea could be something for Tom the Dancing Bug, an actually funny political strip.