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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Those damned Nominees

What's Mallard raving about today?

Cabinet Nominees.

The Obama Administration deserves some ridicule for the incompetent way in which they have handled several cabinet nominees, I agree.

I am not certain, however, that living a completely mistake-free life, especially when it comes to completing tax returns, is a good litmus test.

Unless the plan is to actually vacate the government eventually.


Michael said...

"WAIT!" implies people are still talking about it.

dlauthor said...

They might have been, three weeks ago. I'm not sure.

Maybe "WAIT!" is meant as an interruption of the "me no like movies without big orange splosions!" motif.

(Of course, no Republican ever had a nanny or limo driver. Oh, no.)

Jazzbumpa said...

Did Blallard have anything to say when Rush got busted for sending his immigrant housekeeper to score drugs for him, or Foley was hustling pages, or Stevens was hawking the bridge to nowhere?

Silly questions.

WV: dylent - why Blallard's head changes color: sometimes black, sometimes dylent green.

rewinn said...


remember IOKIYAR!

ajm said...

Tins doesn't know from limo drivers. He drives himself around drunk as often as possible.

Anonymous said...

Aside from turning the joke in sort of a weird direction virtually all high profile people have limo drivers and nannys. The main reason being lack of time with family or simply wanting to be able to go over work while traveling which one should not do while driving.

Anonymous said...

DaveyK - How about the incompetent way he is spending our money?

Is it any wonder the market continues to sink? Obama Is A One Man Recession. Obama passed a $787 billion stimulus bill voted on by all the Democrats without reading the bill. Total welfare spending in the bill for programs providing cash, food, housing, and medical care to the poor is over $260 billion or roughly one third the cost of the bill.
The bill contains expansions to food stamps, the earned income tax credit, the refundable child credit, Medicaid eligibility standards, Pell grants, and Title I education grants. But probably most disconcerting is President Obama's "Make Work Pay" refundable tax credit, which will provide up to $500 in cash to low income adults who pay no income taxes, including able-bodied adults without dependent children. This policy is designed solely to redistribute wealth from taxpayers (middle and upper class individuals) to low-income individuals.

The House passed Pork Bill 2.0 for $410 billion this afternoon.

Now Obama wants to pass another bill for health care for the uninsured for over $600 billion within the next four months. How irresponsible is this guy? This is a crime. The demise of the next generation. Do any of you wonder why the market continues to tank?

Factinista said...

Maybe because of how the last president ruined the economy in a way that can't be fixed overnight?

exanonymous said...

There is no such thing as a "one man recession". I realize full analysis of any problem and the complexities don't make fun talking points, but still. Instead of scream "Obama mean! BAD MAN!" one could theoretically research all the factors involved including (if one needs a democrat to blame) actually looking at policies at the end of the Clinton years leading up to the current economic crisis.

Or does that sound like work?

confused said...

I always enjoy comments like those from Anon. When Bush was in office, it was never his fault, it was the previous administration. Even after he'd been there seven years.

Now that Obama is President, it's all his fault, even though he has only been there a little over a month.

This just makes arguments from the Republican side incredibly weak. Somehow, they don't seem to see that.

Beorge W. Gush said...

Anonymous makes good points! Obama obviously caused this recession, because the guy who was in charge back when everything started to fall apart is to blame.

And it's offensive that he wants to spend government money on helping Americans who need it the most. That money should be spent on invading the wrong foreign country instead! Damn Librul Obama! Impeach him now before he changes the direction of the country! It's all his fault.

rewinn said...

You can buy pork with food stamps, therefore food stamps ARE pork, in some sense.

However food stamps are one of the most effective ways of stimulating our economy; the money is spent locally and immediately, generating local jobs. People working at those jobs spend their wages, generating more jobs. Due to this multiplier effect, our government gets back something like $1.50 in tax revenue out of every dollar spent on food stamps.

It also serves the important public purpose of nourishing children during the years of brain formation so that they are more productive as adults.

Food stamps also stabilize the farm economy, by ensuring a market for farm products when the economy was slow. Before food stamps, our government bought up and distributed surplus food; is it not better to let the private sector do that (through private brands, warehouses and supermarkets) than the government-run Commodity Food program?

Finally, food stamps are an efficient means of carrying out the command "Feed the hungry" as ordered by George W Bush's favorite philosopher.

I go into this at length, not in the hopes of educating AnonyTinkley ( who on the evidence got alcohol instead of protein during the years of brain formation ) but because it is the most perfect example of why the reichwing is wrong.

Squid Vicious said...

Nice job, rewinn. Our little troll tries so hard, but he just can't wrap his head around basic Keynesianism. Listen to him splutter, "Bu-bu-bu-bu- this is just a spending bill!" and you see where the problem lies.

Anonymous said...

Mildly amusing concept ruined in execution. Classic Ducky.

"voted on by all the Democrats without reading the bill."

Hey, I can make things up, too! Maybe the Republicans would have had the votes to stop if, if they weren't up all night drinking goat blood and praying to Gozer the Traveler!