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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meta-Post: Comments

To turn off Anonymous commenting, Blogger requires registration with Blogger or another OpenID site.

Way back in 2006, I enabled people to comment without a Blogger/OpenID, which is when the comments started happening, which makes the site much more enjoyable, recent trolling notwithstanding.

I find Anonymous comments particularly cowardly also, but I also don't want to cut people off from being able to comment just because they don't have the requisite account somewhere.

How many people would get cut off, if I disabled Anonymous comments?


Factinista said...

I would. Don't forget that we also get the occasional anonymous poster who's not a troll.

Johaely said...

You kinda cut me off. Now i'll need an ID.

Johaely said...

by the by.i ain't an anon.T. but rather i'm worried that i would not be able to post without a blogger ID.

Michael said...

I've read some interesting anonymous comments here on D&C, so I say leave it be. And I started out making anonymous comments myself.

As for anonymous trolls, their cut & paste talking points are too laughably inept to ruin anything. And since Bruce Tinsley's comic provides the world with so much entertainment, the least we can do is allow him to anonymously say "Hussein Hussein Hussein!!"

wavydavy said...

I say leave them on. The bravehearts, perhaps with the initials BT, who post under "Anonymous" are often quite amusing (unintentionally so, I presume).

WV: arymess -- What we are in right now, a mess created by Aryans (no doubt Tinkley's favorite people because they are so persecuted).

rewinn said...

Honestly, I was going to say "turn off anonymous posting please" but the previous comments amused and persuaded me. So at most I'm neutral.

Come to think of it, the anonymous trolling is so pathetic that it gives me a bracing sense of superiority.

I would love to see some intelligent, thoughtful conservative post here ... or anywhere. Considering the penalties they would face from their allies, anonymously might be the only way they could.

exanonymous said...

I prefer allowing anonymous posters. Even when they get insulting.

I'm a liberal at the end of the day. Though ultimately, this is not my blog and not my call.

(And I post anonymously with the same ID every time)

dlauthor said...

Let the duckfart continue to post here. He's amusing. We should only crack down if the spamming gets out of hand.

Word verification: Norapow. Nick made a witty quip on the wrong day.