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Sunday, February 22, 2009

That damned Washington

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Washington.

Kids know next to nothing about you? Show me some proof of that.

You have to share your birthday with Lincoln? Just last week Mallard was complaining that it was a holiday at all.

King George is laughing? The last time he came up in conversation it was because he was crazy from Porphyria.


Factinista said...

And Tinsley seems to have appointed himself the "Treasorer."

exanonymous said...

Haha! Everyone who attends a public school is stupid. Be default.

Because it's convenient.

exanonymous said...



(never type with the laptop on the floor.)

BakaHoushi said...

"Stinkin' Euro?"
At least we can count on good ol' Tinsley for good ol' xenophobia.

confused said...

"(never type with the laptop on the floor.)"

If only Tinsley would take that advice with his artwork...

Techically, we don't celebrate Lincoln and Washington's birthdays combined. A good write-up on this is at

wv: canda -- a small, one provence country to the North

Nick said...

Let's parse.

The first two and a half balloons are about President Washington.

The second half of Balloon 3 is about the dollar, not Washington. Unless President Washington believes himself to be money.

Oh, and a quick glance at a historical exchange-rate chart shows that the dollar's rate against the Euro was climbing quite nicely until a certain president started fucking with our economy.

Oh, I forgot. Balloon 4. Why yes, King George is laughing his ass off somewhere. Specifically, Dallas.

rewinn said...

Factinista: the "treasorer" is the government official who supervises treason, e.g. the outing of spies.

Is Tinkley pitching himself for the Libby role in the Palin administration?

GeoX said...

I would LOVE to see Tinsley take a test to show how much he knows about George Washington. I would be stunned if it's any more than the stoopid kids he's decrying.

Rebochan said...

Note to Tinsley: Lincoln's birthday has never been a federal holiday. That is an urban legend.

Even this product of public schooling (a product of *HORRORS!* a public university!) knows that.

andy? said...

wasn't France a huge proponent of the euro?
the same France that helped us win independence from Britain?
the same Britain that was opposed to the euro?(

notAndy? said...

yes "Andy?",
France is the same country that helped the US against Britain... about 230 years ago. On the other hand Britain at least tried to help the US out when Bush asked for international help... about 7 years ago.
Do you enjoy holding grudges for centuries?

Patrick said...

George II is basically only known for losing the American colonies and being crazy. So I'm thinking Washington still wins.

@ notAndy?: France has troops in Afghanistan. They just refused to get involved in the Iraq debacle.

Anonymous said...

Why does Washington know what a Euro is?

Seriously, notandy? Begrudging a nation for being wary about helping us with a really stupid idea? "Hey guys! I'm going to try punching this steel I-Beam! Who wants to help?"