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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Those damned noodles

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Economy, Gold, Ramen.

Ha ha! It's funny because people will be eating Ramen noodles because its all they can afford soon.


Factinista said...

Mallard, when have you ever pushed for the gold standard? And why are you bringing up an issue that's been irrelevant for a century, anyway?

Jazzbumpa said...

Even Ben Bernanke recognizes that adherence to the gold standard prolonged the great depression in countries that maintained it.

What's up with Blallard? he hasn't taken a misbegotten gratuitous swipe at a democrat for two days running. Is Tinkley sick? Should we be worried?

WV: ciumbfa. Doesn't mean anything, but it's kind of fun to say.

GeoX said...

Notwithstanding the nuttiness of Mallard apparently supporting the gold standard, I think this cartoon is actually sort of clever.

Robert said...

Hey, he remembered to tell a joke. That's something, right?

exanonymous said...

People who want a gold standard usually have some investment in gold, and need it to be wanted.

Because gold, outside of scientific uses, is pretty useless.

Mallard jokes about ramen noodles, but in the past, salt, cocoa, sugar, and many other edibles have made better currency. And if you can't sell it, at least you can use it.

Michael said...

At first, I thought that was a diaper.

Anonymous said...

His claim that he's backed the gold standard in the past goes with his new persona as a Libertarian. He started calling himself that when hatred of Bush scared him away from calling himself a Republican.

I actually liked this comic. It didn't seem hate filled and against all human decency like most of Tinsley's work. Also it didn't leave me wondering "WTF is he even referring to?".

rewinn said...

Agree w/Geox: today's "comic" is not hateful; it's wrongheaded about the gold standard but what the heck, non-hateful wrongheadedness is part of political discourse.

The GOP's newfound Libertarianism reflects America's rejection of Reagan/Bushism, due to its catastrophic results. Like the rightwing in general, DT wants to cover up the "I Love W" tattoo'd on his forehead, but dithers between the Richard Viguerie and Rush Limbaugh.

HINT to the GOP: try to figure out why hardly anyone remembers Morton Downey Jr or Father Coughlin.