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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Those damned stickers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, Bumper Stickers, Volvos.

Meanwhile, shrieks of "Support the President, because he's the President!" are being replaced by snarls of "I hope Obama fails." (And we have a candidate for the IOKIYAR in 2009!)

Additional note: we knew who you meant before you insulted Volvo owners in college towns. We always know who you mean. Painting an explicit stereotype is not necessary.


NLC said...

Tinsley/Mallard, you misunderstand the point.

Even if we were to accept your strawman, I would suggest that the reason such bumperstickers might be disappearing is because


is too large to fit.

[WV: disere : Latin for to trash-talk your mama.]

Anonymous said...

Two days in a row, two candidates for Highest Text-To-Image Ratio.

What happened to the traditional week of bitter complaints about Valentine's Day? I WANT MY MALLENTINES!

Bruce Tinsley said...

Oops, I forgot to add the asterisk:

*Fact pulled out of my own feathery** ass.

Damn, I always forget to add that one.

WV: Ablergin. Have a gin? Yeah, why not.

Jazzbumpa said...

Leonard Pitts, talking about the Dimbaugh "Hope he fails" comment said, "it's as if anger is all they really have." Leonard, being rather pure of heart, failed to recognize their limitless depth of hypocrisy.

Help me with "IOKIYAR." Sorry, not getting it.

WV: tromado - injury caused by being pummeled with tomatoes.

dlauthor said...

Earth to Tinshley: the "libruls drive Volvos hur hur hur" trope is ancient now. Can't you at least switch to "libruls drive Priuses hur hur hur"? You might notice other cars on the road if you didn't have that eighth shot of Jack before getting behind the wheel.

Word verification: demegas -- a half-deflated gasbag. See Mallard.

wavydavy said...

Jazzbumpa --

IOKIYAR = It's OK If You're A Republican

Just a little shorthand for something that needs to be used on a rather frequent basis (OK, 24/7/365) when speaking of Rethug behavior.

WV: fomera -- Friends of Mallard Equal Rights Amendment? Because you just know he thinks he and his enablers need one to protect them from the nasty liberals.

GeoX said...

Conversely, not that Obama's President, conservatives are quite literally proud to hate America.

GeoX said...

not=now, obviously. I just woke up, and I'm trying to type in a prone position.

Anonymous said...

52% = "vast majority?"
Majority, yes.
Vast, no.

Christoffel said...

Remember, kids, according to sniveling right-wing cowards who post anonymously, 47.9% and 50.7% are "vast majorities", but 52.9% isn't.

(Also, according to Republican math, you round 52.9% down to 52%.)

Michael said...

DaveyK nailed it.

"In other news, 'projection' is hitting hardest among hack comic strips featuring ducks..."

rey said...

The conservative trope since November is that Obama won by the slimmest of majorities. The thing is, no. It was a landslide. By any measure.

Obama won by 192 electoral votes, more than doubling McCain's vote total. He won by 9,500,000 votes, the same margin as Reagan over Carter in 1980. The minimum number of states even possibly close (less than 500,000 vote margin) that would have had to flip red was six, and the number of voters necessary in those six was over a million. Consider that Kerry would have won with a 120,000 voter switch in Ohio, and of course Gore in 2000 needed less than 1,000 to win in Florida.

Kyle said...

Can I get my "If you don't support the President, MOVE TO FRANCE COMMIE!" bumper sticker?

exanonymous said...

Liberals are TOTALLY giving all critics of the Obama administration the Dixie Chick treatment.

In fact, there's a Limbaugh burning today I can't miss!

And I really hope that the conservative who gets in office 4 or 8 or 12 or whatever years from fails and plunges this country into doom! Because then I'd be right about the superiority of liberalism and that's all that matters.

Kyle said...

It's sad when people hanging onto their jobs and barely making ends meet, or other without work at all, take Rush Limbaugh's word as gospel. Of course it doesn't matter to him if Obama fails -- he lives on a beach compound and has disposable income for sex tours and Oxycontin. But to the majority of Limbaugh listeners Obama and vis a vis the nation failing means horrible things for them. How do those people not understand that?

And on the topic of Mallard, more fill-in-the-blanks, phoned in crap. Volvos? Is it 1998? The joke would still be "meh" but at least more timely had Tinz used Prius.

Michael said...

Here in Berkeley, I've noticed that the cars with the most hippie bumper stickers -- canvassing the entire bumper and back window -- are old Volkswagens and Volvos. So Mallard is right, but by accident; like the person who's been wearing the same wardrobe since 1989, and is now in back style because of ironic hipsters.

WV: ollytork
... Mallard is an oily dork!!

Kaitlyn said...

He hasn't even been in office a month! But hey, he's messed up a few times, so he's doomed!

And if I had a car, I'd keep my Obama '08 sticker on next to my "Question Authority" one. (If I had one of those.)

My Obama sticker is still on my laptop.

You know, you can support the president (and the troops!) and still wonder if they're doing the best job.

And love America.

At the same time.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, Dems. break promise. Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Three people to be trusted, what a surprise.

Limbaugh said he hopes Obama fails, meaning he wants his policies for our country to fail because they are wrong. Obama, Pelosi and Reid really do not care about any of you people they only want your votes. They have created a massive welfare package which they hope will keep them in power forever. This is all any Democrat cares about is their power to control your lives.

Kyle said...

Yeah, I'm a big fan of cognitive dissonance, too Anonymous Coward. I know it's pointless since you won't respond (because you're a hit-and-run coward), but what can I say? I like banging my head against walls.

Rush Limbaugh has nothing to gain from having people's best interests in mind or heart. The man lives in a fortress paid for by creating division. That's not someone with the public's best interests at heart.

Obama et al don't care about us and only want votes? OK. So while the economy continues to go further into the toilet, which party's leaders are blocking action in an effort to create gridlock thereby improving their election prospects for 2010? That would be the GOP, the same GOP where representatives show up on hate-radio to kiss Limbaugh's ring.

I suppose the answer to the economic woes is tax cuts. Those sure did work out well in the last eight years, huh? It also worked out well when Herbert Hoover proposed it in 1930, boy howdy! But I know invoking history with a GOP sycophant is futile so I digress.

Addressing the article directly: the first things one sees visiting that site are Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, a book that touts itself as being for "the dark days ahead" (who needs that "hope" stuff anyway?) and a flashing JOIN THE NRA .gif. Oh and the diatribe? Written by a former staffer of a Representative of nearly-uninhabited district in Arizona (I know because I used to live in that neck of the woods). No ulterior motives there.

What's outstanding about a Republican bitching so vehemently about this broken promise is that the public will *still* have access to see what's in the bill, just not as much but still vastly more transparency than was made available the last eight years. And personally with unemployment growing daily I'm fine with the bill being viewable 12 hours prior to vote than 48. I know all these points will go unaddressed, but hopefully I've given you something to mull over.

Anonymous said...

A Prius is definitely a better car to stereotype with.

I volunteered with the No on 8 group on voting day last year. Part of my all-day shift involved standing at a busy street corner with some signs.

Priuses (Prii?) were 99% supportive. Volvos, VWs, and Honda compacts were good for a supportive honk 90% of the time. Other Toyotas and regular Hondas could also be counted on over 75%.

(The least supportive? The ones most like to roll down their windows and yell "YES ON 8!!"? Pickup trucks. Kind of a shock to me since I had grown up in a liberal family where most people sold hardware and thus needed pickup trucks.)