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Monday, February 02, 2009

That damned groundhog

What's Mallard raving about today?

Groundhog Day, President Obama.

Only Mallard would need to "get used" to being optimistic about the future.


Michael said...

Americans aren't sufficiently pessimistic and miserable? That's the punchline?

exanonymous said...

Charles Schulz had misery down to art.

This is not what it looked like.

Nick said...

So, I'm guessing that here Tinz is just recycling his Groundhog Day, 1985 strip?

Back when he was bitching all the time about Reagan's "It's Morning In America"?


terva said...

Holy God, what a prick.

dlauthor said...

Thanks, Brucie. What Phil should be seeing when he comes out of his hole, after all, is TERRORALQAEDATERROROSAMATERROR911TERROR. Then he'll go back in his hole and duct tape it shut, like a good little patriot.

Word verification: berizzed. I keep getting these strings that should be real words, but aren't.

Bill the Splut said...

Why is a brown bear coming out of that hole?
Oh, right. He can't draw.

rewinn said...

I'm confused.

Is today's message: "Boo hope! Boo!"

Or is it: "Things really suck but the media are lying to us!"


exanonymous: extra points to you for the Charles Schulz reference!

ajm said...

Misery loves company.

Bruce ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

Factinista said...

FYI, Tinsley, groundhogs aren't supposed to look like bears.

dlauthor said...

Incidentally, I just noticed that the badly scribbled copyright message on these strips includes "WORLD RIGHTS RESERVED."

World rights? For starters, as a red-blooded Merkin C'nsurvtiv, I can't believe that Brucie would have any truck at all with furriners. But even moreso, do any foreign papers have any truck with him?

Seriously, is there a single paper outside the U.S. that runs this crap? I know I never saw it when I lived in Canada; is there some lonely Murdoch-owned rag in Australia that pads its comics section with the drunken duck?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what countries they print this comic in, but I know where it's not. China and Mexico. Both have a tradition of producing cheap knock-offs of American products (See Vii). All attempts to produce clones of Tinsley comics have disintegrated instantly due to the krap factor reaching critical mass.

I wish more neo-con comics were like Tinsley's. He fails so wonderfully at pushing the neo-con way of life. Sometimes it's like Stephen Colbert but not funny and only accidentally a self parody.

Bill the Splut said...

I wish more neo-con comics were like Tinsley's...Sometimes it's like Stephen Colbert but not funny and only accidentally a self parody.

Check out Chuck Asay. That guy's nuts. Check out this one. "We should have sex only to have babies that we only have to fund Social Security!" Seriously, what?!

confused said...

rewinn said...
I'm confused.

No, I'm Confused.

sorry, couldn't help it. Plus it made me happier than thinking about MF

MartyRotten said...

Well basically it's another attempt at bellyaching about the media making a big deal about Obama again.

Like I said it's an attempt. Whether or not it was successful is anyone's guess

rewinn said...

Chuck Asay: that's a terminally stupid cartoon. Social Engineer Obama is going to turn old people into Soylent Green!!!!

The demographics of caring for our elderly is a serious problem, reichwing ideology forbids the two realistic solutions: make workers more productive with better technology (forbidden because more productive workers require higher pay), and cutting the waste that goes to the owners of privatized services.

But Asay has a problem similar to Tinkley: he's political first, funny second or not at all. That's the reason nobody reads old CPUSA cartoons, whereas cartoons such as Peanuts and Doonesbury (who always put the funny first) may live forever.

Anonymous said...

terva said...
"Holy God, what a prick."

Terva - I agree, yes you are!

exanonymous said...

Yeah, well, anon, so's your mom!

Ooops, recess time is over. Time to go back to 2nd grade.