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Thursday, February 05, 2009

That damned Hi-Def

What's Mallard raving about today?

Digital Hi-Def.


Mallard Fillmore is running out of things to rave about.


Robert said...

I'm also worried about comics switching to hi-def. There will be nothing to shield us from the unspeakable horrors in Mallard's crotch as he sits on the couch.

That, and the revelation that "Snax" are actually human eyes.

Michael said...

Thank god I couldn't read thoughts in "At the Mall"...

exanonymous said...

Eh... what?

There are high-def comics. You can see them in art museums. Some even digital.

rey said...

Mallard is already in hi-def - in order to like it you have to be either high or deaf.


Jazzbumpa said...

Holy Magret de Canard!

Can we have a new "Golden Ellipses" category - most gobstoppingly stupid? Or has that already been done? I'm kind of a newbie here.

WV: ousulp - the sound one makes slurping the cherry sauce

Kaitlyn said...

But aren't these his thoughts?

And who is this man?

Why does Tinz feature so many nobodies in his strip?

He could have had this as a dialogue between established characters, doing a little bit of meta humor.

Anonymous said...

A character in a comic worries that we'll be able to see his thoughts - which we know because we're able to see his thoughts.

I seriously can't tell if this is genius or stupid. But for once - for once! - trying to figure this one out actually revealed it to make some sort of sense. Remember, we could have had another week of collectibles, or another strip where the punchline is "Liberals".

You know what? I don't have a problem with today's Mallard Fillmore.

But I'm afraid he'll let me down tomorrow.

rewinn said...

I, too, have no problem with today's comic.

It's not great, but it's not hate.

Take what ya can, folks.

Michael said...

I DO have a problem with today's strip. I'm worried Tinsley switched from booze to paint fumes.

john said...

I hate Mallard, but this is his best strip ever (which is not to say that it's great or anything). It's absurd - a newspaper comic won't be in digital HD, a normal person wouldn't worry about having his mind read as a result (the idea of someone sitting alone in a room worrying about this is kind of funny), and of course, you can already read his thoughts ... amazing? No. Slightly amusing? I think so. And that's what makes it the best Mallard ever.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

You know what? I actually thought this was funny. It's kind of in F-Minus territory (the strip, not the grade). Not only was it funny, it's a great respite from the "ridiculous collectibles are made in Obama's image" and "the media licks Obama's boots" comics, which are decidedly in F-minus territory (the grade, not the comic).

MartyRotten said...

If this joke were used in Zippy the Pinhead, I'd assume it's an absurd statement about modern technology (and it would be a lot better executed). But reading it in Mallard Fillmore I see it as a desperate attempt to seem relevant.
This is because Bill Griffith is a talented cartoonist while Bruce Tinsley is a drunken hack.