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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

That damned divide

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, The Media, Cheerleaders.

He's going to heal the divide between reporting and cheerleading?

What? That makes no sense at all. Seriously, please read over your work before you hand it in.


Anonymous said...

If only he could limit himself to, say, 5 days in a row of the same, lame complaints. He'd still be terrible, but at least it wouldn't be boring.

Robert said...

The MSM were complicit with the Bush administration's systematic manipulation of intelligence to justify an illegal invasion of Iraq.
That's not cheerleading as much as it is aiding and abetting.

Michael said...

Mallard's right, the media have sickened me the last 8 years. They didn't allow a single antiwar voice on the air during the runup to Bush's wars, and marginalized any opinion that wasn't-- wait, cheerleading for Obama?!

The same media who, when discussing the stimulus plan, are hosting more Republican lawmakers to discuss the plan than Democrats by a 2 to 1 ratio? And they are in the bag for Obama because they reported on the President's historical importance during his first week? I think Tinsley is really pissed that the majority of Americans have completely rejected Bush and are embracing Obama. Even the corporate media can't hide that fact.

Brad said...

One may not agree with Mallard's politics, but that doesn't mean we can't be the bigger individual and help him tell his jokes properly.

To wit:

"President Obama is going to REMOVE the division between rich and poor, black and white, conservative and democrat." Actually would set up a joke that makes sense.

Still not a *good* joke - especially since the punchline is blown by the first line... "We TRY to be Objective" would imply that Strawman Whatshisface recognizes that they're *not*... so how about:

Panel 1: "There's lots of important journalisim to be done - especially as President Obama works tirelessly to remove the divide..."

Then, at least the punchline actually acts as one.

Squid Vicious said...

I think Michael nails it. This is Tinkley's subtle critique of the mainstream media's lapdog approach to George Bush circa 2000-2006 or so. Whereas, in that time period, there was very little in the way of substantive, factual reporting on Bush's fucks-ups, law breaking and general malignant incompetence, the media is now searching desperately (and so far unsuccessfully) for the same in the Obama administration.

rewinn said...

Michael: When the GOP is in the White House, the corporate media have more GOP guests because they're the party in the White House.

When the GOP is NOT in the White House, the corporate media have more GOP guests because they're NOT the party in the White House.

See the logic?