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Sunday, February 15, 2009

That damned GS-12

What's Mallard raving about today?

Federal Employees.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Federal Employees don't go to work on Federal Holidays! Wow, that's...well, obvious.

Banks are also closed on Monday, aren't they? No criticism of them? And what about those lazy teachers? Sheesh, what a wasted opportunity.

Also, Mallard criticizing people for laziness in their work is richly ironic.


exanonymous said...

Why is Mallard whining yet again about the result of rampant unregulated free market capitalism?

confused said...

You know that if Federal Employees were to go to work tomorrow we would be reading a rant that President's Day was no longer observed.

rewinn said...

Dear confused:

I hate President's Day. I hope it fails.


MartyRotten said...

Mallard, I am a state employee, and, yes, I have tomorrow off. You know something. If I were employed in the private sector, I'd STILL have tomorrow off!! Most businesses, public or private, will have tomorrow off.

Your argument, that Federal Employees are lazy goof offs, is weak, as are most of your arguments.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley believes that anyone who works for a living must be a lazy, greedy idiot. He does not do any work, because he is a rich, White, lazy asshole and his "job" is to write terrible cartoons.

Tinsley has stated that he believes government employees are overpaid. A government employee told me that he and others like him, make less money than many other workers. Fuck Bruce Tinsley.

I enjoyed my break from this incredibly shitty comic. I was happier, the world seemed like a better place and everything made far more sense.

Michael said...

Interesting how he talks from a different body part each time...

1st panel: each elbow
2nd panel: beneath his shoe (!)
3rd panel: shoulder
4th panel: back
5th panel: mouth

Hey, there weren't any Mallentines this year! What did we do to deserve this blessing?

WV: matie. Arrrr!

NLC said...

OK, let's ask the obvious question: Has Tinsley ever had a real job?

Has ever actually met, say, a teacher or any of the other underpaid, vastly overworked mom or dad, many of whom spend their days in cr@ppy working conditions struggling to make ends meet?

Sure there are incompetent goof-offs in these fields. That's true of all lines of work (like, oh say, cartoonists). But I get a little tired of Tinsley constantly taking whiny, cheap shot about things he clearly has no knowledge of.

[WV: consoler (really): What anyone who reads MF needs.]

exanonymous said...


Except retail. President's Day sales!

Anonymous said...

You have a problem with someone being White and rich. What about Black and rich, that okay with you? Would like to know how much money one has to have to be considered rich by you.

p.s. I also enjoyed your absence.

Jazzbumpa said...

Anonymous, you ignorant twit, what FR has a problem with is lazy, greedy assholes. Rich and white just happen to be additional aspects of Tinkley's condition. His ignoble visage also looks like the mug shot of an ax murderer.

My personal opinion is that black and rich would be no better, considering the corrupting influence of power, along with the fungibility of power and money. Is Michael Steele rich? I dunno.

By the way, the stock exchanges are also closed for President's day, so those lazy bastards won't be able to rip us off for 24 hours. Probably a good thing at this stage of the depression.

WV: groffee. Hmmmm. didn't he write the Grand Canyon Suite?

Anonymous said...

You need something to do like manage your own money. If you are still in the market and getting burned for the past six months is that the fault of the stock brokers? You are the ignorant twit.You are probably also Black.

BTW, why don't you teach yourself how to code a simple link?

Factinista said...

Anon's last post in a nutshell: "NO U!"

rewinn said...

Dear NLC

I met some teachers. In high school, they kept trying to get me to edit my writing.

I hate them.


ReverendG said...

Urr, people should always be at work. Life is about working hard and constantly. What's with these people and their "days off?" I'm an artist and I work EVERY DAY. I spend each day slowly agonizing over the design content of a nationally syndicated "comic strip." These slackers with their "paperwork" and "bureaucracy" make me sick.
Hey, buddy, get me another jack-and-coke.
Now where was I?

exanonymous said...


Tomorrow I shall cruise by the FOX news website comments. I'll pick out someone who abuses obscenities or uses all CAPS or shows some level of craziness and paranoia and call them a douche bag (in other words, an easy target). I will then proceed to declare myself a winner and my political ideals superior.

You all will give me a badge for that, right? It's not trolling if it's a good cause?

Jazzbumpa said...

anon -

I got out of the market in the summer of '04. I am pasty-faced white.

I am too ignorant to code a simple link.

WV - bellym, an radical weight loss plan.