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Friday, February 13, 2009

That damned respect

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, The President.

Same joke as yesterday, same comment from me.

Charges of hypocrisy from a hypocrite are hard to credit.


Michael said...

The hypocrisy continues.

Since I can't imagine a liberal saying anything like that (except in ironic jest), I'm convinced that these cartoons are Tinsley projecting. The Republicans have gone from government-expanding authoritarians to anti-government libertarians in one election. If I were turn on Fox News right now, I doubt I'd still hear them pleading, "He's our President, and we just have to trust what he's doing!"

NLC said...

Sigh... This is just a repackaged version of the standard neocon "The irrational hatred of Bush" claptrap.

That is, "Clearly there's been nothing to criticize during the last eight year. It's obvious that the only problem is the agenda-driven disrespect of The Office --and, hence, of America-- that came from a minuscule portion of the press."

In other words, let's be clear:
Tinsley/Mallard: If anyone has disrespected the office of the President over the last eight years it has been Bush, Cheney, Rove and crew.

[WV: calism. The irrational adoration of President Coolidge.]

Anonymous said...

This "respect the office" crap is ludicrous, whether it comes from Bushies or liberals. No, I don't respect the "office," it's nothing absent the person who fills it. I refuse to respect an "office" filled with the likes of the dunce Bush or the oaf Clinton or the crook Nixon or the conniving LBJ.

Kyle said...

I was young when George H.W. Bush was president, but I don't remember people disrespecting him. I remember people having a problem with his some of his policies (obviously since he was a one-term president), but he garnered respect.

The show of disrespect to the presidency began with the likes of that pill-popping pumpkinhead Rush Limbaugh leading the anti-Bill Clinton bellyaching around 1993 -- which, for those you of you anonymous trolls thinking of replying will realize through basic math was five years prior to the Monica Lewinsky incident so spare me the "he lied to the people!" noise. Limbaugh and his profiteering-from-division began the trend of disrespecting the Office and I don't know what it's going to take to end the cycle. I'm hoping it will be Obama having enough competence and support to help guide the nation back into prosperity and high world standing.

Also, love calism. I know an unsettling amount of people who love Coolidge and have no grasp on the fact his policies really helped usher in the Great Depression. I guess that's why the nation has a bad habit of reverting back to a love of deregulatory, trickle-down, "the business of America" after a Democrat has had to come along and clean up the mess.

exanonymous said...

Regarding liberal bumper stickers:
"I <3 the USA"
Heh. I can see that some people find hippie displays of love offensive.
"God bless our president" (with Obama's symbol)
Is it offensive to invoke God? I'm confused.
"I will give your president the same respect you gave mine"
Oops, that's actually the neocon sticker.
"One Big Ass Mistake America Change for the Worse"
Dang it! Those neocon ones keep sneaking in! I'm trying to find the hypercritical liberal ones!
"Yes We Did"
Apparently, there's fine print there for neocons only that adds "make them respect the office of president" because otherwise, Mallard's pulling this out of thin air. I cannot find the alleged bumper stickers, and he wouldn't lie, would he? So there must be special print for the neocons to read.

Anonymous said...

House passes Obama 'Stimulus'; no GOP support, 7 Dems vote NO!

Senate: Not one member has read this bill, yet they will vote for it. Oh yes, the Democrat party, the party to be trusted. Within a few weeks we will know what is actually in this pork pie but it will than be too late.

Squid Vicious said...

Isn't that sweet, our little troll is trying to engage in "political analysis." Good try, little troll! Someday, you might grow up and learn how to think about complex stuff. For now, though, we'll just encourage your baby steps.

Oh, and little troll, you can find out what "pork" is included in stimulus bill. Unfortunately, it will require you to read, and there aren't any pictures. Sorry. :(

WV: undesa - Tinkley's fantasy Mexican maid who cleans the house in her skivs

Anonymous said...

GOP Leader Boehner Floor Speech Opposing Democrats' Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill.

Anonymous said...

Peggy Joseph was right. Also all of the Obama voters.

rewinn said...

After eight years of demanding that, no matter how cloddish and felonious a president may be, we must "respect the office of the presidency", suddenly Mallard has to ask what it means?

Is this evidence of:

A. Early-stage Alzheimer's?

B. Obama Derangement Syndrome?

C. The ducky admitting that he doesn't know what he's talking about?